Putin answered questions about Boeing, Crimea and interference in the elections

President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the eve of his visit to Vienna gave an interview to the Austrian television channel ORF. The text of the interview is published on the Kremlin website.
In a conversation with the journalist of the TV channel Armine Wolf, the head of state answered a number of questions, telling, in particular, about the relationship between Russia and the European Union.
Responding to the accusation of the Dutch government that the Russian Federation was involved in the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing over the Donbass in the summer of 2014, Putin stressed that Soviet and Russian weapons are used by all the conflicting parties in the east of Ukraine. He also noted that Russian experts are not allowed to investigate, and the arguments of the Russian Federation are not taken into account.
“No one wants to listen to us in this commission, on the contrary, the Ukrainian side, which is interested in the results of this investigation, is admitted to this investigation, and it carries, at least, responsibility for violating international rules, ICAO did not prohibit the passage of air civil courts in the conflict zone, “the Russian president stressed.
He called the plane crash a horrible tragedy, stressing that he was “infinitely sorry for the people who died and the families of the dead.” In his opinion, the investigation should be objective and comprehensive.
Asked about the relationship between the Kremlin and the entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin, who in the West is called “Putin’s personal cook” and considered one of the main organizers of hacker attacks on the US, the Russian president asked to make a difference between the Russian government and individuals. Putin noted that Prigogine is really engaged in the restaurant business in St. Petersburg. He stressed that it is strange for him to hear arguments that a Russian restaurateur can influence elections in the US or in some European country.
“How low is all that is happening in the information and political sphere in the countries of the united West, if a restaurateur from Russia can influence elections in one of the European countries or in the United States, is not it funny?” asked Putin.
Speaking about the situation with the Crimea, the head of state said that there are no conditions under which Russia would return the peninsula to Ukraine.
On June 5, talks are planned in Vienna with Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen and Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz.

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