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The murder of Zakharchenko – a combination of external sabotage and internal treachery

The agents of the Security Service in Donetsk acted in conjunction with Western special services

An explosion killed the head of the People’s Democratic Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko.

The detainee in the case of the murder of the head of the Donetsk Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, turned out to be an employee of the Security Service. This was stated by acting head of the republic Denis Pushilin.

“There is an absolute understanding of who did this. The terrorist act was committed with the participation of the Fifth Department of the Security Service of the Security Service of Ukraine. As a result of further work of the special services, analysis of the remnants of the explosive device, high technologies not previously used by the Security Service were revealed. This gives an understanding that this terrorist act was committed with the assistance of Western special services, ” – he added. Head of the republic Pusilin also said that Russia is helping to investigate the terrorist act.

It should be added that no concrete evidence of the participation of Western intelligence services has yet been presented. It is not known, and which “high technologies” can be discussed. The brackets also leave the question, what special services from which country participated in this terrorist operation?

Nevertheless, most experts do not doubt the very fact of Western involvement in the implementation of this terrorist attack.

“Without a doubt, Western intelligence agencies are involved in the assassination of Alexander Zakharchenko. But this does not remove the questions to the authorities of the DNR itself, who allow the management of Ukrainian agents at home, – said the director of the Center for Public and Information Cooperation “Europe” Eduard Popov.

– There are many questions to the “Tashkent” (Alexander Timofeev, Minister of Revenues and Charges of the People’s Republic of Donetsk), and to Pushin, to the head of the security service of the head of the republic.

Unfortunately, after the death of Alexander Zakharchenko in the power structures of Donetsk, the local elite remained, neither intellectually nor morally capable of playing the role assigned to it. In mid-April this year, we discussed the preparation of Ukraine’s attempts to kill Alexander Zakharchenko and Leonid Pasechnik. I repeat the conclusion made six months ago: these attempts are highly probable and their possible success is due to the depth of penetration of Ukrainian agents.

Speaking directly about the western wake, I will cite this fact. My good friend, an officer of the GRU special forces, and then other special units of Russia, in the late 2000s participated in joint exercises with special forces of the SBU. According to him, Ukrainians did not know how to fight at all. There was a lack of military experience. Therefore, at the beginning of the war, Bezer’s militiamen captured three officers of the Ukrainian Alpha, who were then exchanged for Gubarev.

The most battle-worthy force fighting in the Donbas was NATO commando squads. My military friends from the People’s Republic of Germany and the People’s Republic of Latvia most often mention the Poles. Polish partners from anti-globalization circles also confirm the participation of Polish commandos in the war in the Donbass. The “Smena” party Mateusz Piskorski, who has been sitting in a Polish prison since May of last year on charges of spying for Russia and Iran, sent an official request to the Polish defense minister, but did not even receive a reply. It is clear that the Polish authorities are masking the participation of their military in the fighting in the Donbass. But the main function of Polish and other NATO commandos is instruction.

My friends, who in 2014 encountered Western soldiers from the commandos, noted a very high professional level and technical preparedness.

– Whose special services can stand for the murder of the head of the NDP? The United States, Britain, Poland, some other European country?

– The technicians could technically prepare the military specialists of all these countries, although the direct executors were Ukrainian saboteurs. I think it was not without the people from the environment of Alexander Zakharchenko. His death is profitable for many, both in Ukraine and in the West. The death of the head of the Dnieper deprived the Donbass of the only media figure. Alexander Zakharchenko was a charismatic and incredibly charming man. It’s even frightening to think what kind of image the DNR will have with the victory of the same Pushilin – about the same as that of the Dnepropetrovsk region of the times of Plotnitsky, if not worse.

In addition, many figures in the People’s Democratic Republic were interested in the death of Zakharchenko. Those who stole humanitarian aid, shared the enterprises of the DNR, those who considered themselves as a successor to Zakharchenko. The murder of Zakharchenko is a combination of external sabotage and internal treachery. The role of Western special services was reduced to the technical management of the operation.

Were the Russian investigators who arrived in Donetsk able to dig the information on the terrorist act ? Were the DNR secirities not able to do it? Of course. Yes, experts from the DNR should forgive me, but this is not their level of competence. Therefore, the experts from the FSB, who have a wealth of experience in the investigation of terrorist attacks since the 90s,  were sent in Donetsk to investigate the explosion in the “Separ”.

  • Will the facts be presented? How will they react in the West? Facts will be presented, but they will not be noticed in the West, as they did not notice much else: the falsification of the White Helmets, the Ukrainian track in the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing, the Georgian aggression against Tskhinval and much more.

«It is too early to talk about some conclusions. We must wait for the final results of the investigation» – political scientist Alexander Dudchak believes.

«However, it is possible to speak about involvement of Western special services, primarily American ones, with a high degree of probability, if only because their participation in the preparation of the Maidan and the coup was virtually unconcealed. And in the war in the Donbass in 2014, on the side of Kiev, the PMCs of some Western countries took part. Yes, and interest in the continuation of the conflict is in the West, again, primarily in the United States, not among the inhabitants of Ukraine, the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Democratic Republic. So far, only Pushilin s statement about the western track in this matter. Will there be any facts in the DNR? What will the West respond to this? About the facts you need to ask those who investigate this murder. But the West usually does not care about the facts if they go against its opinion.


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