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New casualties in Syria

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation claims that there are no dead among the military

Foreign media spread information about the death of the Russian military in Syria. Four dead were reported. This allegedly happened in the north of the province of Hama, which is adjacent to the rebellious governorate of Idlib, where everything is headed by terrorists and the armed opposition. The militants of the group that is part of the so-called “Front for National Liberation” took the blame. This organization is advertised as a coalition of almost all opposition groups in the province of Idlib. It was created by Turkey on the basis of the Syrian Free Army. Ankara immediately after the Sochi agreement to freeze the conflict in Idlib began to restore order in the province. And it was for this purpose that the “Front” was created. All the groups loyal to Turkey, ready to stop their uncompromising struggle against the Syrian regime, were to join it. So the plan was to filter the terrorists.


But in fact it turned out quite differently. Many terrorists have gone over to the side of the “Front for National Liberation” and now continue their activities in the role of almost untouchables. That is, no one touches them, but they constantly allow themselves provocations aimed primarily against the Syrian Arab army. In addition to the shelling, they occasionally make raids on government territories. Of course, from time to time this leads to victims. Russian specialists in potentially dangerous areas are constantly present, and this presents certain risks for them. The likelihood that at some point they, too, came under fire, is quite high, so that the message could be regarded as true, but the Russian Ministry of Defense rather quickly issued a refutation.


– All the representatives of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, located in Syria, are alive and well and perform the tasks assigned to them, – the Defense Ministry said in a statement.


And while this is the only reliable source that officially responded to this statement. There is certainly more confidence in him than in some controversial statements by terrorists. But there is one nuance. Our mercenaries, fighters from volunteer formations, could well be in the place of the dead soldiers. More than once there have been situations when the Ministry of Defense disowned those who died because, although they were Russians, they had no relation to the official Armed Forces. Of particular prominence was the incident in Deir Ez-Zor. Recall, then the Syrian military, along with Russian mercenaries, crossed over to the east bank of the Euphrates and tried to occupy the gas processing plant. But in this region, Kurdish separatists and their patronage positions held positions. A fight ensued and it all ended with the death of Russian and Syrian citizens.

Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov reports that in this case, any information should be checked with an official source, that is, with the Ministry of Defense.


– A lot of stuffing happened. Everything must be checked in detail. If the Defense Ministry refuted, then the official military did not die. The likelihood that this is just a flip is high. The fact is that many forces are now seeking to drive a wedge between Russia, Turkey and Iran. It is reported that the Turkish attack on us, the Russian attack on the Turks, the Iranians are bombing there. All this is cheating. Such fakes are needed first of all to the two countries involved in the Syrian conflict – the United States and Great Britain. Both of them act to destroy, support terrorists and often coordinate their actions. Not so long ago, the Russian Federation and Turkey were on opposite sides, and now they are cooperating. This is a unique phenomenon in fact, and the well-known parties do not like it very much. Therefore, they seek to destroy this alliance. Now about the mercenaries. With them, everything is much more complicated. If they die, then for them, in most cases, the Ministry of Defense does not bear any responsibility.

Americans play a play whose main goal is to undermine Chávez’s socialism.

– But still it is difficult not to agree that the Ministry of Defense knows perfectly well about their presence in Syria.


  • Yes, of course, but only if the person arrived legally. However, they do not always coordinate their actions with the official military. For example, in Deir ez-Zor, when people died, there was definitely no coordination with the Ministry of Defense.

And when the Americans, noticing the suspicious movements on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, asked our military for information on whether the Russians were in this group, the answer was negative. Someone probably just wanted to make some money, so he decided on strange actions. How did it end? When they began to shoot, they immediately started asking for help. Someone managed to save, but someone died. This is what amateur activity leads to. In such matters it should not be. I also want to emphasize those who arrive in Syria illegally. There is also enough. And it is not always those who come to support the terrorists. But in any case their initiative will not lead to anything good. If they are able to earn something, then most likely for their own gravestone. In no case this should be done.

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