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Syria, latest news of July 20

Russia airospace forces attacked the ISIS in Dar’a, all residents of Al Fua and Kefray left Idlib.

The last batch of people left Al Fua and Kefray in the province of Idlib. The terrorist of IS1 originally from the United States was captured by the Kurds in Deir ez-Zor. Russia inflicted point strikes on the positions of “Jash Khalid ibn Al-Walid” in Dar’a.

Briefly about the outcome of the confrontation.

Russia caused air strikes on the positions of “Jash Khalid ibn Al-Walid” in the south-west of Dar’a.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: they took the last batch of Al-Fua and Cefray from Idlib to Aleppo.

“Syrian Free Army” (SSA): gave up weapons to SAA soldiers in Dar’a.

“Islamic State” 1: lost the outskirts of the city of Hajin in the southeast of Deir ez Zor.

“Tahrir Al-Sham”: is preparing for evacuation from the province of El-Quneitra to the north of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Kurds: captured an IS terrorist born in the United States in Deir ez-Zor; shot dead civilian in the province of Rakka.

News agency Al Masdar News reports that the last batch of civilians and protesters, who for a long time were under siege in the cities of Al-Fua and Kefray, left the province of Idlib and headed to the south of Aleppo that night. Buses with refugees reached the Al-Eis pass, located at the line of contact of the forces of the parties, after experiencing several searches by Islamists. Recall that together with the inhabitants of Al Fua and Kefray in Aleppo, 33 Syrians were kidnapped in 2015 during the massacre in the village of Ishtabrak, as a result of a raid on which at least 35 civilians were killed. Recall, a peace agreement between the authorities of the RAA and the radicals of the armed opposition was reached at the beginning of the week. In exchange for the evacuation of residents of Shiite cities and captives from Ishtabraq, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) pledged to release 1,500 militants imprisoned. According to a military source in the social network Twitter (Souria4Syrians), the population of Aleppo celebrates the liberation of residents of Idlib.

Deir ez-Zor Province.

Twitter-channel (VivaRevolt) declares that the Democratic forces of Syria (SDF) entered the city of Hadjin, taking several positions on its outskirts. In addition, the Kurds claim that they repulsed the building of the hospital from the terrorists of ISIS1. Recall that the militants of the “Islamic state” occupied these territories after part of the Kurdish forces were transferred to the north-west of Aleppo to oppose the pro-Turkish radicals. Due to the fact that the “democratic forces” did not consider it necessary to conduct a final cleaning of the territories from the remnants of the detachments of the IS fighters, the jihadists soon seized positions again.

Meanwhile, during the clashes, the Kurds were captured by a 28-year-old US citizen who was one of the ISIS terrorists. This is reported by the US news agency New York Times. It is known that a militant from Michigan was taken to the SDF prison. Later, the jihadist will be sent to the United States, where he is expected to be held accountable.

Province of Dar’aa.

The information portal Al Masdar News reports that Russian military aircraft have resumed combat missions in the south-western part of the province of Dar’a. According to military sources AMN, the fortifications of the militants of the terrorist group “Jash Khalid ibn Al-Walid”, who swore allegiance to the “Islamic state”, were under attack. About 20 point air strikes occurred in the fortifications of jihadists in the vicinity of Jallin, Tasil and Advan settlements. At the same time, government forces fired several missile shells at the strong points of the IG radicals in the Yarmuk River basin. According to preliminary data, the cleaning of the enclave of terrorists will begin in the near future.

In the meantime, Islamists of illegal armed formations continue to surrender their weapons in accordance with the terms of the peace agreement with the Syrian government, achieved through the mediation of CPVC officers. Militants handed over to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) servicemen three infantry fighting vehicles, three tanks, two ZSU, and a large number of ammunition. This was announced by the head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties, Major General Alexei Tsygankov.

Province of Racca.

The Internet portal Jisr TV reports that members of the Democratic Forces of Syria (SDF) shot and killed one of the civilians in the village of Az-Zaidi. The circumstances of what happened at the moment are being clarified. Local activists believe that the man resisted the attempted detention in order to force him into the ranks of the SDF. Kurdish radicals continue to forcibly recruit young people, despite mass protests from the population. We remind you that on the eve of the demonstration, and in the province of Deir ez-Zor, where Kurds also arrest those who refused to join the Kurdish militia units.

El Quneitra. This day it became known that Islamists from the province of El Quneitra agreed to a peaceful settlement conflict and are ready to be evacuated to the north of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR). According to the news portal Al Masdar News, ten buses arrived in the eastern part of the region to take out the first batch of radicals and their families. After the deportation of the militants, parts of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will enter the territory of the liberated settlements and begin to neutralize mines and IED left by the radicals. Recall, under the terms of the agreement reached, under the control of the forces of the RAA will move all areas of the province, including its administrative center.

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