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    War in Syria-2.0

    Hundreds have passed in two days, new battles await Russia. Recently, clashes between the Syrian Arab army and its opponents resumed. This is due to the start of a major counter-offensive by militants of the Dzhebhat en-Nusra group on the borders of Idlib province. To date, the result of this operation has been the hardest […]

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    US war with Iran

    US President Donald Trump made an extremely tough statement addressed to Tehran. “If Iran wants to fight, then it will the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again, ”the head of the White House wrote on Twitter. Thus, he confirmed that Washington considers all scenarios, including the military.   In this situation, […]

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    New casualties in Syria

    Foreign media spread information about the death of the Russian military in Syria. Four dead were reported. This allegedly happened in the north of the province of Hama, which is adjacent to the rebellious governorate of Idlib, where everything is headed by terrorists and the armed opposition. The militants of the group that is part […]

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    Kiev’s last chance

    The similarity of the sound of words – English «peace» and Ukrainian «spis» («spear») bring confusion in the current policy of Kiev in relation to Donetsk and Lugansk. The peculiarities of the translation of the expression «Pis-Spis» can be interpreted in two ways, here either the peace or the spear (war), but it does not […]

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    Revenge for Poroshenko

    In Ukraine and abroad, an “informal group” has been created of people affected by the actions of the current authorities, who will be involved in bringing to justice the current president, Peter Poroshenko, and people from his closest circle. Svetlana Kryukova, deputy editor-in-chief of the portal “Country”, announced this on the News One television channel. […]

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    Rehearsal of coup in Venezuela

    Maduro congratulated the military leadership of the country, who led the “defeat of a small group that tried to fill Venezuela with violence,” and ordered to investigate the attempted incident. – It will not go unpunished. I spoke with the Prosecutor General, and he appointed three national prosecutors who interrogate all those involved in this […]

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    Putin’s “red-skinned books” will save Donbass

    With a stroke of a pen, President Vladimir Putin opened access to more than two million people in the Donbass (DNR and LNR) to obtain Russian passports. The document with a rather long title “On the definition for humanitarian purposes of categories of persons entitled to apply for admission to the citizenship of the Russian […]

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    Zelensky promises 5 more years of war in the Donbass and high salaries

    Hardly had Vladimir Putin gave welcome to the residents of Donbass to receive Russian passports, immediately followed by an “optimistic” statement from Kiev. From which it follows that the slaughter in the Donbass will not stop at least in the next five years, and the soldiers leading in the region will be paid more bloodshed. […]

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    “Zircon” is getting closer: “Admiral Gorshkov” scares everyone in its path

    Initially, the long-distance sea cruise of the newest Russian frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”, for which he was the first, from Murmansk across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea (the further route is unknown), attracted close attention. First of all, from the side of NATO, whose ships and airplanes tried to control the ship group (it also […]

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    Women’s Day

    Just before March 8, it became known that as early as last month, February 16, German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused the insistent proposal of the US Vice President Mike Pence to hold joint naval maneuvers at the borders of Russia in the Kerch Strait. It happened at a meeting at the Munich Security Conference. Such […]

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    Five years before Chernobyl-2

    According to Energy Research & Social Science, the probability of a disaster at Ukrainian NPPs is 80%. On an official site of the president of Ukraine the report on Poroshenko’s visit to the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk of the Nikolaev area was published. This is the so-called “satellite” local city serving the South Ukrainian Energy Complex, […]