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    Turks double-crossed Moscow again

    Immediately after the Sochi meeting between Putin and Erdogan, there were dozens of comments from various experts on how greatly the leadership of the Russia played the Idlib card. Russians saved themselves from numerous complications. Now Russia will not have to “take a punch”, because the States and their allies will have nothing more to […]

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    New chemical attack possible

    The probability of chemical provocation of militants in Idlib is still high. A hospital poisoning agent, sarin, was delivered to the hospital of the provincial capital. This was stated at the briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.   “Unfortunately, it is too early to speak about the failure of […]

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    Kurds will pit special forces of Putin against Erdogan’s Janissaries

    In Syria, there are still many problems. When one is solved, new ones are generated, and this process seems to have no end. In this case, each of them, one way or another, is connected with the other. Take Idlib. The situation here perfectly characterizes the general state of things. Immediately it becomes clear what […]

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    Erdogan’s ultimatums about migrants are dangerous for Europe

    For example, if the EU does not abolish visas for Turks, Ankara will break agreements with Brussels and bring a new wave of refugees to the Old World. These threats were already used by Turkey before. However, now, when Turkey restored relations with Moscow, the ultimatum sounds much more weighty. In an interview with the […]