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Russia has saved Syria from the most massive blow in the present history

said Assad

Syria avoided a massive blow from the United States and other Western countries thanks to Russia’s firm position, the country’s president Bashar Assad said in an interview with RT.

The Syrian president said that initially the West, accusing Damascus of using chemical weapons, was considering the option of applying a comprehensive strike across Syria. They were stopped, in Assad’s opinion.

Bashar Assad, President of Syria said: “The Russians openly declared that they are ready to destroy the launching points of missiles. According to our information (we do not have evidence, there is only information, but reliable) – they considered the option of applying a comprehensive strike across Syria. And it was this threat that made the West take much more modest measures. ”

Assad also said that the conflict between Russia and the United States in Syria has been avoided thanks to the wisdom of the Russian leadership.

“In fact, we have come quite close to a possible direct conflict between the forces of Russia and the United States. Fortunately, this was avoided. But not thanks to the wisdom of the American leadership, but thanks to the wisdom of Russia”, – noted the Syrian President.

The Syrian President also stressed once again that he has no chemical weapons, and if he had, he would never have used it against his people.

At the same time, Assad did not rule out the possibility of new US strikes across the country.

Chemical weapons were not on any of the three sites in Syria that became the targets of a missile strike by the US and its allies. This was stated by the chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy.

The United States, France and the United Kingdom struck a missile strike at three sites: the Barza Research Center on the outskirts of Damascus, the underground depository “Hi Shinshar” in Homs province and the ground storage in the same province.

According to Rudsky, in 2017 inspections were conducted in the laboratories of the Barza Center for the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, according to their results, there was confirmed the absence of any activity related to the development and production of toxic agents.

Sergei Rudskoy: “In addition, to determine the level of possible contamination of the terrain as a result of a missile strike and a threat to the civilian population, Russian experts of radiation, chemical and biological protection at the Barza site took all necessary samples. Their analysis did not reveal the content of toxic chemicals and poisonous substances on the destroyed site, which is confirmed by the relevant act.”

Also, the general expressed bewilderment at the choice of goals of the Western coalition in the attack on Syria.

Sergei Rudsky: “If, in their opinion, they actually had stocks of poisonous substances, then when striking the cruise missiles, large contamination of the terrain could arise. And in the case of Damascus, tens of thousands of people would inevitably perish. ”

On April 14, a coalition of Western countries in the United States, Britain and France issued over 100 rockets for objects in Syria. All of them, as stated in Washington, have achieved the goal. Russia, for its part, reported that two-thirds of the missiles were shot down by the Syrian air defense system, and promised to provide evidence.

Washington, May thirty-one The US authorities said they do not observe signs of chemical weapons in Syria since the missile strike on government targets in April. This was stated on Thursday by the official representative of the US Department of Foreign Affairs Dana White.

“We did not see any signs that there is still chemical weapons. We continue to closely monitor the situation in Syria, “she said, responding to journalists’ questions.

Recall that in April the United States, Great Britain and France inflicted a massive missile attack on several objects of the Syrian army, unauthorized by the UN Security Council. This became a “response” to the good reports of the White Helmets organization about the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian Duma. At the same time, the “Helmets” did not provide any evidence, limited only to the TV. The Ministry of Defense of Russia subsequently found that the video was entirely staged. Moscow introduced in the UN Security Council resolutions condemning the act of aggression of the Western trio against the sovereign state of Syria, but it was never adopted.

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