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Syria: Russia, Iran, Israel can be in a step from a large-scale conflict

In recent days, the Syrian army is preparing to liberate the south-west of Syria – the provinces of Deraa and Kuneitra. There is a redeployment of combat units and formations and equipment.

Simultaneously, the Syrian government addressed several days ago to all groups of militants in these provinces, which control certain areas of Syrian territory, with a proposal for reconciliation or evacuation to the province of Idlib.

A number of militant groups operate on the territory of the Syrian provinces of Deraa and Cuneitra. In the very corner of the Syrian territory, at the junction of the borders of Israel and Jordan, there is a grouping of the Yarmuk Martyrs Brigade, which several years ago passed under the banner of ISIS.

Being in fact in complete surroundings, this group, as well as other groups of bandits are at war with each other and with the Syrian army for many years.

It should be assumed that they receive support from the territories of neighboring countries – Israel and Jordan. The State of Israel treats Syrian bandits and murderers. Instead of extraditing, placing them in camps for displaced persons and transferring them to the Syrian government for a fair trial, as required by international conventions, the State of Israel heals these bandits and returns to service.

For these purposes, several tens of millions of shekels have already been spent. In the territory of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, a field hospital has been deployed to provide emergency assistance, seriously wounded bandits are further sent to be treated in Israeli hospitals.

The Israeli special forces (this is documented) enters the territory of Syria and delivers wounded bandits from there. Documented are the facts of the presence of Israeli food and communication systems among the Syrian bandits. In some gangs, Israeli officers – instructors and liaison officers – have been spotted. Numerous cases of fire support for the Israeli artillery of the fighting of Syrian bandits are known against the Syrian army.

Israel and Jordan invested huge amounts of money and resources in militants of all kinds and colors fighting in the south-west of Syria. Israel – medicine, communications, officer-instructors, supply. Jordan – the same + weapons and ammunition.

In the case of the Syrian army in this region of Syria and the liberation of Syrian territory from the bandits, all the efforts of Israel and Jordan to support the Syrian bandits will be in vain.

So simply these countries will not write off losses. Jordan did all this for Saudi money, the state of Israel – for its own. It is possible that as soon as hostilities begin in the south-west of Syria, the State of Israel will resume its aggressive actions – both artillery and aviation shelling. And this factor should be taken into account in Russia and Syria when planning operations for the liberation of south-west Syria.

Also, if some Iranian units or units of Lebanese Hezbollah are involved in the southwest of Syria, this can also cause unreasonable aggression on the part of Israel.

The State of Israel and the Syrian Arab Republic are legally at war. Leaders of the state of Israel repeatedly committed rocket attacks and other acts of aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic under the pretext of counteracting Iran’s actions in Syria.

The Syrian Arab Republic has the right to invite and host military units of any state on its territory, and, frankly speaking, the wishes of the leaders of the State of Israel should not be taken into account in any way. In other words, Lebanese “Hezbollah” and “Fatimiyun” have the right to take part in hostilities in the south-west of Syria and subsequently to be stationed there on an ongoing basis.

Iran with the consent of Syria can deploy any of its units, including air defense and missile systems, anywhere in Syria, including in close proximity to the borders of the State of Israel.

Someone should point out to the leaders of the State of Israel that Syria and Iran have the right to decide independently where and how Iranian units can not be located on the territory of sovereign Syria.

Let’s just say that Israel independently decides where its military bases are on its territory, and this is its right.

Exactly the same is true of the Syrian Arab Republic. The deployment of Iranian missile systems in Syria in close proximity to the borders of Israel is the closest way to stop the occupation of the Syrian and Palestinian territories by the State of Israel, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and the establishment of universal peace in the Middle East.

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