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Netanyahu achieved success in the meeting with Putin

The meeting of the presidents of Israel and Russia nevertheless took place

Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Paris was at stake. There were many versions of why he did not want to fly to France, and each of them was put forward by the Israeli media. Some wrote that the Israeli Prime Minister did not associate his country with the First World War, the centenary anniversary of the end of which, strictly speaking, was a reason for world leaders to gather. Others, referring to their sources, argued that the leader of the Jewish state was unhappy that in Paris he would not have the opportunity to conduct political conversations with the leaders of the United States and Russia.


The French have established such a regulation so that no one can break their rules. In general, one-on-one meetings behind closed doors were excluded. For Netanyahu, this visit was only interesting because Trump and Putin will be present at the same time. In general, Netanyahu did not want to waste his time in vain.


According to another version, Netanyahu was simply not completely sure that Vladimir Putin would want to talk to him at all. All because of the crisis that erupted after the collapse of the Russian Il-20, shot down by Syrians, who were confused by the Israelis. Difficult story, ending with the fact that the IDF is now the Syrian sky is closed. And this means that the fight against the strengthening of Iran in Syria is stopped, which for the current authorities of Israel is almost like death, given that their rating is mainly based on this.


But it became known that Prime Minister Netanyahu still managed to hold a conversation with Vladimir Putin. He told about it himself, talking to journalists. He stated: “The conversation with President Putin was good and businesslike. I would call it very important. ” At the same time, Netanyahu also reported on his conversation with the President of the United States, Donald Trump.


The fact is that the leader of Israel did not communicate with Putin for quite a long time, considering that they used to talk on the phone or during a personal meeting almost every month, and even more often. And now for two months no contact, in any case, no information leaked out, even assuming that some secret call did take place. And, to tell the truth, it was Netanyahu who was most upset by this. For Putin, this diplomatic pause was only in favor – he finally did have a chance to almost painlessly punish Israel for its constant attacks on our faithful ally, Iran. The latter, by the way, repeatedly called on his comrades in Syria to somehow react to Tel Aviv’s treachery, but usually everything was limited to promises without consequences. But now everything is different. So, if anyone is in the red, then this is only Netanyahu. Of course, without Putin, he can’t get out. And the longer our president ignored him, the more nervous Netanyahu was. In general, the Elysee Palace has become a salutary place for the Prime Minister of the Jewish state. Putin was here and, apparently, because of the holiday, he was better than expected with Netanyahu.


In general, the conversation took place, but, obviously, he was very short, on his feet, as they say. And what did Bibi spend these precious moments on? Was it possible to achieve the desired? Did Putin give him the hope that everything would return to its former state, when Israeli planes could bomb out everything they wanted in the SAR without any consequences? Or did they just smile at each other, shake hands and inquire about their health, and then move on to other matters?


The source in the military leadership of the Russian Federation reports that no changes are foreseen militarily. Such questions are not being raised now, and Putin’s short conversation with Netanyahu is unlikely to affect this. Now tasks are performed according to plan. And he is in the constant control of the situation in the Syrian Republic. Our personnel are responsible and maintain the S-300 and other air defense systems. As it was stated earlier, in the future it is indeed planned to transfer them completely to the service of the Syrians. However, the timing is not certain. At first it was assumed that the process of learning and transfer will not take more than a year.

but, probably, it will take more time. Firstly, there are not enough qualified personnel who are suitable to entrust them with such advanced equipment as the S-300 in the future, especially those modifications that have been supplied to the republic. To educate completely untrained people from scratch is a difficult process. Moreover, in Syria, the formation of a regular army was not fully accomplished. Many units that are formally part of the Syrian Arab Army, in fact, obey only their commanders, who are not always inclined to be perceived as orders from a superior leadership.

Of course, such an environment cannot guarantee the use of the S-300 solely for its intended purpose. In addition, the Russian military believes that in the event of the S-300 being transferred under the control of local forces, Israel will immediately begin to develop a plan for the elimination of the complexes. According to some information, the IDF is already considering such an opportunity and, in principle, it will not take him much time to get started. The presence of Russian specialists seriously hampers the Israeli military in this matter, and they are unlikely to decide on a provocation. But the Syrians will not stand on ceremony. In general, our military plan is still the same – not to allow Israel to strike at Syrian territories. In addition, our military, according to the source, has an agreement on cooperation with the Iranians, a similar document was signed with the Syrians. Failure to use the S-300 in the event of a new attack by the IDF will in fact be in violation of some points of these agreements. So what Netanyahu has achieved is that he has already heard confirmation of all the decisions he has taken.

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