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Syria latest war news from February 10

Another Turkish convoy arrived in Idlib; IS1 group liquidated in Damascus; in Dar’a there are clashes between factions

Briefly on the outcome of the confrontation:

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: eliminated a militant group in the province of Damascus.

The armed forces of Turkey: sent a convoy to Idlib.

“Islamic State”: liquidated 20 militants and 3 field commanders of groups of “moderate” opposition in Dar’aa province.

Province of Damascus.

The National Defense Forces (NDF) detachments eliminated a group of 12 IS militants, a Twitter source (@SyriawatanNews) writes. As a result of the clashes, Syrian militiamen seized a truck carrying AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank guided missiles, as well as handicraft devices for controlling the flight of missiles.

Province of Latakia.

According to a source on Twitter (@sayed_ridha), the militants of Hyatt Tahrir ash-Sham continue engineering work, improving their positions in order to minimize losses from air strikes of the Russian Federation Air Force.

According to a source on Twitter (@QalaatAlMudiq), the militants of Hyatt Tahrir ash-Sham made up for their losses in the area of ​​the village of Bdama by transferring reinforcements from Darkush.

Aleppo Province.

According to the Telegram-channel @NovostiDamask, the next convoy of Turkish troops arrived in the province of Idlib. Destination unknown, but Syrian sources claim that the column should be in the city Taftanaz.

The Turkish armed forces and pro-Turkish armed groups fire at the positions of the Popular Self-Defense Detachments (YPG) located in the Tell-Rifat region, a Twitter source (@STumeni) said. Kurdish armed forces also conduct mortar and artillery shelling of pro-Turkish forces from the areas of Tell-Rifat and Tell-Djidjan.

Province of Homes.

A source on Twitter (@ MIG29_) reports that the Syrian security service discovered a secret repository of militants in the region of the Gass el-Harrao mountains, located north-west of the Arak settlement. A machine gun, a grenade launcher, grenades, improvised explosive devices, and ammunition were disguised as garbage pits.

Province Dar’aa.

Syria news February 10 07.00: Another Turkish convoy arrived in Idlib; IS group eliminated in Damascus.

According to the Telegram-channel @ directorate4, the militants of the group “Jaysh Khalid ibn-Walid”, who earlier swore to the “Islamic State” 1, published a photo report on the ongoing fighting in southern Syria.

At the beginning of the week, all armed groups operating in the province of Dar’a announced an operation against the IS, organizing a joint headquarters and calling Operation Conquerors. The attack began on February 2 from several directions at once – from the north and east. Moreover, they were unexpectedly supported by Israeli UAVs, which caused a series of air strikes against the positions of the IS militants. However, these attacks did not bring much success. In the middle of the week, Jaish Khalid ibn Walid organized a counterattack near the city of Heath, during which two dozen militants and 3 field commanders of the so-called “moderate” opposition groups were killed.

Idlib Province.

“Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham” has prepared new strongholds in areas of settlements of Umm-Jlal and Raff, according to a source in Telegram (@ nors2017). In addition, militia groups with anti-tank systems and sniper rifles were deployed there.

According to a source on Twitter (@SyriaWarReports), several dozens of reinforcements arrived in the settlements of Gadfa and Maar-Shurin.

A source on Twitter @ hamshare50 does not exclude that in the near future the militants of Hyatt Tahrir ash-Sham may launch an offensive in the area of ​​Zahabiya and Eastblat. It is noted that the leadership of the terrorist union “Dzhebhat al-Nusra” 1 continues to deploy weapons, ammunition, command posts and reserves in the west of Idlib province.

According to a source on Twitter (@watanisy), in the village of Jezraya, “Hyatt Tahrir ash-Sham” is seeking among civilians those who support the legitimate Syrian government.

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