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Moscow, frightened by Israel, secretly supplies the S-300 to Syria

The perfect deal for the President Assad

After the American president together with a pair of his European colleagues decided once again to punish Bashar Assad for chemical weapons, a dialogue arose between Moscow and Damascus on the supply of Russian S-300 systems to the Syrian army.

It was a great decision, considering that far from just Americans with the British and French are striving to drop a couple of bombs on Syria. Others also do this, and sometimes it seems that any state that has at least one aircraft can afford to hit targets in this Arab republic with impunity. Such chaos is connected with the problem that Syria itself no longer has a more or less effective air defense program. Everything was destroyed by the war, and it was not yet possible to restore it.

Russia can fill the gap, especially in its interests. After that sad incident with the American bombing of the Syrian territories, it was announced that it was possible to reach an agreement on the free supply of Russian S-300s to Syria. Both sides agree, and now deliveries will be made in a short time.

Paul Roberts on what the whole world expects from Russia, but she stubbornly stands on her own.

It seemed that this deal was nearing completion, but then a serious obstacle suddenly arose. No, it was not the Americans who usually protest against any actions of the Russian Federation in the SAR. This time their place was taken by the Israelis, who saw in Russian complexes a greater threat to themselves. Of course, the S-300 could only threaten Israel with the fact that from the moment of their commissioning the IDF would have to limit its activity in the Syrian sky. Tel Aviv did not like this, and he began to protest and even threaten – they say, all this equipment will be destroyed, like much more.

In the Kremlin, it seems, were alerted and did not take these threats as banal idle talk. As a result, the deal seemed to have been canceled, in any case, the Russian military reported that this issue is not even being considered now.

But recently the Syrian president said in an interview that neither he nor Russia would disclose information on supplies. However, from his words it was possible to understand that the S-300 would still be transferred to Syria.

Turkish military expert Keram Yildirim believes that such a result of the deal could be predicted immediately after the initial delivery plan failed.

– This project has been developed for a long time. Assad, being an ally of Russia, was in the most humiliating position among all the participants in this war. He is the enemy of all, and this leads to a lot of problems. The main one is the inability to protect their territories from the air. It is very dangerous not to have adequate means when such vast territories are under control. Israel more often than all the rest, allowed himself to humiliate the regime with such measures. While Russia and the United States were engaged in the Islamic state, * while Turkey was solving its problem with YPG (the abbreviation of Kurdish self-defense groups from Kurmanji), Israel was engaged in Assad. They (the Israelis) did attack the Iranian facilities, but it was only in two cases out of five, all the rest of the time was devoted to Assad.

Now Russia is free, and now it is in its interests to protect the western regions of Syria, which are under the control of the regime. First and foremost, the terrorist groups in Idlib were destroyed, followed by the turn of the opposition in the province of Damascus. Then Deraa and Kuneitra should follow. Doubts that the Russians will cope with this, there are no, but this will not be enough to make the western and south-western part of Syria safe.

Israel will not abandon its doctrine – a war in a foreign territory with any potentially dangerous elements. Iran and Assad are now considered very dangerous figures in Israel, so attacks against them will be carried out in the future. Consequently, Russia could solve this problem only by creating “impassable” zones in airspace. The S-300s are not ideal, but they are very effective, and it is quite possible for them to dramatically reduce the number of Israeli missiles that reach the target. Therefore, Russia wants to place enough of the S-300 in Syria.

Our military pulls the equipment and army to the borders of Israel, the situation in Syria is again exacerbated.

Assad said that no one will speak about this, but it is hardly possible to carry out such transportation unnoticeably, so this transaction will become obvious.

One thing is strange about this story. Why did Russia take such measures? This is a blow to its authority and reputation. Now the situation looks as if Russia was frightened of Israel, and therefore decided to complete the deal in a different format. Probably, all this is connected with other reasons, but with such representations of Russia it will be difficult to struggle. You can not allow this, otherwise it (Russia – the author) will be in an uncomfortable situation when other participants in this war will show disrespect. The Russian expert Karine Gevorgyan believes that the situation with supplies is simpler than it seems. “Based on the situation, Putin and Assad will decide whether these S-300s are needed in Syria. These SAMs are already in Syria, but they are carrying out the task of protecting Russian facilities, and they are being exploited by Russian specialists. By the way, one of the reasons why the S-300 has not yet been transferred to the Syrian army is the lack of qualified personnel for maintenance of equipment. The Syrian army simply has not yet learned to use such systems. The Russian military will first have to train the Syrians.

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