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    Merkel allowed Erdogan to revenge Europe

    As soon as the German chancellor went on vacation, Ankara announced the removal of barriers to migrants in the EU. After three bouts of trembling that happened recently with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she has been on vacation since Monday last week. As the Rheinische Post reported in connection with this, the Chancellor took with […]

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    A hunt for Russian tankers

    The Americans have already cut off Iran from supplying the warring Syrian army with fuel. RF – in line. Last Wednesday, five Iranian boats belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps tried to seize British oil tankers British Heritage in the Persian Gulf. According to CNN, when a British tanker was leaving the Persian Gulf […]

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    Syrian experience

    How the operation in the Middle East allows for the improvement of intimidating combat systems On the final stage of creating a new heavy flamethrower system “Tosochka”, Vladimir Lepin, general director of the Techmash concern, spoke at the Army-2019 forum. At the moment it has entered the second stage of state tests. And in the […]

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    Is Iranian “Hordad-15 ″ really a competitor of the S-400?

    Tehran praises its complex, but the most important objects are protected by S-300 SAM. In Iran, in June, events developed rapidly. The United States accused Tehran of sabotage on Saudi oil tankers. Trump announced in social networks that he would erase the Islamic Republic from the face of the earth. The Islamic Republic urgently adopted […]

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    Last Chinese warning

    China does not intend to wait for mercy from Washington and will show that it also has weight in the world. According to the American newspaper The New York Times, on June 4-5, closed meetings of Chinese officials with business representatives took place, where they received this warning.   The publication reports that representatives of […]

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    The experience of Ukraine in the “hybrid war” with Russia is interesting

    The North Atlantic Alliance intends to study the experience of Ukraine in the fight against “Russian tactics of hybrid warfare” in order to use this experience to train its military specialists. The corresponding task was set in the project of the NATO Scientific and Technical Organization (The NATO Science and Technology Organization – STO), designed […]

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    The Middle East is rapidly sliding to the Third World

    The military-political situation around the Persian Gulf is heating up right before our eyes. On Saturday, the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud convened an emergency summit in connection with the deterioration of relations with Iran, reports SPA. A source at the Foreign Ministry of the Kingdom told the agency that the […]

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    Kiev’s last chance

    The similarity of the sound of words – English «peace» and Ukrainian «spis» («spear») bring confusion in the current policy of Kiev in relation to Donetsk and Lugansk. The peculiarities of the translation of the expression «Pis-Spis» can be interpreted in two ways, here either the peace or the spear (war), but it does not […]

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    Revenge for Poroshenko

    In Ukraine and abroad, an “informal group” has been created of people affected by the actions of the current authorities, who will be involved in bringing to justice the current president, Peter Poroshenko, and people from his closest circle. Svetlana Kryukova, deputy editor-in-chief of the portal “Country”, announced this on the News One television channel. […]

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    Russia is preparing to start a war against Turkey

    Kazakhstan is hosting the next round of talks in Astana. It’s about the site created by Russia, Turkey and Iran to solve the problem of the civil war in the Syrian Arab Republic. On April 25-26, in the capital of Kazakhstan, high-ranking officials of these countries, together with representatives of Syria and other guests, discuss […]

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    Zelensky promises 5 more years of war in the Donbass and high salaries

    Hardly had Vladimir Putin gave welcome to the residents of Donbass to receive Russian passports, immediately followed by an “optimistic” statement from Kiev. From which it follows that the slaughter in the Donbass will not stop at least in the next five years, and the soldiers leading in the region will be paid more bloodshed. […]

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    Why does Asad bomb Idlib without submitting to the Kremlin?

    Yesterday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Russian airborne forces carried out a point airstrike on the city of Idlib in coordination with Turkey. The target of the Russian military was a warehouse with weapons and ammunition of one of the terrorist groups. As it turns out, the militants brought a large batch of […]

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    Americans are guilty of crash of Malaysian “Boeing”

    The United States can be directly implicated in the crash of the Boeing-777 Malaysian Airlines in the Donbass in the summer of 2014. This is written by the chief editor of the German magazine World Economy political analyst Alexander Sosnovsky. He is convinced that the disaster occurred because of the general maneuvers of Washington and […]

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    Women’s Day

    Just before March 8, it became known that as early as last month, February 16, German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused the insistent proposal of the US Vice President Mike Pence to hold joint naval maneuvers at the borders of Russia in the Kerch Strait. It happened at a meeting at the Munich Security Conference. Such […]

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    SBU agents explode Donetsk again

    In the center of Donetsk on Monday morning there were three powerful explosions. Moreover, one of them is near the hotel where the representatives of the OSCE mission, fighting for an “early ceasefire”, stopped. Another explosion occurred near Pushkin Boulevard. It is no secret to anyone, either in the Donbass itself or outside, that it […]