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“Right sector” is openly preparing to “clean up” the Donbass

Ukrainian radicals announced plans of reprisals in case of the seizure of the republics

Ukrainian radicals demand the continuation of the war in the Donbass and significantly threaten to demand answers for some “issues” from the inhabitants of the region in case of its return to Ukraine. This was broadcast on the television channel ZIK by Andrei Gergert (Cherven), 40-year-old commander of the battalion “Arrata” of the “Ukrainian Volunteer Army”, controlled by the founder of the «Pravy Sector» – «Right Sector» Dmitry Yarosh.

Ukraine, according to Cherven, first of all should regain the territory of Donbass. And then the population will need to be carefully «filtered out». «Territories return for us – yes, it is acceptable. This is our land, we will return it. To those people who inhabit these territories, there will be many and many questions. They do not perceive Ukraine, they do not speak Ukrainian, they gladly went to a referendum, raised flags, they were ready to call themselves Little Russia, Novorossia, «Russian Spring», LNR, the DNR – anything. These people sailed from one shore, and to the other they did not swim», the fighter said.

He added that the continuation of the war is the best opportunity to kill as many disloyal Ukraine’s population in the region before the return of Donbass. «The maximum continuation of this war, the maximum opportunity to eliminate them, the maximum possibility to weaken them. As long as possible, more, more aggressive. And after the state, the country is ready to sift, return, start these actions. Despite what the West says, what the East says is our land,» he stressed.

Note that Gergert not for the first time makes loud statements of a nationalist nature. In August this year, on the air of the same ZIK, he said that those who do not teach the Ukrainian language and do not share the values ​​of the current Ukraine, do not deserve regret. According to him, the peaceful residents of Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa should look at their former compatriots from the Donbass and understand what happens when they make a «wrong choice».

«If a person who lives today in the country does not understand the price that the land pays, if this person does not learn the Ukrainian language, if this person does not appreciate historical moments and our today’s choice, then this person does not belong among us. Yes, they are, yes, there are a lot of them. Let these peaceful people in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa look at the price for ignorance, the wrong choice is paid by residents of Donetsk and Lugansk. What a hard price and terrible pay these people for their lack of education, indifference, for their laziness, a lack of understanding whom to elect, for whom to vote», he said.

In addition, Cherven invited people in the Donbass to tell them about their suffering. «Incredible price. It is a pity that among them, in Donetsk and Lugansk, there is a small percentage of conscious Ukrainians. And those people who do not understand, do not adapt, at most moments even resist – I do not feel sorry for them. I believe that these are potential separatists, collaborators and potential enemies,» the insurgent said.

Let us also note that this character is far from being the first representative of Ukrainian nationalists, voicing the plans of “filtering” the inhabitants of Donbass after its “liberation”. How seriously should this be taken?

«Judging by the information that comes to us from Ukraine, Yarosh’s organization is inferior to other Nazi formations in Ukraine,» said Donetsk journalist Igor Faramazyan. – For example, the controlled deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Andrei Biletsky, who, in turn, is connected, according to the Ukrainian media, to the Minister of the Interior of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

There are still C-14, the leaders of which do not hide that they closely cooperate with the SBU.

One way or another, the Ukrainian Nazis are working under the state “roof”. Perhaps, the “right sector” also wants to sell itself as profitable, while clearly losing in the activity of competitors. Such harsh statements may be due to this. So listen to them you need. But also remember that Yarosh does not decide anything himself. For whom are these statements made? In the West, they are unlikely to be approved, yes, and not all Ukraine will support.

– These statements are made for possible sponsors and part of the radical electorate. And, as for the latter, the work is not even on future elections to the Rada, but to strengthen positions in the fight for a place in the sun with other Nazi groups. Kiev does not need a population, it needs territory. Is it so? What will it do with people? If everything is destroyed, what money to raise the Donbass?

