Priorities, achievements and problems of Donald Trump’s presidency in the foreign policy arena – in the assessments of American experts

White House press secretary Sarah Hakabi Sanders at a recent press conference especially noted the success of President Donald Trump’s administration in the sphere of foreign policy, the fight against Islamic extremism and in the sphere of economy.
“He has done an excellent job in developing relations with many key partners and allies, especially with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Xi Jinping, who are helping to increase pressure on the DPRK.”
She also exemplified the success of the administration in the Middle East, calling Trump’s recent tour of the countries of the region “one of the key moments of his presidency.”
“He delivered a speech in Saudi Arabia, addressing 68 countries with a predominantly Muslim population, and persuaded many of these people to discuss cooperation in the fight against terrorism, it was a historic moment,” the spokesman said.
One should also not take into account the foreign policy aspects of the situation on the US stock market: the economy has shown impressive results since last year’s elections.
A year after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, the Voice of America correspondent Yulia Aliyeva discussed with the experts the changes that have taken place in the US foreign policy course. Analyst of the Atlantic Council in Washington Mark D. Simakovsky and expert of the Washington Institute of the Cato Sahar Khan shared their assessments of the achievements and priorities of Donald Trump in this direction.

JA: What do you think, what goals in the foreign policy of the administration of Donald Trump were achieved during its work?
Mark Simakovsky: Trump’s stated goals included changes in the US foreign policy of such established aspects as relations with Russia, and their improvement was planned. Secondly, the priority was to establish control over the situation with North Korea, establish a policy that would rule out the possibility of developing a North Korean nuclear program.
I think one more aspect was the achievement of increased US influence and presence in the Middle East and improved relations with the Persian Gulf countries. Another goal was to change the policy towards Iran and to cancel the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. It was also planned to improve the US trade, trade relations and access to goods produced in the US, the overall improvement of the economy of the United States through cooperation with countries such as China, Japan and the European Union.
It is impossible to determine the success of these goals unequivocally and finally. I think that the main principle of the actions of this administration was to abolish the bills of the previous administration, but an adequate alternative was never formulated. The current administration has also not succeeded in trying to establish long-term plans to achieve foreign policy progress. In the issue of relations with Russia, they could not improve them, this was partially impeded by the Congress, but also because of incompetence and shifting emphasis on unilateral measures aimed at improving relations with Russia

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