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    The Germans hit the Nord Stream 2 in the back

    Manfred Weber, the European Parliament’s candidate for the post of European Commission head, in an interview with the Polish edition of Newsweek, said that if he was elected head of the European Commission, he would do “everything possible” to stop Nord Stream II. In his opinion, this project is contrary to European interests, and the […]

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    Scenario of the Third World War

    Why did US military engineers study the dams and floodgates of the Dnieper cascade? An article appeared on the website under the really heart-breaking title “The Pentagon warns: emergency dams of the Dnieper cascade will wash Ukraine into the Black Sea in 2020.” In short – speech in the publication of the facts, in […]

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    Russia and Turkey launched a joint operation in Idlib

    A few days ago, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation hotly denied reports of the media about the attacks of the Russian Aero Space Forces in Syrian Idlib. According to the military, our aircraft did not perform combat missions in the rebellious governorate. The reason for such a statement was the […]

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    Syria latest war news for March 17

    The SAA struck at militants in the north of Hama, the heads of the General Staffs of the Iraqi and Iranian armed forces arrived in Damascus, a coalition air force killed children in Baguz. This is reported by a military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouk.   Briefly on the […]

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    In the last battleship “Cossack Chovny” throw “torpedo tugs”

    The final cross on the Ukrainian Navy (Naval Forces of Ukraine) was installed, we note, not anywhere, but on Ukraine itself, through the mouth of the former naval commander-in-chief, Vice Admiral Sergei Haiduk, who said that the “mosquito fleet” consisting of torpedoes , patrol, rocket and other small boats, is absolutely useless in the Black […]

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    “Zircon” is getting closer: “Admiral Gorshkov” scares everyone in its path

    Initially, the long-distance sea cruise of the newest Russian frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”, for which he was the first, from Murmansk across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea (the further route is unknown), attracted close attention. First of all, from the side of NATO, whose ships and airplanes tried to control the ship group (it also […]

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    Why does Asad bomb Idlib without submitting to the Kremlin?

    Yesterday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Russian airborne forces carried out a point airstrike on the city of Idlib in coordination with Turkey. The target of the Russian military was a warehouse with weapons and ammunition of one of the terrorist groups. As it turns out, the militants brought a large batch of […]

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    Syria latest war news for the March 14

    Russian aircraft struck a blow at the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham warehouses, Kurdish militants destroyed a barge of oil in the Euphrates, and rockets hit a residential building in the province of Lattakia. This is reported by a military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).   Briefly on the […]

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    Americans are guilty of crash of Malaysian “Boeing”

    The United States can be directly implicated in the crash of the Boeing-777 Malaysian Airlines in the Donbass in the summer of 2014. This is written by the chief editor of the German magazine World Economy political analyst Alexander Sosnovsky. He is convinced that the disaster occurred because of the general maneuvers of Washington and […]

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    Five years before Chernobyl-2

    According to Energy Research & Social Science, the probability of a disaster at Ukrainian NPPs is 80%. On an official site of the president of Ukraine the report on Poroshenko’s visit to the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk of the Nikolaev area was published. This is the so-called “satellite” local city serving the South Ukrainian Energy Complex, […]

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    Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s meeting in Hanoi

    The talks between the 72-year-old US President Donald Trump and the 35-year-old DPRK leader Kim Jong-un were held at the Sofitel Legend Metropol, the oldest five-star hotel in Hanoi, from 27 to 28 February. According to the results of the second summit of the USA – the DPRK, the parties did not sign the final […]

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    Nightmare over Kashmir

    The military conflict that occurred in the skies over Kashmir, forced the whole world to pay more attention to this region, in which the escalation of relations between India and Pakistan has been going on for several decades. Well, if the hotheads of the military eventually cool down and everything will end in what has […]

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    Syria latest war results for the March 7

    The ISIS1 terrorists attempted to penetrate the SDF position, announcing their surrender. The Kurds resumed raids for the purpose of forced mobilization in Deir ez-Zor. Civil strife in the ranks of the militants broke out on the border between Hama and Idlib, according to a military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, […]

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    Assad soldiers captured Americans

    As a result of the Syrian war, many lives were killed. Hundreds of thousands of victims, millions of refugees. This also affected foreigners who, by the will of the powerful, were involved in this meat grinder. For example, many Russian citizens have disappeared in Syria, and no one even knows where the remains of many […]

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    Syria latest war news for the February 24

    As a result of the explosion in the canton of Afrin, the SFA (opposing government forces) lost two of its militants to the wounded. Islamists continue to provoke clashes with the SAA in North Hama. Turkey sent building materials to Idlib to strengthen observation posts, a military source from the Federal News Agency (FAN) in […]

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    Elections in circus during fire

    Ukraine is experiencing the most unpredictable presidential election campaign in the history of the country with a record number of candidates — 44, you read it right, 44. And the main beneficiary of large-scale apathy may well become a comedian.   Ukrainian democracy has many flaws in many important aspects, but on the issue of […]