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Netanyahu gets out of control of the Kremlin

Israel will no longer coordinate with Russia its operations in Syria.

In recent days, many Russian media have spread the news that in the future, Israel is not going to ask Russia for permission to attack Syria. Like, Tel Aviv will not even warn Moscow about upcoming operations. What is the reason? It’s very simple – Hezbollah. Yes, Hezbollah’s detachments have accumulated along the western borders of Syria – they have been driven here from all over the Arab Republic. And now their neighborhood brings a lot of unpleasant emotions to the leadership of the Jewish state. Of particular indignation in Israel is the growing influence of Hezbollah in the southwestern provinces of Dara and Kuneitra. And all this can lead to the fact that “Israel will violate the agreements with Russia on this issue.”


With all these statements, the strange thing that the Russian media refer to is the very dubious resource AlMohrar Media. For them it is very doubtful. The fact is that not the most opposition sites write about this. And the mentioned Syrian resource is just opposition, and, as we managed to find out, the participation of terrorist structures is possible in its financing. However, AlMohrar Media itself in its material refers to the famous Israeli newspaper Haaretz, namely its version in Hebrew. Probably, it would be better for Russian journalists to immediately indicate the source of the Israeli publication.


If you look at the situation realistically, the fears of Tel Aviv are justified. We have already written about Hezbollah’s strange movements along the eastern borders of Lebanon and Israel. The situation is such that this Lebanese group for some time began to annoy the Syrian authorities – the growing military and political influence of these structures is felt everywhere. Moreover, in the future, when peace becomes possible, the militarized formation will simply have nowhere to go. It is impossible not to acknowledge his merits in victories over the enemies of Damascus, but at any moment the guys who can only fight can take and rid Syria of stability again. So you need to deal with them while there is such an opportunity. Assad, together with his allies from the Russian Federation and Iran, gathered Hezbollah’s detachments and placed them closer to the Lebanese borders – closer to the house, after all, they came from there. They explained easily – they say, in the east until a great war is foreseen, but in the west there is Idlib and soon there will be a battle. In the meantime, you can relax and solve individual border issues.


As a result, Hezbollah in Syria was left to its own devices. And what did it do?  What can it do best, it began to prepare for a confrontation with Israel. Only now, not from southern Lebanon, but from the Damascus-controlled part of Kuneitra province (the western part of the governorate has been occupied by Israel since the 60s). Their activities even extended to the Golan Heights themselves. This circumstance bothers Mr. Netanyahu and his dogs of war most of all (nevertheless, he is also the Minister of Defense). It is reported that the Israeli prime minister personally discussed the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It didn’t work out. It seems that after Hezbollah’s conversion, somewhere evaporated, but then appeared again and continued to gain a foothold in the Golan. Already then there were serious fears that the IDF would begin to strike without coordination with the Russian side. It seems that the situation has not improved, since Idlib and Russia are already writing about it.


Russian political scientist and orientalist Oleg Gushchin believes that Israel has enough reasons for concern. Still, Hezbollah is a grouping, one of the main goals of which is to oppose Israel.


  • Hezbollah is a continuation of Iran. Therefore, everything that Tel Aviv does against Hezbollah, it does against Iran. The same thing and vice versa: if Hezbollah opposes Israel, it’s the same as Iran. Therefore, for Netanyahu, it is not enough for the Iranians to be moved away from the border. Hezbollah is also needed. In general, the issue of Hezbollah is rather complicated for both Syria and Israel. Damascus, as we see, wants in the foreseeable future to go on to peaceful life. If this future comes, then in its conditions the existence of such armed groups will become unthinkable. They have two ways. Either Hezbollah is leaving, or it is legalizing and becoming a normal political force. There is no other way.

Damascus also absolutely does not need a group of fanatics constantly attacking Israel to operate on its territory. This will lead to the fact that attacks on Syria will continue indefinitely. No, both Israel and Syria need to return the border territories to the state in which they were before the start of the war. For Tel Aviv, the border with the Syrian Arab Republic, without exaggeration, was the safest. Even some people were selling fruit there, although formally there were no relations between the countries. But I do not think that Netanyahu will really ignore Russia. It is simply not possible. Without warning? We already had an incident – they shot down the Russian IL-20. This was an obvious negligence of both the Israeli and Russian military. No one warned each other on time, only at the last moment, I think. So it happened – we lost our officers, we can say scientists, because they were not ordinary military men. It is unlikely that anyone will want to repeat this – neither Moscow, nor even Tel Aviv. So attacks on Syria may become more frequent – this is logical, but they will definitely notify our military, as they have informed before.

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