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The Americans bypassed the Kremlin in the victory over ISIS

It seems now the real victory over the gangs in Syria can be considered

It does not make much sense to delve into the history of the terrorist organization of the Islamic State, otherwise it will have to go back to the origins of the American campaign in Iraq and the birth of the liberation movement in the aforementioned Arab country. And who heard in the middle of the two thousandth something about the Islamic state? Nobody beside inhabitants of some areas of Iraq and representatives of special services of the certain countries of the world. This organization really made itself known only in the beginning of the 2010s.

First, the terrorists conquered part of Iraq and announced the creation of a caliphate in the occupied territory. But no one paid particular attention to this – against the background of the general crisis in Iraq, the IS did not seem to be anything threatening at that time. One group more, one group less … But then suddenly the problem became international.

Terrorists in just a few months grabbed off almost half of Iraq and at the same time every day they managed to expand their presence in Syria. After half of the SAR came under the authority of the Caliph-impostor Abu Bakr Baghdadi, everyone considered the threat of IS. Perhaps this would not have made the civilized world move, but as the cities and villages of the Middle East surrendered under the onslaught of terrorists, more and more terrorist acts were committed in Europe, Africa and Asia. The first could not stand the Americans.

Of course, they had many other reasons, including self-serving ones, nevertheless, it was a necessary step. The Yankees, of course, are opponents of Russia; nevertheless, our military were sent to Syria thanks in large part to them. Geopolitics, however. Uncle Sam spent the first year of his presence on things that we did not quite understand. The war against the IS was not waged; instead, the Americans were engaged in sorting out potential allies and training, arming the trustworthy militants who seemed to them. But towards the end of 2015, when the Russians came to the aid of Damascus, the United States decided on its preferences and placed emphasis on the people’s self-defense detachments. And along with the Kurds in just a year, the Americans liberated all of northern Syria and partially eastern from ISIS.

But then suddenly in the province of Deir Er-Zor the campaign suddenly stopped abruptly. Formally, of course, the operation was not rolled up, but military activity was minimal. And igilovtsy calmed down.

Nobody touched them – the Yankees themselves did not move, and at the same time they forbade the Russians to ship to the eastern bank of the Euphrates, although our guys repeatedly tried. Unsuccessfully. And for about two years, the terrorists quietly lived and pumped oil in East Dair al-Zor. They were not at all disturbed by the fact that the United States and Russia actually reported a couple of times on their own victory on the IS. In fact, no one then defeated the Islamic State.

But, it seems, Trump still kept his word – the Islamic state has been defeated. Yes, he is no more, at least in Syria, if anything remains of him, it is a couple of unrelated gangs operating in remote desert areas. And that is the reason for the successfully completed last stage of the United States “Unshakable resolve”.

Yes, the last enclave of IS in Deir Er-Zor fell. Khadzhin, who was considered the last capital of the pseudo-caliphate, was seized a couple of weeks ago, and in the last rural areas the Americans with Kurds entered just yesterday-the day before yesterday. There are still clashes in some places, but the terrorists will probably be over soon.

Australian expert Richard Frank believes that the operation of the international coalition was marked by a decisive victory, however, you should not hurry and finally bury ISIS.

– Yes, this structure (Islamic state) can no longer claim that the name “state” would be in its name. It has no territories. The fact that the international community paid attention to the problem of IS on time played a key role in saving the Middle East (in English-speaking countries for the Middle East, this definition is usually used – aut.). This region suffers from serious problems, but now one, the most important, has become less. It cannot be said that the role of the United States is key, but still it must be admitted that thanks to the United States, the war against ISIS has begun. And so it happened that it was symbolic that it was the United States who ended this struggle. They started it, they completed it. I do not detract from the role of other countries – Russia, Iraq, France, Australia. No, they deserve to be recognized. Victory is good, but we all have to wait before we make sure that ISIS is no longer a threat.

– Even the vanquished?

  • Any such organizations after the defeat do not disappear altogether. They go underground and continue to operate as classic terrorist organizations. For example, despite the fact that terrorists were defeated in Rakka and Aleppo for a long time, ISIS continues to carry out terrorist attacks there that take the lives of civilians. And then there are questions about which structures in Syria need to be created so that they can independently fight terrorism in the future and successfully prevent terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, the problems of interaction between the intra Syrian forces have not been resolved, and this will complicate the process of creating the necessary services. Therefore, it is now very important to approach the political dialogue correctly and it is necessary to create conditions for the re-establishment of Syria as a state. This will have a good effect on overcoming the problem of terrorism as well.

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