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Netanyahu won’t have problems with Putin

Israeli leader travels to Russia with confidence that Moscow will forgive downed IL-20

Not so long ago, Benjamin Netanyahu had serious problems. You can, of course, delve into Israeli domestic politics and paint everything in detail, but in this case, it will be superfluous. It is important to simply know that he has put himself in a position where foreign policy activity has a serious impact on the state of affairs inside the country.

In the modern world, this trend is ubiquitous, but specifically with Netanyahu, the situation is such that his rating fluctuates depending on how successfully he is pumping hysteria around Iran and how often Syria is bombarded.

All the failures of his team are trying to disguise the need to fight with the eternal enemy – Iran. And, admittedly, an experienced politician Benjamin Netanyahu almost always got along. But, apparently, he started playing so much that he began to believe in this story himself.

It seems that this is why modern Israeli politics is generally unthinkable without Iran – it is built on the basis of its behavior and, in part, even laws. In any case, in Tel Aviv they actively monitor Tehran’s internal Iranian activities. You can try to explain all the desire of Iran to destroy the Jewish state, but in the XXI century, these attitudes of the first Ayatollahs who have long since died are not particularly relevant. It is obvious that the current leadership of Iran will never take this suicidal step. In general, almost a paradox.

However, there is no turning back for the current Israeli prime minister. For a month now his planes cannot operate openly in Syria. According to some information, the IDF still sends fighters in the right directions from time to time, but it is not allowed to disclose any information under an agreement with the Russians. Yes, and they were forbidden to touch the Iranians, so they limited themselves to intelligence. Against this background, a serious drop in the Netanyahu rating in Israel began. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to sad consequences. It is unlikely that he is ready to put up with the collapse of his generally good political career. And, according to many, he has a pair of aces in each sleeve. And he uses them in negotiations with the Russian side, or rather, has already begun to use them.

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Soon he will have a meeting with Vladimir Putin, about which he recently says a lot of good things. Of course, with some compliments one can hardly achieve what, but with this arrangement he makes it clear in what mood he is going to Russia. In the raised. Netanyahu knows perfectly well that it is important for Russia to stabilize the position of Assad as soon as possible and strengthen him in the political environment of post-war Syria, which is expected to be seriously dependent on the opposition. Tel Aviv in this regard is very important – peaceful relations with it will positively affect not only the future of Assad, but also the economy and social life. There are some more points.

Australian expert John Blacksland believes that Netanyahu’s visit is already in fact a formality, since most of the issues between Moscow and Tel Aviv have already been resolved.

  • For Russia in the Middle East there are two special states. This is Turkey and Israel. There is Iran, but there are no problems with it. Israel and Turkey, despite their pro-American orientation, have always been candidates for the role of Russia’s allies. In such difficult times for Russia, these states are very important for her. Before the Russian military died, Moscow was able to make a deal with Erdogan, and at that moment it seemed that Turkey was ready for a further rapprochement with it to the detriment of its European and American contacts. Perhaps that is why the Russians have shown harshness towards Israel, rightly believing that the United States will be more concerned about the success of Russian-Turkish cooperation. But here Branson (an American priest who was detained in a Turkish prison due to suspicion of his involvement in the attempted coup d’état in 2016 — the author) is at large, and Trump and Erdogan are in talks. Netanyahu, after it became aware of the S-300, visited the United States and held talks with Trump. By this he made it clear that in case of what he was ready to take serious measures to counter the anti-Israeli activities of Russia, Iran and Assad. But in this case, it was rather blackmail. For Russia, hostile Israel is very dangerous, and besides, the United States can use this situation to its advantage. Therefore, in order to preserve the balance and friendliness of Israel, Moscow has already made concessions. For example, the number of S-300s available in Syria is much less than what they originally promised to deliver. Therefore, at the upcoming meeting, Netanyahu will not have problems with Putin. Russia will be ready to forget this story, and a solution that suits everyone will be found.

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