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Revenge for Poroshenko

Victims of the regime do not intend so easily to forgive the president of Ukraine

In Ukraine and abroad, an “informal group” has been created of people affected by the actions of the current authorities, who will be involved in bringing to justice the current president, Peter Poroshenko, and people from his closest circle. Svetlana Kryukova, deputy editor-in-chief of the portal “Country”, announced this on the News One television channel.

According to her, this group has “sufficient intellectual and financial resources.” In particular, the company will begin collecting information on real estate, offshore and foreign accounts of Poroshenko and his immediate environment.

– These are people who understand how the Ukrainian justice system works, all these intrigues, agreements in which anyone can drown. And without regard to them and to the decisions of President Zelensky, although they conduct their campaign and plant Poroshenko

Kryukova also said that they are people of “maximum efficiency and non-public variety,” who “do not care about reputation.”

– In order to force the Ukrainian courts in the future and law enforcement officers to imprison President Poroshenko and his inner circle, – she said.

– Poroshenko broke many lives during the five years of his reign, made bankrupt or simply impoverished a considerable number of people, influential people also, – said Eduard Popov, director of the Center for Public Information Co-operation “Europe”.

– It would be naive to expect that those offended will forgive him their offenses. One of the offended is Kolomoysky, one of the richest people in Ukraine, the former head of the Jewish Congress of Ukraine, and a sponsor of a number of Ukrainian Nazi formations. Now he is hiding in Israel, but, as some statements say, he is going to Ukraine. I believe that the main customer of the investigation of the crimes of the “spiteful malicious Vlada” (ruling) (as “Euromaidan” – called the team of Viktor Yanukovich) – was Kolomoisky.

– What do you mean the victims of the actions of the current authorities? Who could these people be?

– There are a lot of victims. But in the course will go only those of them who have financial or media resources. However, the Nazi militants and the ATO! Veteran groups can have their say. They all have a tooth on Poroshenko.

– According to the journalist, members of the group have “sufficient intellectual and financial resources” and have already attracted to the investigation large private detective companies that will study information about offshore companies, real estate and Poroshenko’s accounts. Will they get their way?

  • Information on criminal and not completely legal schemes in which Poroshenko is involved is an open secret. In the presence of finance or a political order to open them is a matter of time. The main thing is a political order. Therefore, I do not believe that the investigation of the crimes of President Poroshenko will be conducted without the approval of the new presidential team.

– Kryukova says that they will conduct their activities “without looking at” the justice system and Zelensky. And how will Zelensky react to this?

– In the first months or even the year of presidential rule, Zelensky objectively will have nothing to show to society. The only thing that is in his power is the initiation of criminal proceedings against the “evil master”. Therefore, the new president of Ukraine is interested in such “public initiatives”.

– Is it possible to realy put Poroshenko into jail? It was alleged that the Americans gave him guarantees …

– Perhaps some time it will seem that Poroshenko will become a defendant in cases of corruption and misconduct. And yet I do not believe that he will be in prison. Americans cynically surrender their own, allow from time to time to overthrow “their son of a bitch.” But it won t go that far, and this is also a component of American tactics. Let us recall at least Saakashvili. And the Ukrainian experience says otherwise. No matter how much pyzhilis, the participants of the “Kuchma Get out” action and the first “Maidan” ex-president Leonid Kuchma remained at liberty, so now behind the scenes an agreement was reached between Zelensky and Poroshenko. Some members of his team are arrested, he is not touched. Question: what will happen to Poroshenko’s assets? Perhaps some will be taken away and given to the “people,” that is, the oligarchs.

Judging by the fact that the statement about the creation of a group that will investigate Poroshenko’s crimes, Svetlana Kryukova, deputy editor-in-chief of the Internet publication Strana.ua, said on Newsone television channel, this initiative is connected with a political group that has united around Vadim Rabinovich, Viktor Medvedchuk and Yuri Boyko, says Dmitry Galkin, a political columnist for the 2000 newspaper.

– From the point of view of the beginning parliamentary election campaign, this is absolutely the right move. This group, whose representatives will go to parliament from the For Life Party, is important to show that it is the main opponent of the Poroshenko regime and is seeking to completely abandon the course that was held after Poroshenko’s election as president. In this case, “For Life” will be able to get the votes not only of those supported by Yuriy Boyko, but also by some of the residents of the South-East who voted for Vladimir Zelensky. The newly elected president will try to reach an agreement with those influential representatives of Poroshenko’s entourage, who in the new conditions will want to start an independent political game. Among them, it is believed that the current Prime Minister, Vladimir Groisman, may also be. Therefore, by investigating the abuse of Poroshenko, it will be possible to strike at the positions of the newly elected president, who, of course, will take a much softer attitude towards the environment of his predecessor. As for the victims of the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, they will most likely include businessmen, politicians and journalists who are famous in the South-East.

– What kind of people from the inner circle can we talk?

– It would be logical if the object of criticism were, first of all, those figures who were associated with the Poroshenko regime, but chose to go to the Zelensky side or do it during the election campaign. From this point of view, the most important figure is Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. But politicians who took an active part in the formation of the Poroshenko regime, primarily Turitsnov and Lutsenko, could also be hit.

No one will wait for the new president for five years – neither the West nor Russia

– Who do you think, is the author of the initiative?

– Rabinovich, Medvedchuk and Boyko will most likely provide financial and informational support to this initiative. But she will get some social significance if journalists and public figures who are not affiliated with this group join her. It is difficult to say whether it will be possible to achieve this.

  • Zelensky himself spoke of a possible persecution of Poroshenko. How will he react to this?

– For Zelensky, such an initiative, in that case, of course, if it becomes popular, will become a rather serious problem, as it can create serious problems for him in the Southeast and hinder his cooperation with entrepreneurs and politicians who were previously linked to Poroshenko.

– And the Americans? They seemed to promise not to touch Poroshenko …

For the American administration, it is extremely important that the change of power in Ukraine goes as calmly as possible, without scandals and upheavals, and Poroshenko retains the opportunity to continue political activities. Here it’s not just some of Washington’s obligations to the current president, which are hardly of great importance for the US administration, but also a demonstration of the correctness of the American policy towards Ukraine. I think that it would be unpleasant for the American leadership if it turned out that for five years the United States supported, even with some reservations, a corrupt official who tried to establish an authoritarian regime in the country. Therefore, in the near future Zelensky is unlikely to dare fot the prosecution of Poroshenko. Moreover, it would prevent him from reaching an agreement with the part of the economic and political elite that benefited from working with the current president’s entourage.

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