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Moscow has not left a chance to Israel and the United States, no surrender of Iran

At the talks in Jerusalem, the United States and Israel united against Russia, but they forgot about Assad.

In Jerusalem, finally high-ranking representatives of Russia and the United States met. Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev arrived in the holy city for talks with the adviser to the US president on national security John Bolton. The Israeli side was represented by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben-Shabbat. The stated subject of the talks was the issues of “Middle East settlement”. But in the end, everything sank to the expected – Israel and the United States demanded the withdrawal of the Iranian armed forces and allied groups from Syria. Most of the time, the parties talked about this.


Literally right away, when the diplomats didn’t really have time to sit in places, Benjamin Netanyahu called on everyone to agree on the withdrawal of foreign forces from the Syrian Arab Republic. Not bad, and it can even be welcomed, but the Israeli prime minister immediately spoiled his appeal by focusing on Iran – the Jewish state will not allow Tehran to establish a permanent military presence in Syria. He ended his speech with the following words: “Withdrawal of all foreign forces from Syria is good for Russia, good for the United States, good for Israel, and let me add, good for Syria.”


He was echoed by Ben-Shabbat, who, in principle, repeated word for word what his boss said. The head of the Israeli National Security Council noted that there would be no peace and prosperity in the Middle East until the world community properly restrains “Iran’s dreams and actions.” Recent incidents – an incident with tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, an attack on an American drone – only confirm this theory. In the end, Ben-Shabbat said what Netanyahu said at the very beginning: the withdrawal of the Iranians would benefit everyone, including Russia.


There were two people from Israel, but another person spoke the same words. He did not represent the Jewish state, but his speech did not differ much from Netanyahu’s pearls. It’s about John Bolton, who seems to be working as an advisor to Donald Trump, although in Jerusalem he looked more like an adviser to the Israeli prime minister.


He made many attacks on Iran, however, according to him, Washington is now seeking to start a dialogue with Tehran. Given the warlike attitude of the Persians, while the Americans decided to choose the tactics of “maximum pressure”. Sooner or later, Uncle Sam will set the principled Iranians at the negotiating table. According to Bolton, the policy of sanctions and other methods of pressure is best suited now to convince Iran of the benefits of negotiations. At the same time, by the way, an American official admits striking the Persians if they continue to enrich uranium and exceed the mark of 300 kilograms. By the way, Tehran has recently made it known that it is able to overcome this limit in a few days and, if it is not offered the terms of a new nuclear deal that suit it, it will take the path of further enrichment. Bolton ignored the restrictions called “a very serious mistake,” which can lead to the most unpleasant consequences.


But Patrushev in this situation could only justify our ally in Syria. First, he called for a relaxation of the pressure exerted on this country, as well as a review of its status. Just now, the United States and Israel are trying to equate Iran with international terrorist organizations. At the same time, he pointed to the effectiveness of the Persians in their war against the militants of the Islamic state and other groups in Syria. In addition, Tehran has put a lot of effort to stabilize the Arab Republic.

Following the meeting, the parties called it productive and useful. Perhaps so, but the official part was not.


Most likely, the parties tried to enter into some kind of agreement behind the scenes. It is very likely that the US tried to get the withdrawal of Iranians from Russia not by trivial slogans, but by specific proposals. So, Moscow itself repeatedly called for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from the SAR, but Iran’s dependence in this case does not allow it to go to the end. Damascus and Moscow now depend not so much on the Iranian military, but on Iranian money. Yes, without Tehran there will be no one to contain this bombed country. Now, if the United States and its partners agreed to start financing, then it would be another matter. Perhaps it was Patrushev who tried to bring Bolton to Netanyahu.


Russian political scientist and orientalist Karine Gevorgyan believes that for the successful continuation of the dialogue, the United States must recognize Bashar Assad, otherwise the situation will become stalemate – no one will achieve anything in the near future.


  • The parties gathered in order to look into each other’s eyes and find out who s nerves were to pass first. It seems that no one raised his eyebrows, now nobody is waiting for weakness. Israel and the United States are putting pressure on Iran, but they will not be able to get what they want from Russia. Yes, Russia may, under some pretexts, move Iran, move the military somewhere, but in order to completely withdraw people, this is unlikely. We managed to move them away from the border of Israel, but not by force or threats — we simply achieved their understanding. But in truth, Iran does not need Israel at all. It has completely different goals in Syria, and all these slogans about “Zionists” are just tinsel. Regarding how to bring the Iranians. Washington needs to start by recognizing Assad. He is the legitimate president, and the Iranians are in Syria at his invitation. In Tehran, they repeatedly said that they would immediately withdraw their people as soon as Damascus asked about it.


– Maybe this meeting in Jerusalem was needed in order to discuss the possibility of a dialogue of the United States with Damascus?


  • It may well be. Just without Assad nothing happens. States and others have only that option.

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