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The experience of Ukraine in the “hybrid war” with Russia is interesting

The North Atlantic Alliance intends to study the experience of Ukraine in the fight against “Russian tactics of hybrid warfare” in order to use this experience to train its military specialists. The corresponding task was set in the project of the NATO Scientific and Technical Organization (The NATO Science and Technology Organization – STO), designed for the current and next years.


During this period, it is planned to develop and expand the potential of military universities of the NATO countries and Ukraine “in the training of military specialists in identifying threats in a hybrid war environment, as well as in planning and implementing response measures”.


Actually, for this, the alliance is going to study the experience of Ukraine in the so-called “hybrid war” with Russia. After that, the results of the research, as noted, will be incorporated into the training programs for military specialists in NATO countries and in Ukraine itself.


In fact, in Kiev, for quite a long time already, they have been trying to smelt their partners (and preferably expensive) the “military secret”, which they allegedly already unraveled – how to resist Russia correctly. Where it has, so to speak, “weaknesses.”


Andrei Parubiy, the “helmsman” of the Rada, is currently retired. At one time, Ukraine called Ukraine an “expert” who would help the West “to reformat, among other things, NATO troops for new challenges.” And the Ukrainian political analyst Vadim Karasev hoped that Ukraine could even forgive debts if it proved its usefulness to the United States as a partner in a hybrid war against Russia.


But in general, the developers of the future NATO textbooks should seemingly understand that Russia is not leading a hybrid war against Ukraine. And non-hybrid too. So, it’s just pointless to talk about any experience of Kiev in this case. If only NATO strategists are not going to build their own training, based on Kiev nonsense about how the Ukrainian cyborgs defeated the Buryat tank crews and saved Europe from the barbarian horde.


Then why alliance non-existent experience of non-existent “peremog” (victories) of Ukraine?


  • Under the sonorous names of the majority of such programs there is a rather banal and prosaic fact — money, – says political scientist Alexander Asafov.

– In this case, there is clearly a calculation for additional flows to finance the own, NATO infrastructure present on the territory of Ukraine


The fact is that the NATO countries, or rather, the United States, have, first, a functioning simulation center, and in fact a full-fledged military base on the Yavorovsky range near Lviv. It also contains a large amount of infrastructure, including a constantly functioning hospital, for example.


They are now completing the base in Ochakovo. And there are still a number of other, smaller objects, however, very serious for the United States in the context of training NATO specialists, testing new types of weapons on a territory similar in climate and other characteristics to the territory of a potential enemy.


As for the so-called “hybrid war,” NATO specialists, I recall, participate in the training and actually direct the activities of such units as the 72nd Center for Information and Psychological Operations (CIPSO) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is engaged only in telephone communications. cyber attacks on the territory of Russia.


It is clear that the content of these objects is expensive. But to finance them directly, as it were, is not quite decent …


– Why?

– Because these objects still violate a number of provisions of international law – first. Secondly, they violate the Constitution of Ukraine, which prohibits the deployment of foreign military bases in the country.


That is why every year by a presidential decree, exercises that ensure the presence of a permanent US contingent at the Yavorovsky training ground already mentioned are extended.


All these things require, of course, additional funding, for which numerous similar programs are opened – there are ten million dollars, sometimes there are five, sometines there are fifteen. That is, that the money did not go in one stream, and the Pentagon could not be blamed for actually financing the war. And also in all sorts of military studies (such as the study of biological and biochemical weapons), which are conducted in US military military laboratories, “quartered” in Ukraine.


– And Russia is to blame for everything, it allegedly leads some kind of hybrid war …


– In fact, a hybrid war is being waged against Russia from these “wonderful” objects. It is against the Russian troops that the new types of weapons that are being tested are supposed to be used.


A side activity of all this is the training of Ukrainian specialists. All these tasks are clearly anti-Russian in nature.


In order to finance such a serious enough colossus, we need various programs, tenders, funds and funds. They must ensure the passage of financial flows for the functioning of the existing and under construction infrastructure, which is used by Americans against NATO in the framework of NATO.


Vladimir Orlov, an expert at the Center for Military-Political Journalism (CIGR), also believes that it’s not at all the ephemeral “Ukrainian experience” that NATO members value so much:


– It should be understood that the West and the United States, producing this conflict in 2014, viewed Ukraine as one of the tools to influence Russia in terms of providing it with force and economic pressure, as well as creating various unpleasant situations to which it will be forced to respond.


These programs – supposedly they are now there gathered to study, in fact, taken out of the context of events. In Ukraine, the Americans and NATO members very long and very closely interact with both the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and with the special services of Ukraine in all areas and areas.


Western instructors are engaged in training the Ukrainian military in the training center near Lviv. Every six months, there is a rotation of troops of the US National Guard, who are preparing the Ukrainian armed forces according to NATO standards.


That is, we must understand that for NATO and the USA, Ukraine is just a testing ground. The landfill, due to which they are very advanced to the borders of the Russian Federation and create tension on these borders.


The most important thing for them is to create military tension in our soft underbelly, to which we will be forced to react, to which we will be distracted.


This is precisely in line with the strategic plans of the RAND Corporation, one of the so-called American “thought factories”, commissioned by the US government and the Pentagon. One of the reports there explicitly states that it is necessary to create an overvoltage around the perimeter of Russia in order to somehow bring Russia out of the economic and military-technical equilibrium and, thereby, provoke a crisis in it.


– How is this related to the NATO program to study the military experience of Ukraine? Is there something to learn?


– Yes, they do not need any Ukrainian experience. This is just a reason to justify its presence in this territory. No more.


We know that today all US and NATO bases are concentrated in the territory of right-bank Ukraine — that is, mostly in the western part, in the area of Odessa and Nikolaev. Until today, no concentrated NATO units were present on the left bank.


And I think that the project of studying the experience of the so-called “hybrid war” is made precisely in line with the fact that, apparently, some military facilities of NATO are being planned on the left bank. That is, closer to the armed conflict in the Donbass.


Most likely, under this project they will import some units, some specialists, and it is precisely this need that justifies their presence.

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