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Russia delivered S-300 to Syria because they are safe for Israel

A few days ago, some Western-specializing publications published material on the Iran-Israel conflict. For example, the famous National Interest magazine suggested to think on how likely Israeli aircraft would invade Iranian airspace. It all starts with a very entertaining story, which gained fame at the end of May last year. Then the Iranian media published information about the dismissal of the commander of the air defense forces of the Islamic Republic, Brigadier General Farzad Ismaili. His former deputy was appointed to this place.


No one would have paid attention to this information, if only for Arab journalists with their sources in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Representatives of the Kuwaiti media published data according to which Ismaily was dismissed due to the fact that under him Israel managed to carry out effective reconnaissance of Iranian territory from the air. It is reported that a group of Israeli F-35 fighters penetrated Iranian airspace, without any problems flying over the cities of Shiraz, Isfahan. And even the capital did not escape the fate of being explored – they also flew over Tehran. All this was done in order to study how the Iranian air defense works. Then the IDF aircraft calmly returned, and no one was hurt, except for the honor of the Iranian military. Farzad Ismaily concealed the fact of the invasion, and it was because of this that he was removed. It is interesting that for several months no one knew about it until Tehran intelligence, using its channels, found out everything. In general, we talked and forgot – the year still passed.


But the National Interest “resurrects” the information guide, retyping the material of another resource on aviation topics. What is the reason? In the Russian S-300. Yes, the article says that the Russian S-300 did not find the modern F-35s at all. From this it is concluded that they are ineffective against Israeli aviation. And this is not about the complexes that Russia delivered to Syria, but about Iranian ones. These air defense systems were delivered to the Islamic Republic of Russia and have been protecting its airspace for several years. But, apparently, they are not doing very well. The case is very revealing. For example, in the case of Syrian air defense systems, there have always been many versions of their “silence”. Like, the Russian Federation and Israel have some secret agreements that make it impossible to attack the IDF aircraft invading Syrian airspace. With Iran, everything is completely different – it had no restrictions. He could shoot down if he spotted the target. The American drone was shot down and everyone was informed about this. And then they could not do anything and were silent. By the way, the S-300 just shots down quite well, but the F-35 for some reason remained unharmed. Are Russian systems powerless in confrontation with Israeli American-made aircraft? Or is the matter different?


Well, in the above story with Ismaily there are enough nuances. In general, far from the fact that he seriously screwed up. If he really fell out of favor, it would be unlikely that his career would further develop – it is reported that personally the supreme ruler of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was dissatisfied with his failure and ordered the dismissal of the general. However, the former leader of the Iranian air defense forces now feels great. Almost immediately after the dismissal, he got the post of adviser and assistant commander of the IRI army. Not bad. It is unlikely that by hiding data relating to the national security of the republic, he would be able to get to this post.


However, the likelihood that the S-300 is simply unable to respond to threats from Israel is also present. The Americans are positioning the F-35 as an extremely inconspicuous aircraft. It seems to be so. He has quite a lot of camouflage tools.

  • We have stealth fighters, these are the best aircraft in the world. These batteries are not even capable of detecting them, – said Israeli Minister of Regional Cooperation Tsahi Hanegby last year. He implied the F-35 and S-300.


In the opinion of one Russian military, the situation is complicated by the fact that the Russian side itself does not intend to somehow oppose Israel. At the moment, to find out for sure whether the S-300 is able to do something against the F-35 is almost impossible, because our military in Syria is generally forbidden to harm the IDF. But if you face the truth, then our interlocutor believes that the S-300 is powerless to do anything, and that is why the Russian Federation without fear agreed to transfer the complexes to Syria. Still, this is a technique of the last century, and, creating it, experts did not provide for individual technical solutions that are necessary for calculating the latest generation of fighters.

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