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    Denmark stops the “North Stream-2”

    Gazprom has very little time left to launch the project on time. The submission says that Russia may disrupt the timing of the start of gas supplies to European countries if it does not receive a construction permit from the Danish authorities in August. The publication notes that the launch of the second line of […]

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    Hezbollah sent by Russia and Iran invaded the Golan Heights

    The other day foreign media announced interesting details behind the scenes negotiations between Moscow and Tel Aviv. It seems that Russia has some interests in the Golan, but, being bound by a certain kind of obligations to Israel, does not want to be involved in any operations on the territory of this disputed piece of […]

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    The SAA and Aerospace Forces of Russia inflicted damage on the Islamists in Idlib. The Kurds confiscated the homes of civilians in Raqqa and Hasakah. The commander of the SDF declared his readiness to respond to the attempts of the Turkish troops to advance in the north of the ATS, according to a military source […]

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    Russia launches ground attack on Idlib

    Will Russian special forces go to war in Syria because the Assad people are helpless? Recently, some Arab media have reported that Russia has concentrated serious ground forces in northwest Syria. Most of the sources agree that we are talking about the official special forces of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. However, there […]

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    West in hysterics: The Germans are preparing to fight the Russians

    German experts accuse Moscow of preparing for regional nuclear wars in the territory of the European Union. The outgoing week began in Germany with the fact that the influential German newspaper Die Welt published an article by the head of its foreign department, Clemens Vergina, entitled “Russlands Kriegslust” («Russian lust of militancy»).   The article […]

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    Israel will easily disable Russian drones and bypass the S-300

    Western experts believe that if Russia uses Tel Aviv’s technology, it’s easy to handle. Israel today is actively discussing the potential of the Israeli military-industrial complex in connection with possible complications in relations with Russia. For example, now in the media they recall a case that happened a year ago. In July 2018, one of […]

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    The new “nuclear deal” of Trump is doomed to failure

    At the talks between the US and Russia on strategic stability, which will take place on July 17 in Swiss Geneva, the American side intends to discuss the possibility of concluding a new agreement on the limitation of nuclear weapons. Which is proposed to extend also to China, which is absent from the negotiations. This […]

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    Washington puzzled Kiev: it’s time for piece with the Donbass

    US urged Ukraine to comply with the Minsk Agreement. After the parliamentary elections, the new Verkhovna Rada should adopt a number of laws stipulated by the Minsk agreements. This was stated by the special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker.   When a new parliament is elected, it will be necessary […]

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    Honey, please

    America demonstrates full powerlessness to Tehran, but wants to save face. June 20, Iran shot down a spy drone of the United States. US President Trump decided not to respond. The White House and the media claimed that Trump ordered an attack on Iran, but recalled it at the last minute. We said that this […]

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    Why is it dangerous for Russia to send S-400 to Turkey?

    Delivery of Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems to Ankara started from Monday. The end of the week was eventful. For example, we all learned that in the very near future, the delivery of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to Turkey will finally begin. First, the relevant news with the public was shared by the representative of […]

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    Edward Limonov: Performance on the border between the Koreas

    They shook the world. And it was very cheap. For several seconds Trump’s shoes stepped onto North Korea and for several minutes Trump’s shoes were on the plates of the demilitarized zone.   Then for about half an hour Trump and Jong-Un stayed in the demilitarized zone in the South Korean sector and seemed to […]

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    How Merkel pushes Germans to Nazism with her “migrant-philosophy”

    Police was  on the side of the ultra-right forces of Germany was the police, whose hands are down from impunity of visiting criminals. On Thursday, June 27, in Berlin, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany Horst Seehofer presented the report of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (internal counterintelligence, German abbr. […]

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    Second stage: Russia is preparing a big attack on Idlib

    On Monday, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov analyzed the state of affairs in the Syrian province of Idlib in front of journalists. According to him, the groups entrenched there regularly violate the agreement on the demilitarized zone. They are attacking the positions of the Syrian Arab army and its allied formations, as […]