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At the At-Tanf US base, joint exercises of coalition forces and militants took place. A network of underground tunnels was found under Khan Sheikhun in Idlib. Syrian guerrillas attacked a group of Kurdish radicals in Hasakah, Ahmad Marzouq, a military source with the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, said.


Briefly about the results of the confrontation:

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Allied Forces: discovered a network of underground militant tunnels near Khan Sheikhun in Idlib; attacked the positions of the Islamists in South Idlib.


Kurds: lost two radicals as a result of an attack by members of the partisan movement near the city of Tel Khamis northeast of Hasaki; obliged teachers in Raqqa to do military service.


International coalition: held joint exercises with militants of the armed opposition at the At-Tanf base in Homs.

Islamic State 1: suspected of organizing an explosion in the province of Kirkuk in Iraq.


Homs Province.

The Masar Press Agency information portal reports that joint exercises of the Western coalition military and anti-government militants that are hiding here took place at the At-Tanf US military base, which is located in the southern part of Homs near the border with Jordan. More details are being clarified. Recall, before, there were also reports that Islamists were training at military facilities of the international alliance. In addition, they actually control the Rukban refugee camp, which faces a severe humanitarian crisis. Military experts believe that by supporting jihadists, Washington seeks to destabilize the situation in Syria.



Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) obliged school teachers to do military service in the ranks of the group. According to the Twitter channel (MasarPressNet), Kurdish radicals are threatening to arrest those who refuse to come to the forced call station. Recall that a few hours ago it was reported that at least 50 civilians were detained in the city of Al-Mansoura as part of forced recruitment. As you know, illegal arrests of civilians often lead to massive anti-Kurdish protests. Nonetheless, pro-American forces generally prefer to ignore growing discontent among the population and disperse protesters with weapons.


Idlib Province.

The Masar Press Agency news portal reports ongoing armed clashes between government units and militant Islamist gangs on the borders of Greater Idlib. Parts of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), based in the area of ​​Al-Khubayt, are firing at jihadist areas in the vicinity of the Umm al-Seir settlement. Information about the damage done to the radicals is still being clarified. As you know, forced fire from the SAR forces was triggered by attacks by Islamists in the northwestern regions of the neighboring province of Hama.


Meanwhile, SAA troops continue to inspect previously liberated Idlib territories. According to Abdel Kerim Meykhun, brigadier of the army of the SAR, during the cleansing of the city of Khan Sheikhun, a network of jihadists tunnels was discovered, with a total area of ​​about 10 thousand square meters, in which their military base, medical center and barracks were located. Currently, mine clearance work is underway in the underpasses.


Hasakah Province

A military source on Twitter (Monika_Mnemonik) reports that another attack on a group of Kurdish fighters occurred northeast of the provincial administrative center. They were attacked near the city of Tel Khamis, as a result of the unfolding clashes, two militants of the “democratic army” were killed. It is noted that the armed attack was carried out by the forces of the formation of the “People’s Resistance of the Eastern Region”, whose members oppose the occupation of the Kurds and the United States supporting them and conduct partisan activities in Syrian Kurdistan.



Information about the bombing in the province of Kirkuk was received. According to Iraqi News, the IED detonated along the lines of a police patrol on the outskirts of Ar Rashad detonated. As a result of the incident, two Iraqi law enforcement officers were killed. It is assumed that members of clandestine Islamic State groups are involved in the bombing, however, media portals controlled by the terrorist group have not yet announced the involvement of terrorists in the incident. Recall, the former Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi made a statement on the complete liberation of the country from ISIS1 at the end of 2017, but the ISIS continued to exist in Iraq in the form of the so-called “sleeping cells”.

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