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    Pastry chef’s dictatorship

    After a planned incident in the Kerch Strait and the introduction of a strange but politically and geographically motivated martial law in several regions of Ukraine, its president took a long-awaited Moscow-partners ’step: introduced a bill to the Parliament to terminate the 1997 Friendship and Cooperation Treaty with the Russian Federation. If you remove unnecessary […]

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    Russia and Ukraine will be divided as two Koreas

    Since September 19, the Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation and Partnership between Russia and Ukraine has officially ceased to operate. The refusal of the official Kiev to extend this treaty provokes further deterioration of relations between the two countries. This is the opinion of Alexei Chesnakov, director of the Center for Political Context, close to […]

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    “Right sector” is openly preparing to “clean up” the Donbass

    Ukrainian radicals demand the continuation of the war in the Donbass and significantly threaten to demand answers for some “issues” from the inhabitants of the region in case of its return to Ukraine. This was broadcast on the television channel ZIK by Andrei Gergert (Cherven), 40-year-old commander of the battalion “Arrata” of the “Ukrainian Volunteer […]

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    It has nothing to do with reality “: why did Ukraine create a patrol police department in the Crimea?

    The Crimean patrol police department began functioning in Ukraine, it is expected to deal with punitive actions against citizens who visited the peninsula. In addition, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin called not to attend the World Cup, which will be held in Russia. Experts note that all these […]