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Syria latest war news for the March 14

Russian aircraft struck a blow at the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham warehouses, Kurdish militants destroyed a barge of oil in the Euphrates, and rockets hit a residential building in the province of Lattakia. This is reported by a military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Briefly on the outcome of the confrontation.

Syrian Arab Army (SAA): struck at the position of the terrorists in Idlib, introduced the elite units to positions in the north of Hama, discovered historical values ​​captured by the SSA militants in Eastern Ghouta.


RF Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: they delivered a point strike on the weapons stores of the terrorists “Hyatt Tahrir ash-Sham”.


The Free Syrian Army (SDF): attacked government forces and Kurdish forces north of Aleppo.


“Islamic State” 1 (IS1, ISIS1): conducted two counterattacks with the use of suicide bombers against the forces of the SDF under Baguz.


“Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham”: destroyed one of the leaders of the “Islamic State” (IS; prohibited in the Russian Federation) in Idlib.


Kurds: declared an early victory over IS in Baguz Faukani, concluded an agreement with Russian forces in Manbidzh, blew up a barge with oil that followed the Euphrates River


International Coalition: continued to strike at the positions of the ISIS in Baguz.


Iraq: struck at the camp of the terrorists of the “Islamic State” in the village of Al-Baguz.


Province of Damascus:

The fighters of the Syrian Arab army discovered several historical objects of great value that had previously been stolen by militants and hidden in Eastern Ghouta. According to Al Masdar News, the military found archaeological antiquities (statues and fragments of the decor of ancient buildings) in the city of Zamalka, where the militants of the Free Syrian Army took them. It is assumed that the militants were going to sell antiquities abroad.


Province of Latakia:

A powerful explosion occurred in the Kunainis area of ​​Latakia, Twitter sources (@HalabTodayTV) report. According to reports, the cause of the explosion was a rocket, which hit a residential building in which at the time of the impact there were no people. The rocket caused considerable damage to the house, reports Syria Watan News. According to sources on Twitter (@Step_Agency), two MLRS “Grad” rockets, fired by “moderate opposition”, landed in the city, one person was injured in an attack.


Aleppo Province:

Arab media reported an agreement between Kurdish forces and Russian forces. According to Al Etihad Press, the Kurdish representatives concluded an oral agreement with the Russian forces, according to which after the withdrawal of US troops from the region, when US patrols stop appearing in Manbidzh, Russian forces will take their place. Such an agreement is extremely important for the Kurds, who believe that only the presence of a major international player in Manbidzh will prevent a new military operation on the part of Turkey.


Militants of the Syrian “moderate opposition” in the north of the province of Aleppo were attacked by government forces and Kurdish formations in the areas of Sheikh-Issa, Harbel, Umm Havash and Husayya. This is reported by a source on Twitter (@Step_Agency).


Province of Homs:

Syria results for the day on March 14, 06.00: Russian Space Forces attacked terrorists in Idlib, explosions thundered in Latakia


Provincial authorities found dozens of mines and explosive devices in the city of Es-Sukhne and its environs to the north-east of the city of Palmyra in the east of the province of Homs. According to the agency Al Manar, explosives and mines were left by terrorists before they retreated from the city under the attacks of the SAA.


Province of Deir ez-Zor:

Syria results for the day on March 14, 06.00: Russian Space Forces attacked terrorists in Idlib, explosions thundered in Latakia.


The representative of the pro-American Kurdish coalition “Democratic Forces of Syria” (SDF) Kino Gabriel made a statement about winning the battle against the remaining forces of the “Islamic State” in Baguz Faukani. According to Anna News, the Kurds believe that “it takes quite a bit of time to finish off the ISIS” on the ground. ”


Arab sources Baladi News reported that pro-American Kurds from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) destroyed an oil barge that was moving along the Euphrates. The barge was fired from the territory of the settlement Shhil, which is under the control of the Kurds.


According to Twitter sources (@jseldin), only today, the IS militants organized two counterattacks using heavy weapons, jihad mobiles and suicide bombers. Kurdish sources (@zana_med) report that terrorists use smoke and dust to counterattack that now enclose the Baguz area.


A Twitter source (@DeirEzzor24) reported on the death of a journalist working for Al-Qaida terrorists 11 (banned in the Russian Federation) in Baguz, who was in IS and covered the activities of terrorist groups.


Idlib Province:

The Military Space Forces of the Russian Federation, in coordination with Turkey, inflicted several blows on the western suburbs of Idlib. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, attacks were carried out on warehouses with weapons and ammunition of terrorists from the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham coalition (led by members of the Dzhebhat al-Nusra banned in the Russian Federation 11). In total, according to various sources, from eight to more than ten air strikes were inflicted.


The terrorists of “Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham” in the Idlib de-escalation zone were going to strike at the Khmeimim air base of the Russian Aerospace Force. As stated in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the attack on the KhTSh’s weapons depots in the city of Idlib prevented an attack on the air base with the help of drones.


The terrorists of Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham destroyed one of the most influential leaders of the Islamic State, who was hiding in the province of Idlib. According to sources on Twitter (@ AlKhali72189230), the HTS militants managed to find out where the IS militant is hiding, track down and destroy him in the village of Sarmada.


Province Dar’aa:

A new group of Syrian refugees has returned home from Jordan. According to Twitter sources (@SyriawatanNews), a group of refugees entered Syria through the Nasib border checkpoint in Dar’a province. Men, women and children will be able to return to their homes at their former place of residence, or will be able to move to other areas of Syria as part of the government program.


Raqqa Province:

Two soldiers of the Kurdish Self-Defense Forces (YPG) died in a bomb blast in a surprise attack in the center of the city of Raqqa, Twitter sources (@HalabTodayTV) report. According to the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), the attack was carried out by members of the “sleeping cell” of the “Islamic State” or by forces loyal to the government in the city. According to SOHR, the forces of Asayish, the Kurdish security forces, were attacked.


Province of Hama:

The Syrian Arab army launched a missile attack on the concentration sites of terrorist groups in the western province of Hama. According to a source on Twitter (@SyriawatanNews), the neighborhood of Kafr-Nabuda and the village of Khakarat were hit.


Militants of the “moderate opposition” bombard positions of government troops from the RSZO “Grad”. According to Syrian sources on Twitter (@Step_Agency), terrorists bombarded the SAA in Mhard town and the village of Safsafa.


Province of Hasaka:

Militants of the Kurdish National Self-Defense Forces (YPG) wounded a child during a shootout in the city of Hasaka. According to a source on Twitter (@HalabTodayTV), the incident occurred in the Al-Aziziya area.



Syria news March 13, 12.30: HTS militants destroyed the leader of the ISIS in Idlib, Iraq began to fire the ISIS in Baguz.

Iraqi forces from their territory launched an artillery strike on the last camp of the Islamic State’s terrorists in Baguz. According to The Baghdad Post, the Iraqi military noticed the movement of terrorists in the Baguz area using heat chambers.

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