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Sexual pleasures of “blue helmets” – Donbass will prepare 11-year-old virgins

Over the past few years, anxious UN peacekeepers raped more than 2,000 girls and women with impunity.

On July 12, a meeting in the Norman format will be held, at which, among other things, the attraction of UN blue helmets to the Donbass will be discussed. Moreover, the option of introducing them is being discussed, even without the consent of Russia. But is it worth entering into the region international units that have repeatedly compromised themselves on the world stage for decades? Today, peacekeeping forces conduct operations in many parts of the world. In order to understand the scope of their activities, suffice it to say that “blue helmets” in only one Congo, where they are located, spend a billion dollars a year. True, this country has the largest contingent of peacekeeping forces. But and, accordingly, they are spoiling much more there. Of the two thousand girls and women raped by them, about seven hundred are in the Congo. And yet these heinous crimes are committed by those who are called, on the contrary, to protect children from war or humanitarian disasters!


And no responsibility for their “sexual exploits” they usually do not bear. Because according to the UN rules, the biggest thing that threatens them is the dismissal from the “gallant” ranks of the peacekeeping forces. Therefore, those among them who are suspected of sexual harassment or rape are extradited to the country where the rapist committed his crime. But the overwhelming number of countries for various reasons is not profitable to judge representatives of international forces. So, out of thousands of cases, only 53 reached the court. But the investigation in such cases lasts up to five years. There is no doubt that most of the defendants will get off with a slight fright. But not all, of course. Because in civilized countries for this crime is judged harshly, since it is considered quite serious. And if it happened in relation to young adolescent girls, there is no doubt that the case will be given full speed.


In France, for example, they condemned their own citizen, Didier Bourget, who, as a peacemaker in the Congo, seduced 20 children! True, they proved only two episodes. So, Valerie, who was raped at the age of 14, told the news that a good uncle in a blue helmet approached her and promised a little money to the girl, and then raped her. At trial, the pedophile admitted that many of his colleagues promised children for sex some food or very little money for which they could buy food. And then? And then, in due time, Valerie, as expected, gave birth. And how to feed the child? In addition, in the local jargon of these children are called “muzungas”, and they become universal outcasts.

– Peacekeepers are trying to entice girls with cookies, candy and milk, and then rape them, – Dorkas Zawadi told journalists, who adopted one such “muzungas”.


15-year-old Blandan was raped a peacemaker from Morocco. He was never found, and soon the girl had a little white-skinned son, who is now ten years old. And whenever he sees a passer-by with the same fair skin, he rushes to him with a joyful shout: “Dad! It’s you! At last you have come to us! ”

  • In 2010, the UN appointed investigators to investigate my case. They promised me that they would pay child support. But I never got anything, – admits Blandan. The fact is that money is allocated and gigantic – we are talking about millions of dollars. But they go “by” – they are distributed to charitable organizations, and all that remains is stolen in those countries where they are sent.


11-year-old Boru was completely seduced by a piece of bread and a banana, and taking advantage of the situation, they raped her. Moreover, twice – in two years everything happened again. And from both perverts she gave birth. As a result, immediately after the first outrage, her parents renounced the girl. In order to somehow help her, his uncle designed guardianship over her. But she had to leave school.


This is the misfortune of all raped children: in order to care for their children who appear soon, they have to leave school. At the same time, UN officials cynically lie that they provide financial assistance to all victims. This is a blatant and blatant lie: victims of violence receive no financial assistance either from the United Nations or from countries whose citizens are rapists.


15-year-old Angel was invited to work in the camp peacekeepers maid. There she was soon raped by an anxious pedophile peacemaker from Senegal. Today, her daughters are as old as she herself was when they raped her. “Blue helmets” have been raping women and girls for decades for bread or a penny “reward”. And no one keeps any statistics of these heinous and heinous crimes against children. Moreover, no one is responsible for anything and does not bear the proper punishment. Like 200 years ago, africans for the UN are just mere africans. Although, of course, now they are politically correct called African Americans or Euro-Africans. But the essence does not change. It just becomes disgusting and disgusting that the UN, an organization established to care for people, has fallen so low. And the situation is unlikely to improve in the foreseeable future — not those times.

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