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Moscow knows

how to destroy the US without million victims

They found a method to “drown in the toilet” and destroy the entire US nuclear infrastructure in one fell swoop, Fleetwood, Chariotir … The latter envisioned an attack on the USSR with two hundred nuclear charges in 70 cities, and tens of millions of Soviet citizens were to become potential victims.


The quintessence of such “planned” work was the most notorious of such offensive plans – the “Dropshot” of 1949 (by the way, it was also the “Trojan” of the same year). But then the Yankees were in for a real shock: the Russians made their own atomic bomb! From that moment on, the Cold War, which was waged so kindly in words, acquired the character of a tough nuclear confrontation. And now, for 70 years, Americans have been trying, year after year, to wave their “atomic club”, from time to time, bumping into decent visual (and not only) warning answers. In addition, American generals and politicians scare their townsfolk with a “Russian bear,” which “at any time,” they say, can “fool” the United States with a nuclear missile.


Moreover, they are scared with detailed calculations and analytical calculations, up to the number of American citizens who may die in the event of an attack by the USSR, and now Russia, to the USA. It is not clear why we attack the Yankees. But it turns out, like in a bad movie: they scare the Americans – and then they blame us for the next aggressive plans. By the way, about the plans … Can anyone name at least one real plan of the USSR (Russia) attack on the USA, providing for the nuclear bombing of American cities? And overseas strategists, as is already well known today, have dozens of them! And although the leadership of the United States loves to frighten its own citizens with millions of victims of “Russian aggression”, it itself is not afraid of anything. Since he knows that Russia will never attack the United States. And he realizes that if anyone can insidiously launch nuclear missiles at the enemy, it will be the powers that be in the United States. At that moment, they themselves will already be sitting all in one at command posts well protected from any nuclear attack, in which Russian bombs will not get them – just like Bush Jr. was sitting at a military base during an attack on the twin towers.


Not so long ago, the famous Russian political scientist and orientalist Yevgeny Satanovsky voiced a fairly simple way to cool the ardor of overseas hawks – those who are constantly shaken by “nuclear batons”, but hide behind their own citizens, believing that even if Russia hits, they (bosses) will still survive.


That is, for the American elite, it’s just a political game – they don’t realize (and cannot realize) the real danger for their lives from tensions, which they themselves are pumping up, confident that they will sit in ultra-reliable bomb shelters. And the fact that millions of ordinary Americans may die at the same time – they simply do not care. It was this “reference point” of human consciousness that Evgeny Satanovsky proposed to influence: Russia, in the case of nuclear aggression by the United States, will not necessarily destroy millions of ordinary Americans.


The United States will stop from aggressive plans only if the country’s leadership will clearly understand and realize that those who will be at the missile command posts, that is, the state’s elite, will be surely destroyed by a retaliatory nuclear strike. It was then that there would be not only no encroachment on aggression against Russia, but even thoughts of the kind by State Department employees, generals, senators and others like them would not arise. You have unleashed a war? Get it! Hit – don’t hope that you hide under the ground, under water or somewhere in the mountains. And don’t blame yourself. And the location of all strategic command posts for managing the US nuclear arsenal has long been well known to Russian intelligence. Be sure!

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