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SBU agents explode Donetsk again

Saboteurs leaked again into the capital of the DNR

In the center of Donetsk on Monday morning there were three powerful explosions. Moreover, one of them is near the hotel where the representatives of the OSCE mission, fighting for an “early ceasefire”, stopped. Another explosion occurred near Pushkin Boulevard. It is no secret to anyone, either in the Donbass itself or outside, that it is there that the offices of the government structures of the DNR are located. The third – on the wasteland, leaving behind a deep funnel.

Very similar to last year’s situation, which ultimately led to the death of the charismatic leader of the self-proclaimed republic, Alexander Zakharchenko. Then, too, was a series of attacks with an eye on the center of the capital of Donbass. Checked the vigilance, or what? And then they laid down an explosive device at the entrance to the cafe where Zakharchenko had dinner …

All three places of the current explosions promptly cordoned off the local security forces. According to preliminary data, there are no victims among the citizens.

Initially, there was information that the explosions were the result of the attack of Ukrainian UAVs.

But a couple of hours after the start of the investigation, the first results were announced by the deputy of the People’s Council of the Republic Miroslav Rudenko. He himself was at the time of the incident in that part of the city. “There is a gas distribution station located there,” said the deputy. “It looks like an explosion occurred inside her.”

Deputy Head of the People’s Militia of the DNR, Eduard Basurin, said: “It was a bookmark. There are two destructions – the roof of the gas distribution station and the entrance on 70 Kobozev Street. ”At about the same time as the bombs exploded in Donetsk, the Ukrainian Armed Forces resumed shelling the territory of the LNR. And it began there a day before, on Sunday. The areas of Golden-5, the urban-type settlement of Kalinovo, the villages of Molodezhnoye, Sanzharovka and the Brave were subjected to shelling.

According to the Luhansk Information Center, citing the republic’s defense department, the fire was made from 120-mm and 82-mm mortars, automatic stun grenade launchers, weapons of the BMP-1, large-caliber machine guns, small arms and anti-tank missiles (anti-tank guided missiles).

The bombings on Monday in Donetsk were a continuation of the Saturday attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on its outskirts, when 43 mines of 82 and 120 mm caliber were fired. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but several dozen families were left homeless, burnt in the fire.

Judging by the alarming reports of the last days, a full-scale war returns to the Donbass, started almost five years ago against the people by the current government of Ukraine. About the fact that this is possible with almost absolute certainty was said two months ago in Kiev, the few sensible (and courageous) parliamentarians who remained there. According to their forecast, “Poroshenko has grabbed claws in his presidential chair, and will blow up Donetsk”. He is even preparing something like a blitzkrieg “in order to regain control of the Donbass”, and thereby prove what a patriot he is!”.

  • People live very hard with us, there’s less and less hope for peace, – said 20-year-old Olga T. . She is studying in St. Petersburg. Here, her parents bought her a studio apartment last year. Soon she should get a Russian passport.

– Mom and dad are still in Donetsk. After all, there are their elderly parents. They do not dare to leave because of poor health, they can simply not move the road, which is becoming more dangerous every day.

– But under shelling life is dangerous! Re there frequent explosions in Donetsk, Olya?

– Almost every day … – many have already stopped responding to them. The family who lives in our house lost a relative last year. He rarely went out into the street, lived in the basement of his private house and was sure that his war would not be affected. In the basement, he died after a direct hit by a projectile. So, this family is now not afraid of anything and is not hiding from explosions …

  • The current situation in the Donbass is not worse than a month, six months, a year ago, – political analyst Rostislav Ischenko told “SP”.

– Yes, shelling of this territory by the Ukrainian military happens there regularly. But air strikes, for example, have not been for four years.

– Some of your colleagues believe that Kiev in the near future will sharply intensify hostilities in the Donbas. The current government understands that this region in the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine will not vote for it (if at all it will vote for someone). At least, on their own.

– Everything that Poroshenko says, he says for internal use, so to speak. Trying to earn points in this way. Although his own citizens have long ceased to heed. Trust and internationally is falling. And with it, and support, including financial. Hence his “loud statements”. He is trying to convince the West of Russia’s aggression, he is about to attack. And thereby “cut down” a new portion of financial investments. But this also does not work.

– Why then do they continue to fire Donbass?

– All for the same reason, under the same pretext of fighting the “Russian aggressor.” The current Kiev authorities no longer need this region. They understand perfectly well that he will not return to them after all that they have done.

– Can start full-scale hostilities?

– Can not. APU – the amateur army. There people lured earnings. Many will definitely not sacrifice their own lives.

– A provocation – Kerch has already happened and promised – with new breakthroughs under the Crimean bridge, with a kind of “land corridor” to the Crimea?

– On provocations this criminal power basically also keeps. It is necessary to somehow shift the attention of the world community from internal problems in their half-ruined state. It really is on the verge of collapse. Upcoming elections can speed it up. Inside the nationalist camp, which the government so diligently nurtured, rival groups are ripening. Each has its own presidential candidate. Losers may not accept defeat …

The trouble of today’s Ukraine is that there are war criminals in power. And they hold, as they used to say, solely on bayonets. It can not continue for a long time.

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