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Syrian Government interacted with the OPCW team of experts last week

The head of the national delegation, Faisal Mikdad of Syria, stated that Syria, as a member of this organization, after joining it in 2013 and up to the present day, fulfilled all the requirements of the organization in Syria. We can not say that Syria felt comfortable from the actions of the expert group. There was an atmosphere of distortion of reality due to pressure from outside Britain, France and the United States. You know that the last events unfolded in the Douma. The Douma was not yet completely under the control of the Syrian forces.

It was required, as colleagues from the expert group explained to us, to guarantee security at the job site. At that time, the Syrian forces could not be there, as they were engaged in other tasks. But when the expert group, or rather, the security team went there, they had some problems that delayed the arrival of the expert group. Here, Western governments, opposed to Syria, taking advantage of everything possible, began to blame Syria for obstruction. At the same time, UN representatives recommended the group not to go. Then friends from the military police of the Russian Federation provided security for the group in the Douma – «this speaks of the shamelessness of the Western countries, which speak of knowingly lying things». The question was in the hands of the UN and the expert group.


Faisal Mikdad in his interview said teh following:

– To be frank, can the report of the expert group be independent?

– I will say from two positions – personal and official. At all meetings with groups, I asked them: did you write a report before coming to Syria? You can assume that they answered. In fact, I will say that past experience does not leave us the opportunity to confirm the honesty of these groups. These groups see something here and make different reports. This is due to pressure from the West, the United States, France and Britain. They struck under the pretext of using chemical weapons. These countries are putting pressure on these unhappy groups. On my own, I can say that these groups discredited themselves, losing confidence. We have given the go-ahead for all requests.

– How would you comment on the US statement on reducing the support of armed groups in Syria? Is it just propaganda or are there any possible changes in connection with this on the battlefields?

– I believe that the oxygen of terrorist groups comes from the United States. When we hear such statements, which we heard a lot from the beginning of the crisis in 2011, about the cessation of financing and armament, the groups are additionally provided with financing and weapons at that time. The Syrian army, after the liberation of Guta and El-Hajr al-Aswad, discovered many weapons that were recently delivered from Western countries. The United States must stop supporting terrorists and respect the sovereignty of Syria and the choice of the Syrian people.

– The issue of withdrawing US forces from Syria and sending forces of several Arab countries to their place is being discussed. What will Damascus do if it happens?

– Of course, the US decided not to leave. The main purpose of such statements is the pumping out of funds from Arab countries. Forcing them to pay more to the treasury of the United States, which, perhaps, is empty. As well as drawing the Arab countries into direct conflict, as far as I can imagine, with the Syrian government, and this is a dangerous topic. Our position is clear, Arab countries should not participate in the killing of Syrians and not be drawn into the conflict more than they are already in it. We will react to such a presence as well as to any other illegal presence on Syrian soil. We, the Arabs, have enough contradictions and actions that take place in the interests of Israel and Western countries. I do not think that some Arab countries that hint that they will send forces can do this, since they are stuck in other conflicts – in Yemen and elsewhere. They must understand their internal affairs.

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