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North Korea will show a completely disassembled polygon in Pungery for money

At the Pungery nuclear test site, work is already under way to dismantle the equipment and prepare it for closure, according to the results of satellite photography, which the 38north portal leads. Pyongyang already said that the test site is completely disassembled.

The experts’ conclusions were made on the basis of satellite imagery received on May 7. They show that several “key operational support buildings” located at the northern, western and southern portals have already been demolished at the site. In addition, the authorities partially dismantled the rails for the trucks that led from the tunnels to the dumps, with the carts themselves disassembled or turned over. Several economic buildings disappeared, the report says.

Analysis of the images showed that from April 20 to May 7, the engineering office building and the hangar for equipment at the northern portal were demolished. Two more outbuildings disappeared in the same place. In addition, the roof of the compressor station, which provided the ventilation of the tunnel, was partially dismantled.

At the western portal, the pictures recorded the construction of a small bridge. Experts have suggested that its erection is somehow connected with the upcoming closing ceremony of the test site.

On May 12, the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the closing ceremony of the nuclear test site is scheduled for the day between May 23 and 25, the exact date of the ceremony will depend on the weather conditions. The Foreign Ministry said that according to the plan all underground tunnels of the test site will be destroyed by explosion, all its entrances are blocked, and all observation posts, research institutes and security units are transferred to the surface. Also, all studies will be stopped, the guard of the test site is removed, and its territory is closed.

All international journalists were promised a charter flight, which will take them from the Chinese capital of Beijing to the cities of Wonsan in North Korea.

US President Donald Trump thanked the DPRK for the rapid closure of the Pungery nuclear test site and called this decision “a very smart and kind gesture.”

Negotiations of the US President and leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un are scheduled for June 12, they will be held in Singapore. The main topic of the summit will be the nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

A couple of days age the nuclear test site in Phungery in the DPRK had been completely dismantled. This was reported by the North Korean Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTC) on Friday, May 25. “Various equipment, information systems, communications and energy, construction and operation systems, were deployed in mines, observation posts and command posts, research institutes of a nuclear testing ground we dismantled,” the statement said. It is noted that the dismantling process took place in the presence of journalists from China, Russia, the United States, Britain and South Korea.

This statement was made in the run-up to the upcoming meeting of the North Korean leader with US President Donald Trump.

North Korea also allows reporters to visit the nuclear test site, for a price of $ 10 thousand said Mass Media Recall, on April 21.

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