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    America is trying to lock the sea for Russia

    Judging by the reaction of the West, the incident in the Kerch Strait is a “long-playing record”. The West does not leave attempts to invent new troubles for Russia. While Europe is deciding whether to impose new sanctions against Moscow, the United States seems to be discussing other options for action. Thus, in an interview […]

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    British troops will march on Khreshchatyk and make a throw to Donetsk

    The Russian Embassy in London commented on reports by the Air Force about a secret UK operation in Ukraine. This is reported on the website of the diplomatic mission. If the information is correct, then they represent a “new element of the large-scale British military presence in Ukraine.” The embassy added that they knew only […]

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    Kiev is preparing “Ukraine” for cutting

    Kiev will not be able to complete the construction of its only missile cruiser Ukraine, which has been rusting at the dock of the ship repair plant in Nikolaev for more than a quarter of a century. For this there is no suitable weapons, no money. This was recognised in an interview with one of […]

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    Turks double-crossed Moscow again

    Immediately after the Sochi meeting between Putin and Erdogan, there were dozens of comments from various experts on how greatly the leadership of the Russia played the Idlib card. Russians saved themselves from numerous complications. Now Russia will not have to “take a punch”, because the States and their allies will have nothing more to […]

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    New chemical attack possible

    The probability of chemical provocation of militants in Idlib is still high. A hospital poisoning agent, sarin, was delivered to the hospital of the provincial capital. This was stated at the briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.   “Unfortunately, it is too early to speak about the failure of […]

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    Russia and Ukraine will be divided as two Koreas

    Since September 19, the Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation and Partnership between Russia and Ukraine has officially ceased to operate. The refusal of the official Kiev to extend this treaty provokes further deterioration of relations between the two countries. This is the opinion of Alexei Chesnakov, director of the Center for Political Context, close to […]