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The fighters of the Ukrainian Army wanted to stage a hell of fire on the beach of Donbass

Ukrainian security forces tried to disrupt the resort season residents of people’s republics

On the night of June 23, the UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces) made an unsuccessful attempt to attack the positions of the militia forces in the south of the NDP. This was stated to journalists by the representative of the operational command of the People’s Democratic Republic of Germany.

According to him, at approximately 01:00 Moscow time, the siloviki tried to “improve their positions” south of the Kominternovo and were nominated by two groups with a total strength of up to 15 people. However, they were seen, and fire was opened on them from weapons not prohibited by the Minsk agreements. As a result, the attack was repulsed, the units of the APU suffered losses.

“According to preliminary data, up to three siloviki — fighters, were liquidated and at least four were injured. On our side, one defender received a wound, “the representative of the operational command of the DNR said.

Why is the Ukrainian side continuing these seemingly meaningless sorties without regard for losses? Or do they still make sense?

According to the Donetsk political scientist, historian, publicist, permanent expert of the Izborsk club Alexander Dmitrievsky, the Ukrainian side constantly tries to provoke the defenders of Donbass to use the means and methods of warfare prohibited by the Minsk agreements.

Why do they want to “improve their positions”, and in what is it?

The counter question: why did the punishers try to “improve their positions” at Gorlovka? This term in the Supreme Armed Forces is understood as either the occupation of militarily poor territories in the “gray zone” or an attempt to establish control over the dominant heights. The main purpose of this “improvement of positions” is to have a media effect: they came, brought the press, trumpeted the whole world about another “paradem”, suffered losses and quietly rolled back.

“Perhaps because I’m tired of stepping on the same rake under Gorlovka.” Perhaps because it is the areas of the sea coast, now there, even in spite of the war, the holiday season is in full swing. I note that the Krivaya Kosa – the birthplace of the famous polar explorer Georgy Sedov (in his memory there is a village on it) and the hero of the defenser of Stalingrad Ivan Lyudnikov – no longer accommodates everyone who wants to improve, so the authorities of the DNR have rebuilt another resort in the Novoazovsky district – the village of Bezymennoye, through which according to legend in May 1820 Pushkin passed. So, the front line passes less than ten kilometers from Bezimennogo. And now imagine how much a delicious piece for provocateurs is the resort area!

Is this the initiative of a certain commander or is it part of a plan? If the attempt fails, does this mean that in the near future they will not undertake new ones? It is difficult to find anything irrational and surreal in the world, than modern Ukraine: neither Picasso nor Dali had a dream of reason producing such monsters. This is a world where actions that are contrary to common sense are the norm, and human life is valued very cheaply. And since the woodpecker can not but hollow, you need to be sure that the leadership of the Armed Forces will necessarily undertake new adventures, and not necessarily in the Azov Sea. And it does not matter – whether it will be a private initiative of any commander wishing to curry favor with his superiors or part of the more global plans of the Ukrainian generals.

Are all sections of the contact line reliably covered? Can there be attempts to break through elsewhere?

A significant part of the contact line is indicated only on maps, in these areas the parties do not keep specially equipped positions with a constant contingent on them, but avoid patrolling the terrain with mobile groups. The reason is simple: different sections of the front line represent different values ​​in strategic and tactical terms. Therefore, only the most significant areas are covered, where the enemy is guaranteed to take something. I note that this is a feature not only of the current war: in 1941-45 there were also many sections of the front where the distance between our and German positions was sometimes tens of kilometers.


“Strategically, the enemy, in anticipation of a convenient situation for a decisive offensive, realizes the numerical superiority and advantage of the initiative given to him by the Minsk Agreements, knocking out the personnel of the People’s Militia corps, in fact, exchanging at a favorable rate for themselves,” considers the senior lieutenant of LNR, OMB fighter “August” Andrei Morozov.

The hulls farther, the more they become like a sparring partner “for beating”. Only now will it end as Filip Rivera ended (Jack London’s “Mexican”)? Felipe has a decisive advantage, he is a book character.

It is reported that the siloviki made an attempt to improve their positions to the south of the Kominternovo. Why are they doing this? What will the “improvement of positions” in this place give and what should it consist in?

Improving positions” is an improvement in the scope of the review and, correspondingly, of the possibility of shelling. This is physical or fire control not only over altitudes, but also control over communications, including roads, for infrastructure facilities. In each situation, their “introductory”. Any attempt to “improve positions”, even unsuccessful, allows the enemy to exchange personnel in the “smoldering war”, and a successful attempt gives an opportunity to improve this “exchange rate” – the enemy will fight in more convenient conditions than our fighters and commanders. Strategically, “improved positions” will give him more convenient conditions for the breakthrough of the front during a massive offensive.

According to preliminary information, three fighters of the Armed Forces have been killed, at least four law enforcers were injured. Are they acceptable losses for them? Are they ready to carry them all the time to “improve” their positions?

I think the overall ratio varies from case to case, but in general, the overall losses of the parties – in skirmishes, in sniper and artillery shelling, in mine fields, are commensurable.

The ratio of 3 to 1 in Donbass favor and even 5 to 1 is beneficial to the enemy due to its demographic preponderance and the mobilization mechanisms used by him. In the opinion of some of our front commanders, one of the most dangerous consequences of a protracted positional war is that the enemy “pumps” through the fighting army a large mass of people, including those who have not found work “on a citizen”. From this mass there are those who survive and get used to the war, and the enemy’s army changes in terms of fighting habits and stability in the event of serious fighting.

If the attempt failed, does it mean that in the near future they will not – Reports of such attempts, as well as of shelling by the enemy, including, in particular, about the successful bombardment of our positions, reach the mass reader in Russia only sporadically. They will certainly continue as soon as they are ready again. Alas, on our part, in units suffering from personnel hunger, sometimes people do not have enough to control all previously equipped positions, and the enemy simply takes the left “points”, discovering that they are empty.

In what other directions can they make breakthrough attempts? Anywhere.

the enemy is looking for opportunities to squeeze DNR parts of the 3rd brigade of the NMDN from the area of ​​the village of Golmovsky. The enemy moves forward, even if the new positions in front seem tactically not very profitable – in the lowlands viewed from the heights that are still under our control. The enemy quickly buries into the ground and begins combat work. The enemy can afford to have many “tactically disadvantageous” positions, which, sooner or later, will “eat” LNR advantageous if it is not strengthened and does not ensure the uninterrupted operation of artillery. Logically, this is the same game in points familiar to many since childhood. The enemy will either advance or lose strategically advantageous, or force LNR to use artillery more and more often and openly, which with the help of the OSCE, will make a lever of political pressure. This is the initiative given to the enemy.

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