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To the north of Idlib, a child was killed by fire of Djabhat al-Nusra militants. The field commanders of the SDF, who built the defense of the Kurdish groups in the north of Hasakah, go over to the side of Turkey. The CAA caused damage to the IS1 terrorists in the southeast of Deir ez-Zor, according to a military source from the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouk.


Briefly on the outcome of the confrontation:

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: inflicted damage on ISIS1 terrorists in the southeast of Deir ez-Zor province.

“Dzhebhat Fath ash-Sham” 1 (“Dzhebhat an-Nusra”): increases military power in the north-east of Latakia; accused pro-Turkish militants of an explosion near Serakib, because of which several members of Tahrir ash-Sham were killed and injured; killed the child north of Idlib.

The Kurds: lost about 20 radicals wounded and killed as a result of the activation of IEDs Arabs militia in Raqqa; lost several field commanders in Hasakah, who had gone over to the side of Turkey; destroyed and wounded a number of Allied Ankara Islamists north of Aleppo; faced with increased protests from residents in many cities in the north of the SAR.


Province of Latakia.

In the mountainous areas in the north-east of Latakia province, the activity of radical Islamist groups was recorded, continuing to build up their military power in this direction, despite the operation of the armistice regime. According to the information of the Lattakia News Network’s Facebook channel, the transfer of combat vehicles and the movement of terrorists “Dzhebhat Fath ash-Sham” and the “Islamic Party of Turkestan” (both organizations banned in the Russian Federation) were observed in the vicinity of the town of Kaban, as well as in the outskirts of the nearby settlement of Sirmania in the territory of the neighboring province of Hama.


Aleppo Province.

North of Aleppo, Kurdish Popular Self-Defense Forces (YPG) continue their sabotage activities as part of Operation Olive Anger. Thus, according to the Hawar news portal related to Kurds, YPG radicals stationed in the Ain Dhakna settlement attacked a stronghold of pro-Turkish Islamist gangs on the outskirts of the neighboring Maraanaz settlement. During the clashes, several militants controlled by Ankara were killed and wounded. More accurate information about the scale of the damage caused by the Kurds is being investigated.


Province of Deir ez-Zor.

The Islamic State 1, entrenched in the city of Al-Shaaf in the southeastern part of the province of Deir ez-Zor, re-opened fire on the opposite – west bank of the Euphrates River occupied by units of the Syrian Arab Army (CAA). The strikes were mainly from mortars, however, as a military source reports on Twitter (@ C_Military1), there were no losses in the ranks of government forces. A little later, the SAR troops began to respond in response to the jihadist objects on the east coast. It is reported that ISIS troops suffered significant losses, details are still being clarified.


Idlib Province.

The leaders of Dzhebhat al-Nusrah accused the pro-Turkish detachments of Dzhebhat Al-Watania lil Tahrir of carrying out an explosion near the village of Afis, located on the northern outskirts of Serakiba, east of Idlib. According to the Twitter channel (@QalaatAlMudiq), several jihadists of Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham were injured and injured because of the pledged ground in the IED area. In this connection, local activists are awaiting a new activation of the battles of Nusra and the pro-Turkish Islamists in the region.


The Tahrir ash-Sham terrorists opened fire on a bus with civilians after the driver refused to stop at the militants’ checkpoint on the outskirts of Maaret Misrin, north of the provincial capital, Zaman reports. As a result, a child was killed. This information about civilian casualties, however, can be inconclusive.


Raqqa Province.

Local Arab groups opposing the Kurdish occupation in northeastern Syria undermined the IEDs near the Democratic Forces checkpoint in Rakka, which caused about 20 SDF radicals to die and wounded on Twitter (@Raqqa_SL). Meanwhile, the Kurds continue to arrest people of Arab descent allegedly involved in the attacks on their positions. According to the information resource in the microblogging network, several people were detained in the administrative center, as well as in the city of Ras Al Ain in the north of neighboring Hasaki.


Province of Hasakah.

The ringleaders of the Kurdish gangs, fearing the start of the Turks ’attack, focused on strengthening their positions on the outskirts of the captured border cities in northern Syria, including Ras Al Ain, the Anadolu news agency reported. At the same time, an increase in cases of desertion from Democratic Forces is recorded in this area. Several field commanders of the SDF, who participated in strengthening the defense on the outskirts of the city north of Hasaki and who also have other strategically significant information about the plans of the Kurdish radicals, have already moved to the Turkish side.

Portal Al Watan announces a new wave of anti-Kurd protests of the population of Northeastern Syria, timed to the beginning of the withdrawal of American troops from the SAR. The largest demonstrations were held in Hasak, Kamyshly, as well as in Raqqa and At-Tabq, located in the neighboring province.


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