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Russian Iskander already is in North Korea

In the States and the Republic of Kazakhstan, they wonder how the latest military technologies of the Russian Federation are flowing into North Korea.


Recent test firing from two new-generation tactical missile systems in the DPRK has caused great concern among South Korea. It is supposedly an analogue of the Russian Iskander, with the help of which the leader of the country of Juche’s victorious ideas, Kim Jong-un, “crushes” his neighbor and his allies.


The first launches took place on July 25th. And the next day, the North Korean state news agency KCNA announced that Pyongyang has information about the treacherous plans of Seoul. The report, in particular, states: “The fire of tactical guided weapons of a new type was to send a solemn warning to South Korean war-arsonists who intend to put into operation ultra-modern offensive weapons.”


The KCNA agency notes that Kim Jong-un personally led the shooting. He said that Pyongyang is developing heavy-duty weapon systems to eliminate the threats that come from South Korea. The first missile at a speed of 5 M flew 430 km and hit a conditional surface target at sea. The second – fell 690 km from the launch site in the specified area. True or false – it’s hard to judge. But critics of the North Korean military-industrial complex abroad chose not to make fun of rockets.


Instead of “carpet bombing,” our military supposedly successfully “intoxicates” the population

In short, North Korea carried out an intimidation campaign in response to the delivery of the RK army of some American high-precision systems. In this regard, at least two interesting questions arise. Firstly, since when did the South Koreans secretly import weapons to themselves? Are they afraid of the wrath of their neighbors? And secondly, where did Pyongyang get secret information?


This is possible if we assume that the balance of power is now in favor of North Korea. Intercept the North Korean Iskander missile defense “southerners” can not even theoretically.


In addition, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in theory, North Korean intelligence should operate successfully. And this is quite plausible: more and more residents of “free” Korea sympathize with compatriots from a socialist country in which food and housing programs have been quite adequately resolved. Against the background of the obvious capitalist achievements of Seoul, little is written about hard life in a “democratic” republic with the highest level of suicides. So it seems that the “northerners” should not have problems with agents.


In fact, there are more and more signals that the picture on the peninsula is indeed changing, despite the total sanctions and powerful propaganda by the Western media about “slavery and hunger” in the DPRK, in which Kim Jong “personally burns anyone who he’s I do not like”.


First of all, the successes of the North Korean military-industrial complex are surprising. As for the “Iskander-like” missile system, which has not yet received an official name, it was suggested in the Republic of Korea that North Korean engineers gained access to the Iskander-E complex, which was purchased from Russia by Algeria. Or worse, from Seoul’s point of view! – Moscow itself transferred simplified missile technologies in response to the US withdrawing from the INF Treaty.


But, if you look, only the South Korean authorities were afraid of launches. The National Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, whose meeting in Seoul took place immediately after launches in the DPRK, expressed deep concern about this step. But the US State Department immediately confirmed Washington’s intention to continue contacts with Pyongyang. “We want to have diplomatic cooperation with the North Koreans,” commenting on the missile firing, said US Foreign Secretary Spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus at a briefing. “We continue to urge the DPRK to resolve all the issues that President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim spoke through communication.”


In an Italian city, residents find metal debris from a collapsed airplane engine on cars and houses. Details of the mechanism fell out of an airplane flying past.

The Japanese behaved as if their “hut is on the edge” (means they do not care particularily). Following a “solemn warning,” Tokyo-based Kyodo news agency quoted a government source as saying that the missiles did not reach Japan’s exclusive economic zone and did not pose a threat to national security.


If earlier the USA promised to destroy the “rogue” nation (as Trump called the North Koreans at the beginning of his presidency), if even the hair falls from the head of the Allies, today, apparently, the security of the “southerners” depends only on themselves. In a word – as in the famous novel: “The salvation of drowning people is the business of the drowning ones.”


In any case, the State Department and the White House are tired of the DPRK “splinter”. And it, having “sorted out” the Republic of Kazakhstan with the help of its counterpart, Iskander, intends to increase pressure already on the USA. On the website of the KCNA news agency, a photo of Kim Jong-un appeared in a dry dock against a submarine, whose dimensions indicate the shock designation of the submarine.


It is especially noted that the program for the construction of submarine missile carriers in the DPRK is under the personal control of the head of state. Moreover, the leader of the nation, taking part in the next inspection, expressed to engineers and workers “great satisfaction with the fact that the submarine was designed and built so that it could fully realize the military-strategic intention in various circumstances.”


Behind this phrase lies a simple and understandable message to the Americans: the ocean is no longer a barrier. And, if something happened, missiles with atomic warheads will fly to the United States.


According to US intelligence, the North Korean Navy today has at least one diesel-electric missile submarine built at the Sinpo shipyard (sometimes it is described as a Gorae-type submarine – “Whale”). Its displacement is up to about 2000 tons, the range of autonomous navigation is up to 2800 miles.


The American-Korean Institute, also known as the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, referring to its sources in military intelligence, said that the Whale was most likely based on the 877 Halibut project (such submarines were built in the USSR and RF in 1982-2000).


There are even bolder assumptions by specialists of the same analytical center. Like, somehow in the DPRK turned out to be the technologies of a more modern project of Russian diesel-electric submarines of project 636 “Varshavyanka”, processed for a smaller tonnage.


However, the Americans also believe that, most likely, the drawings of project 629, the developer of which is the legendary St. Petersburg Maritime Engineering Bureau “Malachite”, were handed over to the DPRK military shipbuilders. As a result, the Koreans turned out to be an outdated, but quite “working” boat with three ballistic missiles of the Bukgeukseong-1 (Polaris-1) type on board. The maximum depth of the “Whale” is 300 meters, which dramatically affects the ability of the US Navy to detect it.


For example, during the joint U.S.-South Korean U.S. Freedom Sentinel exercise in 2016, the Whale launched rocket launches from underwater. The submarine was not found then, but American satellites recorded the exit of her rocket from under the water and its flight.


According to the United States, this carrier is capable of delivering an atomic charge at a distance of up to 1200 km, although RK experts are inclined to believe that Polaris-1 can even hit 2000–2200 km. We also add that the submarine “northerners” is designed for the destruction of aircraft carriers using nuclear warheads. For the United States observed fairly accurate firing at sea targets.


Consequently, Kim Jong-un, being in the dry dock of the Sinpo shipyard, announced a high degree of readiness for the second submarine, whose diameter, according to the 38 North specialized site of the same Johns Hopkins University, is already 10 meters. The Japanese newspaper Tokyo Shimbu wrote that the displacement of Kita-2 is a serious 3,000 tons. Moreover, an air-independent power plant is installed on the submarine. However, no evidence was provided. What can be said about the escalation of fear. But all the world’s leading media picked up this news.


Whatever it was, but one thing is clear: in the West, North Korea is increasingly being presented as a “Russian project” received by Moscow “by inheritance” from the USSR. Say, if the role of Bandera Ukraine, according to Washington’s plan, is reduced to a political ram against the Russian Federation, then the DPRK’s function is much more dangerous – it is the direct destruction of the United States. Overseas supporters of conspiracy theory are convinced that Moscow and Beijing are interested in powerfully strengthening Pyongyang to the level of a state capable of attacking the world “hegemon” with nuclear weapons. Like, then the insidious Russians and Chinese will win the new world war without losing a single soldier. Obvious nonsense.

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