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    Military secrets: Moscow and Israel’s secret weapon

    Syrian army fighters handed over a new David s Sling interceptor missile to Russia. The Russian Ministry of Defense gained access to one of Israel’s key secrets – the David s Sling missile interceptor. This happened, according to the Chinese news agency Sina, in Syria after an unsuccessful military launch of an Israeli rocket.   […]

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    Cargo “200” from Libya to Russia: Russian mercenaties suffer serious losses

    Why do Russian guys die in North Africa? In Libya, a journalist from Yekaterinburg, Yevgeny Ilyubaev, died. According to, he was a fighter at the Wagner PMC, and participated in hostilities in Syria and Libya. According to the publication, Ilyubaev came under fire from the American attack helicopter AH-64 Apache.   The fact of […]

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    40 years behind the Russians

    Part 1 Western blogger Andrei Raevsky on new weapons and new battle tactics. The recent Huti drones strike at Saudi oil facilities has shown the world what Russians have known for several years: even fairly primitive drones can pose a real threat. Advanced drones pose a serious threat to any armed forces, although Russia has […]

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    The last days of the Empire

    Andrey Raevsky on the crisis in the Middle East. The Middle East is literally exploding: the Hussites have dealt an extremely effective blow to oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, as a result of which oil production (they claim) has now fallen by 50% before bouncing back; rumor has it that the Russian Su-35S and S-400 […]

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    Zelensky has formula to reunite with Donbass

    The new Ukrainian authorities announced a plan for the reintegration of the two republics. In Kiev, they developed the “Zelensky formula” to end the war in the Donbass. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko told about this on the air of the ICTV channel.   According to him, one of the components […]

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    The nightmare of the British lion: London found the most dangerous Russian weapon

    The British realized that their ability to respond quickly to threats was called into question Victor Sokirko. The distance from Moscow to London is 2501 km, from the westernmost Russian Kaliningrad – 1417 km. The Iskander missile system using the R-500 cruise missile hits 500 kilometers (Pentagon experts believe that it is 2000-5000 km). The […]

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    Russia attacked the Turkish military in Syria

    Another observation post was under heavy shelling. Syrians continue their offensive in the northwestern part of their republic. After the success in Khan Sheikhun, the government forces did not stop the operation and continued to quickly return to the power of Damascus the territories that had been lost for a long time. In recent days, […]

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    Russia delivered S-300 to Syria because they are safe for Israel

    A few days ago, some Western-specializing publications published material on the Iran-Israel conflict. For example, the famous National Interest magazine suggested to think on how likely Israeli aircraft would invade Iranian airspace. It all starts with a very entertaining story, which gained fame at the end of May last year. Then the Iranian media published […]

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    Russian Iskander already is in North Korea

    In the States and the Republic of Kazakhstan, they wonder how the latest military technologies of the Russian Federation are flowing into North Korea.   Recent test firing from two new-generation tactical missile systems in the DPRK has caused great concern among South Korea. It is supposedly an analogue of the Russian Iskander, with the […]

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    Denmark stops the “North Stream-2”

    Gazprom has very little time left to launch the project on time. The submission says that Russia may disrupt the timing of the start of gas supplies to European countries if it does not receive a construction permit from the Danish authorities in August. The publication notes that the launch of the second line of […]

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    Hezbollah sent by Russia and Iran invaded the Golan Heights

    The other day foreign media announced interesting details behind the scenes negotiations between Moscow and Tel Aviv. It seems that Russia has some interests in the Golan, but, being bound by a certain kind of obligations to Israel, does not want to be involved in any operations on the territory of this disputed piece of […]

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    The SAA and Aerospace Forces of Russia inflicted damage on the Islamists in Idlib. The Kurds confiscated the homes of civilians in Raqqa and Hasakah. The commander of the SDF declared his readiness to respond to the attempts of the Turkish troops to advance in the north of the ATS, according to a military source […]

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    Russia launches ground attack on Idlib

    Will Russian special forces go to war in Syria because the Assad people are helpless? Recently, some Arab media have reported that Russia has concentrated serious ground forces in northwest Syria. Most of the sources agree that we are talking about the official special forces of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. However, there […]

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    West in hysterics: The Germans are preparing to fight the Russians

    German experts accuse Moscow of preparing for regional nuclear wars in the territory of the European Union. The outgoing week began in Germany with the fact that the influential German newspaper Die Welt published an article by the head of its foreign department, Clemens Vergina, entitled “Russlands Kriegslust” («Russian lust of militancy»).   The article […]

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    Israel will easily disable Russian drones and bypass the S-300

    Western experts believe that if Russia uses Tel Aviv’s technology, it’s easy to handle. Israel today is actively discussing the potential of the Israeli military-industrial complex in connection with possible complications in relations with Russia. For example, now in the media they recall a case that happened a year ago. In July 2018, one of […]

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    The new “nuclear deal” of Trump is doomed to failure

    At the talks between the US and Russia on strategic stability, which will take place on July 17 in Swiss Geneva, the American side intends to discuss the possibility of concluding a new agreement on the limitation of nuclear weapons. Which is proposed to extend also to China, which is absent from the negotiations. This […]