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NATO is preparing in the Black Sea for intervention in Iran

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, selected by the most credible world politician, responding to questions from university students in Israel, said: «We hold the same opinion as Israel: you must do everything necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.»

Merkel made such a statement after the decision of the United States to terminate the 1955 treaty, which established the principles of economic and diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran.

The US Secretary of State Pompeo, having previously linked the US refusal to withdraw from Syria with the presence of Iran in this country, said yesterday that Iranian militants in Iraq are a “threat” to US diplomatic missions.

Iran is an Islamic country, and one of the main fears of the West is that Iran will also develop nuclear weapons after Pakistan.

The United States withdrew from the 2015 deal with Iran, based on the fact that Iran will not produce nuclear weapons. Now they are trying to exhaust Iran with sanctions. Thus, with the intervention they, for certain, plan to discover in front of themselves a weaker Iran …

While the Iranian policy of the United States is becoming increasingly rigid, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted that the alliance supports Georgia’s membership, and its doors are open to this country.

Stoltenberg said that Russia is building up its military presence in the Black Sea, and NATO is concerned about this. He stressed that the alliance attaches great importance to the security of the Black Sea.

As it is known, the USA, using NATO, have long been trying to introduce their warships into the Black Sea. The admirals of the Turkish Navy, who did not miss the US warships into the Black Sea during the events related to the attempted coup in Turkey through the organization Ergenekon and Operation Sledgehammer, were later on the target. Again, before the occupation of Iraq, the United States, which began to build bases to accommodate 63,000 troops in Southeast Anatolia, also demanded the ports of Samsun and Trabzon. That is, if the project were passed in the Turkish parliament on March 1, 2003, then since that time, the US warships would have been in the Black Sea. Now they are entering the Black Sea, but with limited tonnage. They hope that if Georgia also joins NATO, the Black Sea will become the “lake” of the alliance.

Of course, along with the encirclement of Russia, the free entry of US warships into the Black Sea would also mean the encirclement of Iran from the north. They want Iran to not have a chance to use the depth of its geography during the war.

Since by that time Turkey will already be completely subordinated through McKinsey (McKinsey, a consulting company in New York, from which the Turkish leadership requested assistance in drawing up a program for economic recovery – note of the translation), the United States in this situation will be able to get out of the Caucasus and to Central Asia!

However, the United States is pursuing a stupid policy. So, recently, the US State Department announced that if India purchases the C-400 air defense system from Russia, sanctions will be imposed on India against India!

In other words, they are losing the southern front in Asia. Putin, going to India, will sign a contract on the C-400. And Turkish S-400 will be shipped in 2019.

Russia can also give a hard answer to the move with Georgia. Therefore, Georgia needs to be smarter. And the terrorist organizations in Syria, created with the direct assistance of American intelligence, are being scraped out of this region.

While the Syrian army is advancing in Essaouida, the militants leaving their positions shave their beards and try to blend in with the civilian population!

A few days ago, Syrian Foreign Minister Muallim said: “Those who ended up in Idlib came from Turkey. Therefore, the Turks know who is there, and how they came there. In this regard, it would be natural for them to return to Turkey! ”

Although the Syrians make up the majority of terrorists, it is known that terrorists sent from western countries arrived in Syria through Turkey.

In a word, the world is moving towards at least one regional war. And in such a period, Turkey needed to be weakened economically, so that it was forced to submit to US policy! Can such a policy be pursued without collaborators inside the country?

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