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Russia and the United States brought Syrians to cannibalism

While the superpowers find out the relationship, the people of a warring country slowly turn into a monster

World leaders now and then talk about Syria, talk about their victories in this republic and try to push through the idea that thanks to them the real peace in the state is possible almost in the very near future. But, be that as it may, we will not know who nevertheless won, until the war ends, and it seems that this will not happen soon. Who knows, maybe this is the very war that is said to have no winners.


In any case, civilians in Syria can hardly feel themselves victorious, even if Trump or Assad with Putin say that the Islamic state responsible for all the sorrows of the republic has been destroyed. People have nothing but pain but fear. This also applies to those who once went to demonstrations against Bashar al-Assad, which gave rise to a civil war. They could hardly have imagined that the protests would result in an endless war, full of unprecedented violence.


To imagine at least a little bit what is happening, it is worth knowing that in this country only thirty percent of the buildings are more or less suitable for living in them. People, of course, live in dilapidated houses, where there is no roof, or no walls, but these are already abnormal conditions. As for the economy, there is nothing to say. Really nothing, because it is practically nonexistent. If something happens in this plan, then it obeys more the laws of chaos, rather than some institutions.


There is practically no work to be found, the local currency has depreciated, the state does not produce anything, industry is worth it, and few people want to get involved in agriculture during the war. Against the background of all this, a humanitarian catastrophe is developing almost everywhere. Somewhere it has already been overcome, somewhere – in full swing, but somewhere it is just beginning.


And it takes scary form. People have nothing to eat. In recent years, many have survived at the expense of Iran. Yes, this state, so hated by the West, fed not only the “dictator”, but also the common people. Money and humanitarian aid from not the richest Iran came and continues to flow regularly. Russia and the United States also invested. With Russia, everything is simple – everyone saw on TV how trucks with humanitarian aid enter a region of SAR. But now the States are helping in some strange way – they are focused on financing allied formations for themselves, for example, the Kurdish Democratic Union party. Of course, in such cases, not all money reaches the disadvantaged. Much settles at party functionaries, something is spent on the implementation of some political projects in the self-proclaimed Rojava (the unrecognized Kurdish state in the north of Syria). In general, there is, of course, help, but it is insignificant, given that almost everyone is in need of Syria.


Things are very bad, so bad that mass hunger gradually becomes a characteristic phenomenon for Syria. Everywhere it is bad, but worst of all is where foreigners have clashed in the political struggle, they have been fighting in the Arab Republic for several years now. And this is not about some French or Australians, but about Russia and the United States, because they have the most of all plans for the Middle East. Well, they have something to defend here, because the competition between them does not look like something strange even against the background of the Syrian tragedy. But it’s not easier for people. Because of the disagreements of the powerful, they die, often die slowly and painfully from starvation. An illustrative example in this case is the Rukban refugee camp, which is located in the southernmost province of Homs.


Rukban is located near the US military base Al-Tanf, and this camp is part of the area controlled by the States in conjunction with local opposition. Just south of the Syria camp ends and begins Jordan and Iraq. And north, east and west everything is under the control of Damascus. Yes, Rukban is in one of the few opposition enclaves. And this greatly complicates the lives of people there. The problem is that due to the constant disputes between the Russian Federation and the United States and no less constant conflicts between the Syrian Arab army and the opposition, delivering humanitarian aid to refugees has become almost impossible. A few days ago, the UN managed to organize it. But this was preceded by a year of preparation! How many people could die this year? Dozens, hundreds? The UN proposes in the near future to repeat the delivery of humanitarian aid, but it’s far from the fact that everything will work out, for it is unknown what Russian-American relations will be tomorrow. In general, people have become hostages of the situation.


And this brought the local population to the point that some time ago they had completely blocked any supply routes. Even smuggling from Jordan, which used to save many, stopped, but then they tried in Amman. In the end, many were affected by hunger. Arab social networks occasionally contain information about cannibalism in Rukban and in some other parts of the SAR. Most of the stories relate to eating the bodies of already dead people, but there are even more terrible ones – when cannibals killed the living for the purpose of eating. Some local people write that Russia has brought people to such a state, as if it had forced Damascus to cut off all the channels of food supplies to the American enclave. Many blame the Americans for believing that they have every opportunity to supply humanitarian aid, but they don’t do it because of indifference and even hatred towards local people. It’s hard to say how true it is. But we communicated through social networks with some Syrians. And many of them confirmed that they had heard of cannibalism in the country. One of the interlocutors assured that there were cases in Ghouta when it was under blockade. Then there was very little bread in this suburb of Damascus, and what came in was very expensive. There is nothing to say about other products – things were even worse with them. In addition, we were enlightened on the topic of ritual cannibalism, observed among some anti-government groups, as well as among individual personalities of the pro-Assad forces. Some of these personalities, according to the interlocutor, are quite famous. In general, after the victory, these people cut a liver from a dead enemy and bit off a piece of it. In Rukban neither Americans not Russians control situation. Some oppositionists, including ex-ISIS members and those who joined run this territory. They control everything – the arrival of provisions, the movement of smuggling and even collect a kind of tribute from the refugees. The situation in the camp is very bad, so the rumors about cannibalism may well be true. The US has supply channels for the region through Jordan and Iraq, but they don’t want to get involved in clashes with ISIS members and refugees in general. Damascus also holds non-interference, in addition, it and Russia have certain principles in dealing with the Americans, which no one wants to sacrifice. Even to save lives.

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