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The Israeli strikes again

Air Force of Israel inflicted another air strike on the territory of the province of Damascus. The Kurds arrested several residents of Deir-ez-Zor, allegedly working at ISIS. The US denies the data that they have concluded an agreement with Turkey on the withdrawal of SDF units from Manbige, the military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouq, reports.

Briefly about the outcome of the confrontation.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: fired on the positions of Tahrir ash Sham on the southern outskirts of the Dar’a.

The International Coalition: denies reports that it has entered into an agreement with Turkey to withdraw SDF troops from the Manbijah area to Aleppo.

Kurds: arrested several residents of the province of Deir ez Zor, who allegedly work for the terrorists ISIS.

“Islamic State” 1 (ISIS): lost one of the “sleeping cells”, based in the south of Idlib; conducts skirmishes with detachments SSA in the west of Dar’a.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF): struck another air strike on the territory of the province of Damascus.

Province of Damascus:

According to the Sky News Arabia portal, the Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian province of Damascus once again. It is noted that the bombing of the Lebanese organization Hezbollah, which supports the Syrian Arab Army (AAA) in the fight against terrorist groups, was bombed. Information about the damage is currently being specified. Earlier, military sources Al Masdar News reported that the previous night the Israeli Air Force planes were seen in the airspace of Lebanon moving along the Syrian border. Israeli aviation regularly uses this route to bomb Syria, striking the territory of the Arab Republic mostly at night.

Province of Aleppo:

US State Department spokesman Heather Naouert said Washington had not concluded any agreements with Turkey on the withdrawal of the Kurdish forces of the People’s Self-Defense Forces (YPG) from the area of Manbij city in the north-eastern part of the province of Aleppo. However, she noted that the United States continues to negotiate with Ankara and other parties to the conflict on Syria, which are of mutual interest. Earlier, the Turkish state news agency Anadolu, reported that Washington and Ankara had agreed on the withdrawal of Kurdish radicals from Manbij. Later representatives of YPG denied this information. Turkey intends to clean up territories in the north of the SAR from Kurdish detachments linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, a recognized terrorist organization in many countries around the world. The United States, however, transferred a significant part of its Syrian grouping to Manbiju, expecting to maintain a completely loyal enclave of YPG radicals in the north-east of the republic.

Deir ez-Zor Province:

Kurdish fighters of pro-American Democratic forces of Syria (SDF) continue raids in the settlements of East Deir-ez-Zor to identify and eliminate the supporters of ISIS. Thus, according to the local channel on Twitter (@ DeirEzzor24), several civilians suspected of working for the “Islamic State” were detained in the city of Garanidh. Local activists, however, emphasize that these actions often serve only as a cover for the Kurds, who continue to forcibly mobilize into their ranks. In addition, sources do not exclude that in this way SDF radicals deal with those who took an active part in organizing rallies against the presence in Syria of the “Democratic Forces” and the troops of the US Coalition.

Province of Dar’a:

The units of the government troops of the UAR continue to conduct artillery training on the positions of the rebels “Djebhat an Nusra” 1 and their allies on the outskirts of the city of Dar’a. According to the Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center, the fire is fired mainly from guns, as well as from machine guns. Information on the damage inflicted on terrorists is being clarified. The liberation of the administrative center, controlled by jihadists, will be one of the first objectives of the SAA in the framework of the military operation in the south-western provinces of Dar’a and El Quneitra.

Meanwhile, in the west of the region, an armed confrontation between the forces of the opposition Syrian Free Army (SAS) and the group “Jash Khalid ibn Al-Walid”, part of the “Islamic State” continues. The parties are currently engaged in mutual shelling. The heaviest collisions are recorded on the front lines in the areas of the cities of Hayt, Gillen and Sahm al-Jawlan, SOHR reports. Data on the losses of each of the groupings are being established.

Province of Idlib:

Militants of the Islamist coalition “Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham” declare that they committed another attack on the command post of one of the “sleeping cells” of ISIS in the southern part of Idlib province as part of a campaign to eliminate all clandestine groups of an enemy terrorist organization in the region. Detachments of “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” attacked the IS1 control post in the vicinity of the city of Khan Sheikhun, ultimately destroying it, the Twitter news channel (@ FlagsAswed). During the clashes, one was eliminated and three more members of the “Islamic state” were captured. In addition, Islamists of “Tahrir ash-Sham” discovered and seized a nearby ISIS laboratory, which produced improvised explosive devices and mined cars. Nevertheless, according to the portal of ISIS Al Amaq, in the territory of Idlib there are still about 100 such underground cells.

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