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    A hunt for Russian tankers

    The Americans have already cut off Iran from supplying the warring Syrian army with fuel. RF – in line. Last Wednesday, five Iranian boats belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps tried to seize British oil tankers British Heritage in the Persian Gulf. According to CNN, when a British tanker was leaving the Persian Gulf […]

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    Is Iranian “Hordad-15 ″ really a competitor of the S-400?

    Tehran praises its complex, but the most important objects are protected by S-300 SAM. In Iran, in June, events developed rapidly. The United States accused Tehran of sabotage on Saudi oil tankers. Trump announced in social networks that he would erase the Islamic Republic from the face of the earth. The Islamic Republic urgently adopted […]

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    Israel rubs his hands

    Recently it became known that during the recent attack on the Syrian province of Hama, the Israeli Air Force used the latest missiles of its own production «Rampage». The attack itself took place on April 13th. On that day, the IDF planes, being in Lebanese airspace, attacked the outskirts of the city of Masyaf. There […]

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    “Zircon” is getting closer: “Admiral Gorshkov” scares everyone in its path

    Initially, the long-distance sea cruise of the newest Russian frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”, for which he was the first, from Murmansk across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea (the further route is unknown), attracted close attention. First of all, from the side of NATO, whose ships and airplanes tried to control the ship group (it also […]

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    Five years before Chernobyl-2

    According to Energy Research & Social Science, the probability of a disaster at Ukrainian NPPs is 80%. On an official site of the president of Ukraine the report on Poroshenko’s visit to the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk of the Nikolaev area was published. This is the so-called “satellite” local city serving the South Ukrainian Energy Complex, […]

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    “Hawks” of the Pentagon sharpen their beaks against the Kremlin computers

    American President Donald Trump has committed a new unfriendly act against Russia. He approved a new “Cyber ​​Security Strategy”, which runs counter to the ideas laid down in the time of his predecessor – Barack Obama. According to this document, the US Department of Homeland Security will receive the widest range of powers to ensure […]

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    New sanctions against Iran

    Rouhani’s statement that Iran and Russia are behind Russia is a powerful blow to America and its allies. “Arab NATO” can become the main loser. The world is on the verge of chaos, and secret negotiations are not ruled out. On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced the launch of the first stage of the […]

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    Drones strike Donbass

    The Ukrainian military uses anti-aircraft missile systems Strela-10 to eliminate unmanned vehicles of the OSCE mission. This is today, with reference to the reconnaissance, the head of the press service of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Denmark, Daniel Bessonov. “The Ukrainian command continues to carry out measures to counteract the work […]

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    George Soros Declared To Be Priority Goal By Anonymous

    The hacker group Anonymous has stepped up its efforts in the fight against websites allegedly owned by G.Soros or actively cooperating with him. It is supposed that the Hungarian Anonymous unit, known under the name of Anonymous-Antisoros, and supported from the surroundings of the Hungarian PM Mr. Orban, published on its website a statement […]

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    Chinese hackers stole secret US Navy data

    As a result of cyberattacks on the computers of the contractor Navy, stolen, among other things, plans to develop a supersonic missile for submarines, writes The Washington Post. The Chinese hackers controlled by the authorities kidnapped a large amount of highly secret information about the US preparations for combat operations under water, the newspaper The […]

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    The state of Washington sued Facebook and Google

    The state prosecutor believes that the companies violated the law on the financing of the election campaign in 2016. Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit to finance the election campaign in the King County High Court, saying that Facebook and Google did not provide the public with information about who was the buyer of […]

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    Malware VPNFilter already infected at least half a million routers

    Specialists of Cisco Talos warned about the discovery of a large botnet, called VPNFilter. Complex malware already infected at least half a million Linksys, MikroTik, NETGEAR and TP-link routers, as well as NAS of QNAP production in 54 countries of the world. Researchers emphasize that VPNFilter is the second known IoT-threat, capable of “surviving” a […]