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Syria and Afghanistan – the points of US forces

will the Americans leave the region, as Trump promised

The American newspaper The Wall Street Journal reports that direct talks were held between the representative of the United States administration and the leaders of the Taliban group 1 in the capital of Qatar (activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation). Some experts believe that one of the key topics of the meeting was the possible withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. More details about this are in the article of the Federal News Agency (FAN).

Earlier, US President Donald Trump repeatedly stated his intention to curtail the military presence of the United States in Afghanistan and Syria, but Washington did not make any significant steps in this direction.

Meanwhile, during the meeting in Doha, Alice Wells, the first deputy assistant secretary of state for Central and South Asia, discussed with the Taliban not only the possibility of resolving the military conflict in Afghanistan, as Western media assure, but also the conditions for the withdrawal of American military personnel from the country.

Talks about the possible end of the United States campaign in Syria, too, have recently been heard quite often. Nevertheless, Washington continues to simultaneously expand its military infrastructure in the Arab Republic. Now, however, due to the gradual building of a dialogue between Damascus and US-controlled Kurdish forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), there are significant grounds for the actual withdrawal of Americans from the UAR.

But, of course, everything is not so simple, an independent journalist and political scientist Alexander Asafov stressed in the comments to the FAN. He believes that if the American leader could make such decisions independently, then these plans for the withdrawal of US forces, most likely, would indeed have been realized. However, this is not so. In fact, there is a serious split within the United States, which, in particular, explains the frequent discrepancies in Washington’s words and actions.

“Trump would like to act according to his statements, but in fact he does not have full authority to take such decisions. As much as he did not feel, he had to take into account the interests of various groups within both the political and military establishment of the United States. Therefore, the strategic direction, which he identified in the campaign, may still be, but at the same time, “switch the switch” and thus withdraw all of its military from the Middle East, Trump can not. There are still interests of the Pentagon, representatives of the military industry, and numerous intelligence communities, “the expert said.

Thus, in his opinion, it is not worth waiting for the collapse of US operations in Syria and Afghanistan in the near future. Now the American president does not find support for representatives of many structures in the States, and besides, Trump himself is currently more concerned with other problems.

“He would like to finally leave the Middle East, since in addition to political preferences from the point of view of control over various regions of the globe, it also incurs significant costs. However, I do not think that now the American president is capable of this. He is distracted, in particular, by the internal conflict, and is preparing in parallel for the election of his supporters to Congress in the fall. Also, Trump has already begun preparations for his presidential campaign in 2020, “the political scientist added.

In addition to the fact that the States are not able to agree with other participants in the Syrian conflict, the Americans can not agree among themselves. The withdrawal of troops from the SAR and Afghanistan would be a very serious decision that would radically change the situation in international politics, but for this too much must coincide.

“Realization of these plans in the near future is unlikely, since too many elements must simultaneously form a single picture within the US establishment alone. That is, we are not even talking about discussing this issue with regional allies, primarily with Israel. Therefore, so far, through the negotiations with the Taliban or with someone else, the withdrawal of American forces from the Near and Middle East is hardly possible, “summed up Alexander Asafov.

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