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Poroshenko prepared to give Donbass the status of scorched earth

The President of Ukraine is in a hurry to execute the order of Volker, so that in the West he would be considered “white and fluffy”.

President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko has once again proved that tehere is enough word for a wise, he understands his overseas curators even faster. So, hardly had Kurt Walker declared the need to extend the special status of Donbass, as Poroshenko hastily introduces a bill to the Rada.

Moreover, he makes it personally (the document was registered on October 3, number 9153) and, according to information from local media, is identified as urgent.

Recall that the law “On the special order of local self-government in certain districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions” is the official name of this act – expires on October 10 of this year.

And this is what is illogical. Why did Poroshenko extend the law for another year, if he did not intend to implement his provisions in practice, and he is not going to?

Since the adoption of the document by the Ukrainian parliament in October 2014, virtually none of the items indicated in it has been implemented.

Amnesty to the participants of the events in the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions by the people’s republics was not announced. The right of the inhabitants of the Russian-speaking region to language self-determination is not in question. On state support for the restoration of industry and infrastructure, the Ukrainian authorities do not even stutter. And the cross-border cooperation of the DPR and the LPR with the Russian Federation, which is also stipulated by the law, is called “occupation” in Kiev.

Moreover, Ukraine continues to build up forces on the contact line and almost daily shells residential areas and civilian objects of the People’s Republic from artillery.

After a recent tragedy in Horlivka, where four children were blown up on a Ukrainian anti-personnel mine, three of whom died, the UN published terrible casualties among civilians since the beginning of the conflict in Donbas – 2,737 people, including 144 children.

This, in fact, “special status” was defined for the rebellious mining republics of Kiev …

So Poroshenko’s bustle is nothing more than following the “directive” of US Special Representative Volker, who at the end of July called on the president to “extend” the action of this law so that, as he put it, “not to give Russia a reason to talk about the non-fulfillment of the Minsk agreements by Ukraine”.

“Of course, the extension of the law on the special status of Donbass is not the will and desire of the Ukrainian leadership and Petr Poroshenko,” comments the director of the Institute for Peace Initiatives and Conflictology Denis Denisov. – As we know, Western partners have repeatedly expressed themselves on this issue. And the special representative of the US State Department Kurt Volker, in particular. He said that this law should be extended in order to prevent the Russian Federation from being able to criticize Ukraine in the international arena for not complying with the Minsk agreements.

But this law, I recall, should act on an ongoing basis under the same Minsk agreements, and not on a temporary one, as it is in effect now. And although we have not yet seen the text of the Poroshenko bill, I am 99% sure that there will not be a position within which it is adopted this time on a permanent basis.

And, of course, the most important thing: this document initially requires mandatory coordination with the representatives of certain regions of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Here it is a question of interpretations when it is necessary to do it – before or after the elections. But at the moment it is impossible to implement, therefore, the current law should be, at least, agreed at the meeting of the trilateral contact group in Minsk.

This is the minimum that can be demanded from the Ukrainian side.

There were attempts. As the plenipotentiary of the LC in the Minsk talks Vladislav Deynego told, last summer, for example, that the Ukrainian side more than 50 times refused to discuss the issue of granting the “special status” of the DPR and the LPR.


– In fact, this extension of Poroshenko is just a demonstration of completely empty manipulations, initiated to avert the eyes from the problems that exist.

That is, there is a clearly defined algorithm in Minsk. Kiev does not comply with it. But at the same time, it’s convenient for Western partners to pretend that they are observing, and they will continue to build their negative position on Russia and on the events in Donbas on this basis.


– What does this law change in the fate of the Donbass and its inhabitants?


  • Absolutely nothing. But here we must not forget that this law did not act for a single minute. It was adopted, but was not put into action, therefore, it can in no way affect anything. “The Poroshenko initiative is a classic simulacrum,” says the leader of the Slavic Guard movement, Vladimir Rogov. – That is, the image of a stormy activity and, sort of, following the letter of the agreements. It is absolutely logical that the Volker team – a very average official – f is actually an order for Poroshenko today. The fact is that he certainly feels how, in his attitude, this support from the American official structures is waning, and is being reoriented to other candidates for the presidency of Ukraine. Therefore, he tries to follow the recommendations even in small things and to show in every possible way that he is manageable and ready to act. But we are well aware that this law does not play any role. He is emasculated. And the essence of the Minsk agreements is not implemented there. On the contrary, a lot of amendments and additions have been made that make it, in fact, opposite in content to the agreements that were reached in Minsk. The actions of the Kiev authorities in the Donbas, namely, the mean murder of the Donetsk leader Alexander Zakharchenko, and the non-observance of the 101st truce “(no matter how it is called – school, bread or some other), all this suggests that Poroshenko needs confrontation on the contact line.

On the other hand, for him the threat of full-scale combataction is at least political death . Therefore, in this case, Kiev, most likely, will lose the territory of the DPR and the LPR finally. Therefore, going out with his initiative to the deputies of the Rada, Poroshenko is solving several problems. Shows loyalty personally to Walker and the US administration. Secondly, it partially relieves political responsibility from itself and its accomplices to western partners. Well, it’s like forming the agenda of the internal political situation. But we need to understand that Poroshenko today is much more worried about the problem of losing the rating and the need to bring himself, first of all, and a convenient opponent to the second round. And so in his administration they consider a single (conditionally) candidate from the conditional South-East. From those territories that are controlled by Kiev. That is why we see attempts to form pseudo coalitions from politicians like Rabinovich and others like him. That is, we see that Rabinovich’s finest hour has come just after the coup d’état. The finest hour in contact with an opposition figure who, it seems, is threatened, but is not punished for his opposition. In this context, Poroshenko’s bill also plays a role. He works to strengthen the confrontation between the president and the conditional opposition of the South-East.

– By the way, will the upcoming elections to the DPR and the LPR (the heads and parliaments of the republics were elected in November 2014 for four years), be regarded in the West as a violation of the Minsk agreements by Russia again?

– In my opinion, their recognition and, as it were, recognition of the right of people living on the territory of the people’s republics to express their will, will occur only in the case of political and military, most likely, the victory of these territories over the regime, which today rules in Kiev. According to experts of SP, in Ukraine the adequacy of the ball did not rule for a long time since in with The modern world political history has no examples when such a totalitarian regime, which came to power as a result of a coup, voluntarily withdrew as a result of democratic changes. The case of Pinochet is not counted. He left already by virtue of his weakness.

As for the elections, then, in my opinion, the Donetsk and the LNR must be held today in contact with the union of the two republics and the creation of a single space. And do not be afraid that it will contradict the “Minsk”. In Minsk, the signatories were only physical persons – Plotnitsky and Zakharchenko. Moreover, both in the first “Minsk” and in the second they were guaranteed personal security, which was not observed. Therefore, to refer to the Minsk agreements in the context of the fact that it is impossible to unite the republics because of them, in my opinion, at least, inappropriate. Today, the population of the republics is in favor of unification. How they will be called — Novorussia or the Union of People’s Republics – this is already up to the people. But this would give a new impetus and a new agenda for negotiations and discussion of the future of the post-Ukrainian space.

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