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The suicide bomber at the SDF headquarters in Deir ez-Zor killed and injured 10 people as a result of an explosion, the SAA fights with the radicals in Hama. In Idlib, Syrian air forces were struck by the dispositions of radicals. This is reported by a military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Briefly about the outcome of the confrontation:

The Syrian air force: delivered pinpoint strikes on the dispositions of the radicals in the south of Idlib.


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: repulsed the attack of the radicals in the north-west of Hama and in the south of Aleppo.


Islamic State1: with the help of a suicide bomber, attacked the SDF headquarters in Deir ez-Zor and claimed responsibility for two other incidents in the province.


“Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham”: they fire at the location of the SAA in Hama with anti-tank missiles.


Kurds: lost about ten people as a result of the terrorist attack in Deir ez-Zor


“Fatah al-Mubin”: announced the destruction of the Syrian army’s infantry fighting vehicles in the north-west of Hama.


Aleppo Province.

In the province, fighting continues between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and pro-Turkish militants. According to a Twitter news source Aleppo AMC, a squad of the Syrian army joined the battle with a group of radicals near the village of Harish. The militant attack was repelled. According to the militants, during the shootout, they eliminated five government servicemen.


According to the SANA news agency, SAA’s engineering units are demining in the eastern parts of the capital, Aleppo. Work on the collection and elimination of mine-traps and ammunition left after the hostilities of the radicals will continue until 14.00. After the ammunition collected by sappers will be undermined at the test site outside the city limits.


Province of Deir ez-Zor.

The bodies of two Iranian militants of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards militia were found south of Deir ez-Zor airport, according to the Step News Agency news portal. Most likely, the Iranians were attacked by the “sleeping state” of the “Islamic state” – part of the radicals are currently hiding in the desert in the province, attacking Kurdish roadblocks and convoys of the Syrian army.


An armed militant group attacked the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in At-Tayana. Islamist Islamists immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, according to a Twitter source Sim Nasr. The attack was carried out by a suicide bomber who was driving a car bomb. According to the Euphrates Post source, ten Kurdish fighters were killed or injured as a result of the attack, and a fire broke out at headquarters. The terrorists also declared their involvement in organizing an attack on the employees of the Kurdish internal security forces “Asayish” in the village of Hatay and undermining an improvised explosive device near a Christian church in the city of Kamyshly, in which 16 people were injured and two died on the spot.


Idlib Province.

Syrian air forces continue their work in the south of the province. In the morning, with the plane, radicals shelters were fired in the vicinity of the city of Khan-Sheikhun and near the village of Al-Foy, according to the Twitter channel Halab Today TV. The second flight of the Syrian Air Force was undertaken in the area of ​​the village of Kafr Ruma and the village of Hish, where the jihadist strongholds are located. Military aircraft inflicted pinpoint strikes on the radicals’ shelters, according to Step News Agency. Data on the losses of militants in the military and military equipment is still being specified.


Province of Hama.

Militants operating headquarters of “Fatah al-Mubin” announced the attack on the SAA detachment near the village of Kafr Yahud. According to a statement by the radicals that the Baladi News news portal reported, they managed to injure and kill several Syrian army soldiers during the clash.


Militants of “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham” also announced the destruction of the SAA infantry armored vehicles with a volley from an anti-tank installation near the recently liberated village of Al-Hamamiyat and Al-Jubayn in the north-west of the province, according to the Twitter channel Step News Agency. Official media have not yet confirmed the loss of the Syrian army on the north-western front.

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