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the latest news from the war

Briefly about the outcome of the confrontation

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: destroyed the field commander “Jash Khalid ibn Al-Walid” in the southwest Dar’a; They found Israeli food and American weapons in the Dargha areas liberated from IS1.

“Tahrir Al-Sham”: it was attacked by SAR forces near settlements Zayzun and Sahl-Gab in the southern part of Idlib; continues to transfer the SAA weapons and equipment in the province of El Quneitra.

Iraqi aircraft: suffered losses as a result of a bomb explosion in the city of Hit in the northeast of the Iraqi province of Al Anbar.

Latakia Province.

The information agency Damascus Now reports that the inhabitants of Latakia took to the streets of the city to express their support to government forces conducting a large-scale offensive in the south-western part of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR). The photos published by the Internet portal show civilians holding Syrian flags and posters bearing the portrait of President Bashar Assad. Recall, soon after the completion of the operation in Dar’aa, the forces of the SAR will begin to sweep the territories on the border between Latakia and Idlib. Previously, information was received that additional parts of the SAA and allied militia groups of the militia had already been relocated to the region. The Twitter channel (SyriaWar2) reports that in the north of the region there are periodic shootings.

Province of Dar’aa.

Government units continue to develop an offensive against the position of the terrorist group “Jash Khalid ibn Al-Walid” in the south-west of the province. As the military source (todayinsyria) reports in the Telegram network, during the last armed clashes, the army servicemen of the SAR managed to destroy the so-called emir of the “Islamic state” 1, nicknamed Abu Walid Al-Masri. It is noted that the gunman for a long time commanded the detachments of the IS in the vicinity of the settlement of Al-Shajar.

Meanwhile, foodstuffs from Israel, American ATGMs, as well as a helmet belonging to members of the pseudo-humanitarian organization “White Helmets” were found in the territories recently cleared from the ISIS, the same source said. Thus, the Syrian Arab Army (AAA) on another found evidence of the connection of the Western powers with the terrorist organization.

Local residents are gradually returning to the areas of the province cleaned from IEDs and bombs. According to the Twitter-channel (SyriawatanNews), the refugees continued to arrive in the settlements of Hayt, Sahm Al-Jaoulyan and Gillin.

Province of Idlib.

In the area of ​​the border between the provinces of Idlib and Hama, armed clashes are again taking place between government forces and militants of illegal armed groups. As the military source (QalaatAlMudiq) reports on its page on Twitter, the artillery of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) fires on the fortified areas of the Islamists of the alliance “Hayat Tahrir Ash Sham”, headed by “Djebhat An-Nusra” 1, near settlements Zayzun and Sahl-Gab. Detailed information on the damage caused to jihadists is being clarified at the moment. Recall, the clashes on the line of demarcation of forces of the opponents were provoked by militants in the morning.

Province of El Quneitra

Islamists continue to surrender their weapons and military equipment to soldiers of the army of the UAR. According to the news portal Al Masdar News, militants from the settlements of Barik and Beir-Ajam handed over to the Syrian troops two self-propelled howitzer “Gvozdika”, an armored personnel carrier, two military pick-up trucks, and a large number of ammunition.

Meanwhile, a military source on the Facebook network (dimashq.now) reports that the flags of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) were raised over the settlements of Al-Hashaniya and Kasiba, which included government units. Let’s remind that radicals of Islamist groups committed to leave the territory of the region, having handed over all their weapons to the SAA, within the framework of the agreement reached between the government of the RAA and the armed opposition forces, mediated by the staff of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties.


In the city of Hit in the northern part of the province of Al Anbar, a powerful explosion occurred. According to the news agency Iraqi News, as a result of detonation of a bomb, one of the engineers sapper units of the Iraqi armed forces was killed, another at least three were injured. It is noted that the military tried to neutralize the explosive device. According to preliminary data, IED was installed by terrorists of the “Islamic state” even during the occupation of the settlement. The scene of the incident was cordoned off. Later sappers destroyed two more bombs. Recall, the province’s territory went under the control of the government army of Iraq at the end of last year.

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