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New sanctions against Iran

Trump started a dangerous game

Rouhani’s statement that Iran and Russia are behind Russia is a powerful blow to America and its allies. “Arab NATO” can become the main loser. The world is on the verge of chaos, and secret negotiations are not ruled out.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced the launch of the first stage of the introduction of economic sanctions against Iran, which include, among other things, the termination of financial transactions with that country, the ban on the import of raw materials, automotive products and commercial aviation. At the second stage of sanctions, which will begin in November, the US intends to suspend the import of oil and gas.

This is a declaration of war that will lead to chaos all over the world, since many countries, especially members of the European Union, as well as India, China and Turkey have officially announced that they will not comply with these sanctions.

Yesterday, after specifying the date for the restoration of sanctions, President Trump stated that he was ready for a comprehensive dialogue with Iran without any preconditions for the conclusion of a new nuclear agreement and annexes to it. According to Israeli newspapers, the city of New York, where the UN General Assembly will be held next month, can be chosen as a possible venue for dialogue sessions if Iran and its president Hassan Rouhani agree to participate in them. However, at the first stage these public meetings are likely to be ruled out. The presence of Youssef Bin Alawi, the Foreign Minister of the Sultanate of Oman, in Washington and his meeting with his American counterpart Mike Pompeo probably indicate the possibility of launching secret negotiations in Muscat, similar to those that led to the conclusion of a nuclear deal earlier. Trump is taking steps to negotiate, and the Iranians understand this perfectly.

President Trump wants the Iranians to surrender definitively by adopting a new agreement that implies a complete cessation of the nuclear enrichment process, the dismantling of nuclear infrastructure, the abandonment of missile programs, the denial of access to the means of supporting pro-Iranian armed groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and the militias in Lebanon Iraq, the dissolution of the Guard Corps of the Islamic Revolution and the final withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria. However, the United States recognizes that these requirements can not be accepted by Iran, and if the Iranians go to the talks, then, firstly, in order to delay the time, and secondly, to consolidate their successes.

In the past, President Rouhani rejected proposals for a meeting with Trump eight times, and we doubt that he will publicly accept him for the ninth time. According to him, Iran is the guarantor of lasting peace, and if to interfere with it, then a great war is coming. So, General Suleymani, the commander of the special unit Al-Quds in the Corps of the Guards of the Islamic Revolution, threatened to close the Hormuz and Bab el Mandeb straits and declare war on the fifty thousand American soldiers who are currently in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the launch of a rocket on the Saudi Arabian ship from the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait by the Husitians is one of the most striking proofs of the seriousness of these threats.

President Trump’s administration wants to change the Iranian regime, and not change its policy, as John Bolton, the US national security adviser, said. Thus, the United States is trying to implement a scenario similar to paving the way for an invasion of Iraq, as well as NATO’s military intervention in Libya. This explains the promise made by Rudolph Giuliani, an adviser to the President of the United States at the Iranian opposition conference in Paris, when he said he would meet with her representatives in Tehran next year.

The beginning of implementation of these sanctions is posed by the “Arab NATO”, to the creation of which Trump calls (with the participation of six countries of the GCC, and also of Jordan and Egypt) in a difficult situation. The fact is that most of these countries, if not all, especially the countries of the Persian Gulf, can not say no to President Trump and refuse to obey. As a consequence, this means the collapse of the economy of a country like the UAE, which has a trade turnover with Iran about $ 8 billion a year. The same goes for Qatar, which largely depends on Iran and its ports, bypassing the blockade declared by the neighbors.


What is the problem?

Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Iranian revolution, called the negotiations with the United States absurd and not useful, since President Trump does not respect the agreements that he signs, and he must return to his decision to withdraw from the first nuclear agreement before talking about any ” or meetings. Similarly, several.

President Roukhani once expressed his opinion. We do not want to anticipate the events, but everything shows that in the coming days the Persian Gulf region will become the scene of a clash. It is here that attempts will be made to verify relations between the United States and Iran. So, for example, General Mohammed Ali Jafari, commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, said his forces would not allow passage of a single barrel of oil in the event of a ban on the import of Iranian oil. If the Iranians realize their threat, the war will begin. President Rouhani confirmed in an interview he gave yesterday on Rusia Al Yaum as a response to Trump’s decision that Russia and China pledged to abide by the economic agreements concluded with Iran. This statement strikes a blow at Trump and all his allies, especially the Arabs and the Israeli occupying state, whose prime minister now controls the US president and imposes his position and decisions on him. He also stressed that there are no grounds for any negotiations with the United States under sanctions, and that negotiations with Washington should be based on honesty and be aimed at achieving results. When the two leading powers act on Iran’s side in the face of US sanctions, alongside with India, Turkey and the European Union, this means that Iran will not remain alone, and there is every chance that Trump’s game will be a failure that will lead to his defeat, and perhaps the completion of his powers in quality the president. Perhaps this is just what we all want, but we do not hesitate to talk about it, because we have already been burned and continue to suffer from such arrogance.

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