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The Turks and the militants supported by them demolished two-thirds of the 400-year-old cemetery and the 17th-century temple in Afrin. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation denied the militants’ data on the flights of the Russian Air Force in Idlib. Kurds have introduced a new tax for farmers and merchants, according to a military source from the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad Marzouq.


Briefly about the results of the confrontation:

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: conducted a special operation to destroy the “sleeping cells” of ISIS1 in the west of Deir ez-Zor; lost one of the militias as a result of an attack by an unknown militant in Daraa; attack the positions of Islamists in the south of Idlib.


Kurds: introduced a new tax for farmers and traders in the occupied territory.

Turkish Armed Forces: demolished most of the 400-year-old cemetery and 17th-century temple in Afrin.


Aleppo Province.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the introduction of a new tax in the occupied territory. A military source on Twitter (MathabAldeen) reports that it will be charged to traders and farmers. The Kurds claim that the proceeds from taxpayers will be used to liberate Afrin. We will remind, earlier data on requisitions in the areas occupied by SDF were repeatedly received. Not so long ago it became known that refugees from Afrin were forced to rent housing in the northeast of Aleppo at an overpriced price.


Meanwhile, the Syrians for Truth and Justice news agency published satellite images showing how Turkish soldiers and the militants supported by them demolished two-thirds of the 400-year-old Al Focania cemetery located near the Sinnara settlement. According to a local field researcher, there were graves of residents of the villages of Sinnara and Ankala, as well as the temple of Ali Dada, dating from 1636. In their place, the next military base of the Turkish Armed Forces is now being built.


Deir ez-Zor Province.

The news agency Military observer reports that the National Defense Forces pro-Assad militia units (NDF) have begun surveying the Syrian Desert in the western province of Deir ez-Zor. A special operation aimed at identifying and eliminating the “sleeping cells” of the “Islamic State” 1 took place in the Fayda area near the border with the Homs province. A group of militants engaged in clandestine terrorist activities was identified by using aviation southeast of the Deir ez-Zor-As-Sukhna highway. The result of the searches was the destruction of terrorists and their shelters, as well as the confiscation of weapons and ammunition. However, several radicals managed to escape to the east of the region. Recall that the activity of ISIS1 in the west of the province is connected with the close proximity of the US-occupied territory – the so-called security zone, where terrorists can hide from the persecution of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).


Daraa Province.

A new attack by unknown Islamists occurred in Daraa. The information portal Orient-News reports that one of the members of the pro-government militia named Ali Suleiman was shot dead by an unknown sniper. The body of the murdered was transferred to his immediate family. Nothing is known about the scene. Recently, outings of the radicals of the armed opposition have intensified in the province, which are supposed to coordinate with the forces of the Western Alliance, led by the United States, based in the At-Tanfa area. Recall that the territories of Dara and neighboring El Cuneitra were completely cleared during the military operation “Basalt”, which lasted from June to July 2018.


Idlib Province.

The Twitter channel (Step_Agency) reports that parts of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed near the liberated city of Al-Houbait continue to shell artillery positions of jihadists in the area of ​​the village of Khazarin. Opposition Internet portal Masar Press Agency, meanwhile, announces combat sorties allegedly undertaken by the Russian Air Force near the city of Sheikh Mustafa. The Russian Ministry of Defense denied these reports, noting that since the ceasefire came into force on August 31, the Russian aviation has not carried out any combat missions at the borders of Big Idlib.


Hasakah Province.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Center for Human Rights Monitoring (SOHR) reports that local authorities in Hasakah transferred four children left orphaned after the deaths of their parents, Islamic State terrorists, to representatives of the Russian government. Three of them are Chechens by nationality, another one is Dagestan. It is noted that before they were kept in one of the Kurdish refugee camps in the southeast of the province.

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