  • It is unlikely that there is someone seriously thinking about what will happen to the Donbas. – According to this militant, Ukraine first of all should regain the territory of Donbass, and the population should be carefully “filtered out”. How do they filter? Clean out all those who voted in the referendum? How many people will then remain? Kiev already controls part of the Donbass. From time to time, they “clean up” the population. Not as massive as the Nazis would like, but they hold it. And with this we repeatedly read and hear the statements of representatives of the Ukrainian government, then of the Ukrainian radicals, or some public figures that people are anti-Ukrainian in the Donbas. And it is true. But with one small amendment: there are still a lot of people in the Donbass who do not consider Ukraine an enemy as a country, hoping that it will recover and become the Ukraine that many of us imagined before. United with Russia in the worldview space, friendly in political space and integrated with it in the economic space. If Ukraine has such opportunities, if hypothetically it will manage to regain control over the whole Donbas? No “Croatian scripts” will help it. Donbass is not Serbian Krajina, it has a good army and great hopes for the help of Russia, which is nearby. Even hypothetical implementation of the notorious Minsk accords will not help the current Ukrainian regime take the Donbas. Since the very attempt to realize them in full, threatens to eliminate Russophobic Ukrainian statehood. The only conditions under which the dreams of Ukrainian Nazis concerning the Donbas could be realized are some kind of internal political cataclysm in Russia with a drastic change of course. Or geopolitical defeat of Russia in the fight against the United States. In the Donbass they hope that neither the first nor the second will happen. “The Kiev authorities are not going to return the Donbas as a subject,” Larisa Sesler, chairman of the Union of Political Immigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine, is sure. – At the moment they only need war, which allows them to retain control over the rest of Ukraine. And certainly, no one will allocate money for the restoration of the economy. If Donbas is forcibly returned to Ukraine, it will have to survive the hardest period of degradation and loss of population.

By the way, even the residents of Donbass who left Ukraine today are deprived, for example, of electoral rights at the place of residence. People from this region are denied the most basic rights of citizens of any country – the right to vote. Therefore, many people living today in the People’s Democratic Republic of Russia are well aware that they will be forced to leave their native places under the threat of reprisals and persecutions.

– How would such a “sweep” look to the West?

And the West is not too concerned about the violation of human rights in Ukraine, and Ukrainian nationalists can completely ignore the slightest reproaches in their address. Of course, for the picture, some Western human rights activists shake their head reproachfully and say dissatisfied speech in the European Parliament. But no real measures will be taken against Ukrainian nationalists. The West already has an enemy who a priori is to blame for all mortal sins. It’s Russia. And the small “pranks” of the Ukrainian allies will be easily forgiven.

– If Kiev took Donbass, does he really have the opportunity to carry out such a clean-up? One can argue about the decline of the Ukrainian economy, but one has to admit that the repressive machine in Ukraine is fine-tuned and working. If Ukraine regains the Donbas, any difficulty to conduct “cleansing” among teachers and officials, local law enforcement and the judiciary. Any dissidence will be ruthlessly trampled. Tens of thousands of employees of the Security Service, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, directed to the Donbass from the regions of Ukraine, will cope with this task. Everyone who is dissatisfied or disagreed will be treated as a terrorist or an accomplice of terrorists. And with this label thousands of people will be repressed.

– For what purpose then are generally made such statements ? Who are they designed for? The election campaign has already begun in Ukraine, and almost every candidate swears in Russophobia. The Western Ukrainian electorate is dissatisfied with the authorities no less than residents of Odessa or Kharkiv. But it believes that his sympathies can be won by militant rhetoric towards Donbass. The humiliated and devastated people are trying to instill revanchist sentiments, trying to translate the blame from the Kiev authorities to “unworthy” Dontbass citizens and “aggressors” – Russia. These statements again and again demonstrate the essence of the Minsk Agreements that Ukraine is not going to fulfill, despite the rare, declaration of Kiev, made under the pressure of Berlin or Brussels.

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