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Syria latest war results for the March 7

The ISIS1 terrorists attempted to penetrate the SDF position, announcing their surrender. The Kurds resumed raids for the purpose of forced mobilization in Deir ez-Zor. Civil strife in the ranks of the militants broke out on the border between Hama and Idlib, according to a military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Briefly on the outcome of the confrontation:

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: carried out combat missions in the southern part of Idlib.


“Tahrir Ash-Sham”: exchanged blows with the forces of the SAR on the borders of the “Big Idlib”; fired at the western quarters of the city of Aleppo; announced the arrest of an ISIS terrorist in Western Aleppo; fought with pro-Turkish radicals on the borders of the “Big Idlib”.


“Islamic State” 1: lost one of the leaders as a result of coalition air raids in Deir ez-Zor; attempted to reach the position of the Kurds in the Hadzhin pocket; Suspected of installing an SVU in Jisr Ash-Shugur in the western part of Aleppo.


The Kurds: strengthen their position near the city of Tel Rifat, north of Aleppo; arrested several people in the northern part of the province of Deir ez-Zor.


Aleppo Province:

In the past day, another explosion occurred in the town of Afrin in the northwestern part of the province. According to a military source on Twitter (Tania_Tania_C), at least four civilians were injured in the incident, including a child. The alleged organizers of the explosion are members of the Popular Self-Defense Detachments (YPG), carrying out underground activities in territories under the control of pro-Turkish armed forces.


The Kurds began to strengthen their positions in the Tel Rifat area north of Aleppo. The news portal Orient-News reported that the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) erected fortifications and built underground passages in the frontline zone.


In the afternoon, the Islamists of the Tahrir Al-Sham terrorist association resumed shelling of the western regions of the provincial capital. According to the Twitter-channel (smmsyria), the militants hit Az-Zahra and Al-Sabil quarters, causing damage to several residential buildings. In turn, the SAA opened a return fire on Islamist locations near the cities of Jazraya and Tal At-Tukan.


Meanwhile, in the village of Al-Atarib, near the border with Idlib, the leader of one of the clandestine cells of the Islamic State was detained. This was stated by a military source on Twitter (Kyruer), referring to the media portal “Dzhebhat An-Nusra” 1.


Province of Homs:


On the eve of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published pictures from Russian satellites, which captured the camp Rukban, located in the US-occupied 55-kilometer zone in the south of Homs. The photo was able to recognize about 300 fresh burials, in which refugees were allegedly buried, who died as a result of the inhuman living conditions provided by the occupiers. In accordance with the received pictures, the details of the situation existing in the temporary accommodation center were revealed. Thus, it was noted that in the immediate vicinity of the camp there is a large waste dump. In addition, displaced persons are forced to settle in temporary shelters or under sheds, while food is exchanged on spontaneous markets under the control of radicals. Despite the plight of the refugees in Rukban, the United States continues to oppose evacuation of local residents in every way, not missing Syrian convoys, as well as spreading rumors of harassment by the authorities of the SAR.


Province of Deir-ez-Zor:

Firat Post news agency reports that one of the high-ranking leaders of the Islamic State, who supported the work of the media portals under its control, was killed during the bombings of an international coalition led by the United States. At the same time, during the day, videos were published from the city of Baguz-Faukani, which depicted the peace victims of the Western alliance. Nevertheless, no accurate data on the number of civilians killed during airstrikes has not yet been reported. We will remind, earlier there were reports that coalition air forces use phosphoric ammunition prohibited by international agreements of 1868, 1949 and 1980.


In the afternoon, the terrorists attempted to get into areas previously captured by the “Democratic Forces of Syria” (SDF), declaring their readiness to surrender. However, due to the fact that the militants continued to approach, despite the demand of the Kurds to stop, they opened fire on them. One of the radicals committed a self-explosion, passed the Internet portal Al Mesryoon.


According to the Twitter feed (deirezzor24), several civilians were detained in the village of Al-Sajar, northeast of Deir ez-Zor. Later, raids were also conducted in the city of Diban, southeast of the provincial capital. Local activists are confident that prisoners were sent to SDF training camps as part of forced recruitment.


Idlib Province:

In the southeast of the province, skirmishes between government units and radicals of the armed opposition were fixed throughout the day. A military source on Twitter (IdlibPlus) reported that the artillery of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) retaliated against Islamist fortified areas at the approaches to the settlements of Serakib, Sukeik, At-Tamaniya and Umm Jalal.


In view of the incessant provocations by the militants, the SAR forces engaged aviation. According to the news agency Baladi-News, combat missions were observed in the vicinity of the city of Khan-Sheikhoun in the southern part of the province.


In the evening, an explosion occurred in the territories occupied by the jihadists of An-Nusra and the Islamic Party of Turkestan banned in the Russian Federation. News agency Cedar News reported that the bomb had detonated in the city of Jisr Ash-Shugur in the west of the region, as a result of which a local was killed. In addition, about ten people were injured. The installation of the VCA is suspected of members of the clandestine cells of the Islamic State.


Province of Hama:

The internecine conflict between various anti-government formations flared up again. According to the news portal Step News Agency, the jihadists of the Tahrir Ash-Sham coalition seized the headquarters of the so-called moderate opposition in the village of Qalaat al-Madik. It was noted that “Dzhebhat An-Nusra” decided on this operation in order to gain full control over the city. In addition, later there were data on collisions in the south-west of neighboring Idlib, where Al-Nusre managed to recapture the Az-Zawiya massif.


On the eve of Hama arrived another column with military equipment of the Turkish armed forces. A military convoy was redeployed to an observation post near the settlement of Sher Maghar.


In the meantime, clashes between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the radicals of Islamist formations did not subside on the outskirts of the “Big Idlib”. According to SANA News, the militants lost a number of fortified positions in the area of ​​Al-Sharia village. At the same time, gunfights were observed near the settlements of Qalaat Al-Madik, Al-Qurqat and Al-Haviz.

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