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    Kurds will pit special forces of Putin against Erdogan’s Janissaries

    In Syria, there are still many problems. When one is solved, new ones are generated, and this process seems to have no end. In this case, each of them, one way or another, is connected with the other. Take Idlib. The situation here perfectly characterizes the general state of things. Immediately it becomes clear what […]

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    The results of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum

    17 thousand participants, 143 countries – this is the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. He passed this week. Business from all over the world, and European, it is important in the light of American sanctions, business from all countries of Europe was in Petersburg. He is interested in working with Russia. And it’s not just about […]

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    The world has become more dangerous: what stays behind the Trump and Netanyahu campaign against Iran.

    Back in September 2017, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview to The Guardian said that since the beginning of his political career in the 1990s, the situation in the world had always been changing for the worse. In his opinion, the world became “more unpredictable,” and the situation on the planet became more […]