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Syria, June 14.

Syrian air forces are attacking militant positions in the south of Idlib. Two Kurds were detained by the Syrians while attempting to rob shops in the east of Deir ez-Zor. ISIS1 announced its involvement in the four bombings in Raqqa, according to a military source from the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzuk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Briefly on the outcome of the confrontation:

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: attack militants in the southern part of Idlib.


“Islamic State”1: recognized its responsibility for the installation of four IEDs in the city of Raqqa.


Tahrir Ash-Sham: subjected to air strikes by Syrian air forces in the south of Idlib.


Kurds: Suspected of bombing plant in Al-Bab city of Aleppo; faced resistance from residents trying to rob stores in Deir ez-Zor.


International Coalition: resumed combat missions in East Deir ez-Zor; used helicopters to search for underground ISIS groups in Raqqa.


Aleppo Province:

There was an explosion at a homemade oil refinery in the city of Al-Bab in the northern part of Aleppo. A military source on Twitter (smmsyria) published a video recording of clouds of smoke rising above the building of the object. Recall, these territories are in the occupation of pro-Turkish gangs, which is why many armed opposition activists suspect that the so-called Afrin Liberation Forces, whose members carry out clandestine activities in the zones of control of the Syrian Free Army (SSA) and associated its gangs as part of Operation «Olive Wrath».


Province of Deir ez-Zor:

It became known that the military planes of the international coalition resumed combat missions in East Deir ez-Zor. According to the Twitter-channel (DeirEzzor24), the aircraft of the Western alliance was spotted near the town of Shhil, north of Meyadin. The purpose for which the flights were made is still unknown. It is assumed that the coalition air forces intended to identify the “dormant cells” of the “Islamic State” operating in the areas controlled by the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) areas underground.


Meanwhile, the news agency Orient-News reports that two Kurdish fighters attempted to confiscate goods from stores in the village of Jarwan in the east of the province. However, the Kurds faced resistance from the civilians who arrested them. It is noted that the members of the SDF demanded the release of the detainees from the population, to which the residents refused. Moreover, the Syrians resorted to rallies and demonstrations, during which they condemned the arbitrariness of the “democratic forces” and the problems with security.


Idlib Province.

The Syrian air force continues to attack the military facilities of the Islamist armed opposition in the southern part of Idlib. According to a military source (IdlibPlus) on his Twitter page, the Syrian air force airstrikes hit the fortified Islamists at the approaches to the Kafr Nebel and Kafr Sajna settlements. Meanwhile, government units are firing at the locations of jihadists near the settlements of Arinab, Al-Abidin and Hish, according to the information portal Halab Today TV. Information about the damage caused to the Islamists is being clarified. Recall, on Wednesday on the line of separation of forces between the Syrian Arab Army (CAA) and the militants of the armed opposition, a temporary cease-fire came into force, the effect of which, however, does not apply to members of the terrorist coalition Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham, formed around Jabhat An -Nusra “1.


Raqqa Province.

The media portal Al-Amak, which is controlled by the Islamic State, claims that the terrorists have organized four explosions in the administrative center of the region. As noted, the first IED detonated in the Al-Firdousi quarter. Then the car of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF), in which there were six Kurdish fighters, hit a mine near Al-Rashid Park. A third explosion occurred in the same area, killing ten local residents. The fourth bomb was laid in the Kurdish car and activated near the Al-Murur garden, which resulted in the death of four members of the SDF. Thus, the jihadists of the terrorist group continue to make raids on the territories occupied by the Kurdish radicals, which are also accompanied by civilian casualties. Despite this, the Kurds are not taking any active measures to suppress the activities of the militants.


After the explosions, helicopters of the United States-led international coalition, carried flights over Raqqa to find terrorist shelters. Nothing is yet known on the results of the activities at the moment.


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