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The Turkish Ministry of Defense reported the destruction of nearly 350 Kurdish radicals. A spokeswoman for the Women’s Self-Defense Forces (YPJ) said they lost confidence in the United States. Turkish Armed Forces drove Kurds out of 20 villages in the north of the SAR, said a military source from the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad Marzouq.


Briefly about the results of the confrontation:

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Allied Forces: carried out combat sorties in southern Idlib.


The Syrian National Army: claimed the capture of a Kurdish checkpoint near the city of Ras Al Ain in Hasak; lost nine Islamists as a result of an SDF ambush in northern ATS.


Kurds: fired at territories under the control of pro-Turkish militants in Afrin; found themselves under Islamic fire west of Manbij; force residents of the province of Deir ez-Zor to rally against Turkish operations; admitted the loss of 22 fighters; faced with attempts to flee members of the ISIS1 families from Al-Khol.


International Coalition: Patrolled the territories on the east bank of the Euphrates in Deir ez-Zor.


Tahrir Al-Sham: Lost one of its high-ranking leaders in an explosion in the city of Salkin in Idlib.


Turkish Armed Forces: lost five soldiers in battles with the Kurds in the north of the SAR; conducted combat sorties on the Syrian-Turkish border; captured 20 settlements in the border regions of Syria; announced the neutralization of 342 Kurdish fighters during Operation Source of Peace.


Aleppo Province.

Last day, armed clashes broke out again in the northern part of Aleppo between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and pro-Turkish militants. As a military source on Twitter (RadioAlKul) reported on his page, the Kurds fired on Afrin, and also fired on the cities of Azaz and Marea, which injured at least three local residents. The Twitter channel (dersi4m) reported that the Islamists of the illegal gangs, in turn, attacked Kurdish radicals near the villages of Sikerie, Ulaşli, Köble-Hemra, Til Torin and Bozaks in the west of Manbij.

There were reports of sudden shooting in the settlement of Shevarg in the canton of Afrin. This was stated by a military source on Twitter (alEtihad_Press), without specifying the details of what happened.


Deir ez-Zor Province.

On the eve, the situation on the line of contact between the government forces and the “democratic forces” again worsened. According to the Twitter channel (DeirEzzor24), the combined Kurdish patrols and coalitions monitored the situation near the village of As-Salkhiya, which is controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). At the same time, data were received about air strikes by the US-led coalition near the Al-Husseiniya settlement, which is also located in the area. However, this information has not received official confirmation.


There was evidence that the Kurds were forcing influential East Deir ez-Zor residents to rally against the Turkish invasion. According to a military source on Twitter (EuphratesPost), they were required to come to the rally in traditional Arabic clothes and bring five people with them.


Deraa Province

Opposition media published reports of an explosion on the Ankhil-Jasim highway, which allegedly thundered when Russian military police were following and injured several people. Official news portals have not yet confirmed this information.


Meanwhile, it became known about the return to Syria of more than a thousand civilians who were in refugee camps in neighboring countries during the occupation of their native settlements by Islamists. 418 of them came from the Lebanese Republic, another 651 Syrians entered from Jordan.


Idlib Province.

In southern Idlib, the day before, combat sorties of Syrian aviation were again recorded. According to a military source on Twitter (JettGoldsmith), the SAR Air Force operated in the locations of the radical gangs associated with the Jebhat An-Nusra 1.


It was reported that a car bomb exploded in the village of Salkin, located in the north-west of the region near the border with Turkey. The owner of the vehicle was one of the senior members of the Tahrir Al-Sham Alliance, and he was inside at the time of the explosion. It is still unknown which of the anti-government groups is responsible for organizing the attack.


Raqqa Province.

Turkish troops continued to advance in the north of the SAR as part of an operation called the Source of Peace. A military source on Twitter (op_shield) reported that the Turkish Armed Forces came under the control of the settlements of Ad-Dimu and Tell-Duban near Tel Abyad.


According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, five soldiers of the army of the Republic were killed under the fire of Kurdish radicals.


During the day, the Turkish Air Force launched air strikes at military facilities of the People’s Self-Defense Forces (YPG) and other Kurdish gangs near the village of Hammam Turkman. Artillery of the Turkish army also fired at enemy fortified areas.


Meanwhile, the representative of the Women’s Self-Defense Forces (YPJ) Nesrin Abdullah said that the Kurds intend to seek help from the Syrian authorities, as the US has lost their confidence. As you know, US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of US units from the border areas after Turkey’s declaration of readiness for the offensive.


In the afternoon, the Turkish Air Force attacked the position of the “democratic army” in the area of the city of Suluk. Later it also became known about the capture by Turks of 20 villages located near the border in Raqqa and Hasakah.


Hasakah Province.

In the northern part of the region, fierce battles unfolded between the SDF and the Turkish forces throughout the day. As a military source (SonKaleTurkiye2) broadcast on his Twitter page, the Turks pulled a ring around the city of Ras Al Ain. The Kurds, in turn, organized an ambush, destroying nine pro-Turkish Islamists, and stated that information about the rapid advance of the Turkish armed forces was exaggerated. Skirmishes were recorded near the cities of Derik and Kamyshly. During the shelling of the latter, the building of the Christian church was partially destroyed.


The Syrians continued to leave the war zone. About a hundred thousand local residents were forced to flee. As noted, many of them moved to Iraq.

The information portal Anadolu Agency published the data of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, according to which during the operation, that is, for the last three days, 342 Kurdish radicals were eliminated. Media controlled by the Kurds, in turn, confirmed the loss of only 22 fighters.


There was evidence of increasing tension in the Al-Khol camp. According to the SDF operations headquarters, Islamic State terrorist family members attempt to flee due to the redeployment of Kurdish units to the north of the region.

By evening, an explosion occurred in the city of Kamyshly. The Twitter channel (RojavaIC) reported that three cars were blown up, resulting in one death. The responsibility for the installation of IEDs was assumed by ISIS terrorists.

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