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Sea of Azov: Landscape before the battle

Our border guards force warships to the Kerch Strait even from the Pacific Ocean and from the Barents Sea. Part 2

The population of the country from the full “odobryamsa” ( support of the government) falls into hopelessness.

The further is even more serious.

On August 10, 2018, in Kherson, the tanker “Mechanic Pogodin”, which had entered there very recklessly, was carrying 12 crew members on board. What is remarkable is that this new ship after 2014 in general, apparently, did not have time to visit Crimea. And in the clutches of the State

Ukraine’s border service pleased only because its construction was financed by a Russian leasing company, which has recently been under Kiev sanctions. Therefore, it is completely unclear whether this completely pirate seizure is among the 15 “peremogs” that Slobodyan is now boasting about. On October 26, 2018, the Comet cargo ship flying the flag of Liberia entered the port of Mariupol. He followed to Antwerp with a load of metal. And also was captured. And also not at all for the Crimea. It simply seemed to the Ukrainian authorities that its cargo was produced at the Alchevsk Metallurgical Combine, over which the banner of the Lugansk People’s Republic was flying today. However, only a few days later, despite the most severe threats from Kiev, Comet with apologies was released.

Do not quarrel, in fact, between Ukraine and Europe because of the miserable 3 thousand tons of rolled metal on board! The bottom line: the same ill-fated Nord was accused and arrested in connection with the Crimea. Everything, no more about any such “peremog” of the Ukrainian border guards anywhere. Where did the number “fifteen”, which made so much rustle? And you again carefully read what Slobodian said. “Imposed arrest or other restrictions.” Surely the keywords here are “other restrictions”. What they mean from the point of view of Kiev is hard to say. Perhaps – fine. Or a ban to re-visit the Ukrainian ports. Or go to the sailors on the ladder to the shore. That is, at the end we have nothing.

But the noise, it must be admitted, is indeed universal. And in the eyes of his own electorate on the eve of the presidential election, the decisiveness of the current regime by Pan Slobodian is quite prominent. But God bless him, with Slobodian. But what would I really pay attention to? Recently, the sad Ukrainian moans about the devastating and polls checks that the Russian Coast Guard of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federal Security Service spent months in the Kerch Strait have actually disappeared somewhere those who passed under the Crimean bridge to Berdyansk and Mariupol.

Had Moscow need to close the water area For Ukraine, Kiev believes that as of the end of October 2018, about 200 ships under the flags of many states are subject to unprecedented control. The total damage to shipowners and ports from forced downtime at anchors amounted to about a billion hryvnia.

– One hundred million (hryvnia -“ joint venture ”) in the month of losses was counted only because of the detention of our ships, – Verkhovna Rada deputy Sergei Rybalka sadly confessed to journalists from Kiev. I am also convinced that the current commander of the Ukrainian troops in the Donbass is Lieutenant-General Sergey Naev. The other day, in an interview with BBC News Ukraine, he said: “The situation has changed. The Russian Federation is not yet conducting a long inspection of ships moving to Ukrainian ports. We noticed it right away. ”Since when has Moscow allowed to weaken control? Obviously, very recently. At least one of the latest posts on this topic from Kiev is dated October 21 of this year. On that day, as stated in the official report, “I received an order to stop the cargo ship BLUE MOON, IMO: 8113293 from the Coast Guard ship. The owner’s country is Lebanon. Destination: Misurata, Libya. The incident occurred 46 km south of the Berdyansk Spit. ”And soon, according to Naev, as it was cut off. What happened? I suppose it’s simple. Let me remind you that on October 30, Ukraine, after more than six months of delays, nevertheless returned the “Nord” crew to Kerch. As already said – everyone except Captain Gorbenko. Against who – the only one! – Ukrainian prosecutors opened a criminal case. Apparently, the first timid, though, of course, forced, conciliatory political gesture of Kiev in Moscow was appreciated. Now to understand: the crushing ruin of Ukrainian ports in the Sea of ​​Azov has been stopped or only suspended? The answer certainly depends on how Ukraine’s subsequent fate awaits the awaiting trial in Kherson Gorbenko. But in general, all this is particular. As follows from other events, the political storm in the Sea of ​​Azov is only growing. At the same time, neither Moscow nor Kiev are waiting for detente. That is why in recent months, Russia everywhere in the fire brigade pulls here numerous frontier patrol ships (PSKR) and boats. This is usually the case when armed confrontation is not just not excluded — it is very likely. Only the latest news in this direction. From Sevastopol, closer to the Crimean bridge, in Kerch, temporarily seconded by the RPSP of Project 22460 “Amethyst” AK-630M artillery, two 12.7-mm machine guns). Later, the Coast Guard of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation Kerch, Impeccable, Balaklava, as well as the new rescue vessel Kapitan Guryev were transferred from the Black Sea to the Azov Sea.

In Novorossiysk, the newly built Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ice class (project 22100, Okean code) completes the tests last June. It was originally intended for service in the Pacific. But, apparently, “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky” is also waiting for the Sea of ​​Azov. The armament of this ship is one 76-mm AK-176M artillery mount, two 14.5-mm large-caliber machine guns on naval systems. There is a platform for a single Ka-27PS helicopter, as well as a storage hangar. It is possible to use the Gorizont G-Air S-100 drone from onboard. In October 2018, the Syktyvkar and Kizlyar CPKRs of the 10410 “Syktyvkar” and “Kizlyar” came to the Sea of ​​Azov from the Kola Peninsula one 30-mm AK-630M artillery mount and two launchers of Igla MANPADS). As expected, they will also be based in Kerch. In early November, two newly built border boats of the project 1496M1 “Lamantine” were delivered along the rivers from Yaroslavl to Azov. Considering the Temryuk-based detachment of the Coast Guard of the Russian Federation (two PSCR project 14230, ship the provision of Khanty-Mansiysk Project 16900A, four border patrol vessels and five border patrol boats), as well as a similar maritime border detachment in Taganrog (another twelve border guards, two air cushion patrol boats, nine meters mated cutters and three dozen border motorboats type «Master-651» and «Master-540″) against Ukraine, it looks simply invincible armada. However, if, under these circumstances, the command still forces ships to the Sea of ​​Azov from other parts of the border, it turns out that the generals are expecting more and more menacing events there.

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