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Nightmare over Kashmir

The military conflict that occurred in the skies over Kashmir, forced the whole world to pay more attention to this region, in which the escalation of relations between India and Pakistan has been going on for several decades. Well, if the hotheads of the military eventually cool down and everything will end in what has already happened – without continuing unnecessary aggression. But in no case should we forget that both countries are nuclear powers. And what if the matter in this local conflict comes to the use of nuclear weapons? Both the first and the other side have such small atomic bombs, which are called tactical nuclear charges?


Last week it became known about the conclusions that were made by experts of Rutgers University and the National Center for Atmospheric Research of the USA in case of a conflict in this direction. In particular, center scientist Michael Mills modeled the effects of mutual atomic strikes of Pakistan and India on each other. And it turned out that even if countries “exchange” at least fifty missiles with atomic warheads, this will cause giant shock waves and unbearable heat in the first minutes and hours, which, in turn, will cause total fires for hundreds of kilometers around.


Firestorms and tornadoes, like giant funnels or pumps, will begin to draw into themselves everything that will be within their reach, sucking objects, people, cars and even buildings. Events will develop further, the more disastrous, leading to multimillion-dollar victims. In addition, atomic strikes can generate tons of radioactive debris for hundreds of kilometers in the area and will lead to the destruction of half of the ozone layer of the Earth. By the way, a year ago a similar forecast was made by Mattias Eken, an expert on nuclear weapons. According to his calculations, the conflict with the use of atomic bombs can lead to even more disastrous and tragic consequences. During the first week of such a war, at least 20 million people on both sides will be killed by the shock wave, radiation and fires.


But this, as the specialist predicts, will be only the beginning. Due to the ubiquitous fires in the upper layers of the atmosphere, a huge amount of soot, dust and smoke will be raised – millions of tons of aerosol particles. And all this suspension, having spread through the atmospheric air currents around the globe, will prevent sunlight from entering the Earth. Nuclear winter will begin, which, due to the lack of sunlight, will be the cause of an already nuclear night, the duration of which can be a whole year!


Experts considered that the yields of wheat, corn, rice, as well as vegetables, fruits and other crops, whose growth and ripening depends on sunlight, will decrease by tens of percent. On average, as the expert emphasizes, food on earth will remain only for 100 days, after which the inevitable famine will begin, which could lead to the extinction of a third of the world’s population – two billion people. Such apocalyptic consequences can be caused by the fact that, according to experts, a nuclear winter can last not a year or two, but at least 10 years. And the maximum – a quarter of a century!


By the way, the onset of a possible nuclear winter was first predicted almost simultaneously, but independently by two scientists. On the one hand, it was the Soviet and Russian geophysicist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Georgy Golitsyn (specialist in the theory of climate and physics of the atmosphere and ocean). On the other hand, American astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Edward Sagan. Back in Soviet times, the hypothesis put forward by scientists was confirmed by model calculations made at the Computing Center of the USSR Academy of Sciences.


Among other things, the nuclear night and the long nuclear winter following it will lead to a significant decrease in the temperature of the atmosphere on Earth to -50 degrees Celsius! That is why it is called winter.


But, if to be completely objective, in the entire history of the Earth such disasters have already occurred on the planet at least 4 times. In addition, it is reliably known from relatively recent history that the “brief” nuclear winter already happened 200 years ago – in 1816. In Europe, for example, she then received the name “Year without Summer.” In North America, because of the incredibly cold temperatures prevailing at that time, like in the Old World, they were dubbed in 1816, as “Thousand and Eight Hundred Frozen”. That year, indeed, there were cold, catastrophic crop failure and monstrous famine.


However, a hundred years later, in 1920, the American climatologist and physicist William Humphreys found an explanation for the atmospheric phenomenon of a century ago, naming it as the cause. It, according to the scientist, was the eruption of the Indonesian volcano Tambora from the island of Sumbawa. It was the strongest in the history of observations and claimed the lives of 71 thousand local residents. This, of course, is extremely abundant. But the question is to prevent even greater human sacrifices by artificial means – the same nuclear bombardments, no matter where they are made. And God forbid that there are people in India and Pakistan who would not

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